How to Master the Subjunctive Mood


What mood are you in? The English grammar mood formsThe Mood is a grammar category that conveys the speaker’s attitude to what he is saying. When we say something we have a certain position towards it, be it positive, negative or even indifferent. That’s the “mood” as usually the word goes. The grammar mood and its categories differ, as it possesses other properties. (If you face any problems with expressing your thoughts in English, you can check the English editing ...Continue reading

How to Become a Master of Indirect Speech


Why to Learn about the Indirect Speech?While learning any language, we always strive to know more about it – in order to understand and be understood. On that purpose we study different types of sentences and utterances, various speech styles and techniques, learn the words and idioms. We aspire to absorb the language and speak it the way we speak our mother tongue – fluently and easily, without even thinking of the way we’re doing it. There are certain techniques that may ...Continue reading

How To Learn English For Free And By Yourself?


Everyone realizes how important it is to know English. Learning English on your own are at the same time difficult and interesting task, especially for those people who are used to achieving their goals in life. If you organize your classes correctly, choose the right method and purchase the necessary dictionaries and textbooks, the training will not only be effective, but it can also turn into pleasant entertainment. This is the case when the goal justifies the means, because together with ...Continue reading

How To Learn Present Simple Easy


English is a very popular language today. It is spoken in almost every country. So, it is important to be able to communicate with English speakers. Especially, if you are a tourist. Sometimes you need to say some simple things. When you need to get somewhere or to ask for help. Here comes Present Simple Tense. The basis of English. Check for more information about editing and proofreading service on the Internet. We strongly recommend to check our English professional editing service. Here Continue reading

How To Travel and To Learn English At The Same Time?


Going abroad is one of the best ways to relax. All of us want our travel to be easy and enjoyable. The English language can significantly "make life easier" during the trip because it is used in each country. How to quickly learn English for tourists, where to start and what to give full time - this we will tell you in this article.But, before we go deep into details, I would like to tell you that we are English editing service and we’ll be happy to see you on our website where you can ...Continue reading

Where To Go To Learn English?


Almost in every article, we write that the knowledge of English opens up new possibilities and one of the greatest of them is traveling. Going abroad is incredibly exciting; you get to now new people, new culture and lots of different things. But one of the most valuable is knowledge. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford traveling, that’s why we wrote this article for you. You will learn about 10 training sites, which are totally free to get professional knowledge in English using the ...Continue reading

How To Master Future Perfect Tense


Future Perfect is the future accomplished tense in English. This form is quite voluminous, so quite often it is used in conversations. However, this tense can be found in genres where journalistic style is used - such as articles or letters. As any tense of the Perfect group, this tense supposes the execution of the action and the effect. Future Perfect helps to express an action that must be completed to a certain moment or before the other actions in the future. More often, this tense is ...Continue reading

What Books To Read To Learn English Quicker?


Adrien Decourcelle said that the book is a vessel that fills us, and remains filled. And the book can not only fill us with wisdom and food for thought but also with the knowledge of English. Reading is one of the most important skills of English, so it is essential to deal with it from the very first stages of learning. But what book is better to read in English? In this article we will explain what criteria should be considered when choosing a text to read, we’ll give a list of books ...Continue reading

How To Learn Future Present Tense


Future Forms in English are presented in four aspects: Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect and Future Perfect Continuous. The last two are used very rarely or not used at all. Constructions of these tenses are quite bulky and difficult, so it is easier for a speaker to paraphrase the sentence than to create "indigestible" option. Future Tenses rules are simple and easy to apply. The most common tenses for the expression of the future are the first two options. They ...Continue reading

How To Use British Set Phrases


What is a set phrase? Set phrases or idioms – chunks of language, indivisible combinations of the words, which you understand, as a rule, in a figurative sense. The meaning of the phrase is not determined by the meaning of its constituent words. It is often difficult to guess the meaning of an idiom, to grasp it with the help of its constituent words if you are not familiar with it. Dear readers, remember that our college essay editing service is always ready to help you with your ...Continue reading