Why Should I Write And Edit My Essay?


Essays in the school and university program play very important role. During the whole our studying we learn to state the thoughts in writing, to compose, to think deeper, dream and fantasize, develop our writing skills.

Written language is more difficult than oral. There are a lot of underlying potential problems. It is necessary to know rules of English: spelling, punctuation, morphology, concord of tenses etc. That is why every student is wondering “How to edit my essay?”

Thus we don't often understand at school why we need it? Even, remembering myself, I can tell with confidence that I didn't understand the sense years ago. But now many years have passed since that moment as I have graduated from school and then from university, and now with great confidence I can declare that it is actually necessary. Also it is not less important to be able to edit essay.

As the one of the most famous dictionaries says, “The essay is a short literary work on a definite theme or subject, usually it is written in prose.

This genre became popular recent years. M. Montaigne is considered the creator of a genre of the essay ("Essays", 1580). Today the essay is offered as a task rather often. It is one of the main components of a packet of documents (in case of entering the educational institution or employment). Tender of the essay helps to choose from many people the best student or candidate!

Writing the essay is important for the young specialist too. How the candidate has managed to present himself, how he has described the achievements and misses, allows the employer to determine whether this person s is rather good for business, whether his work experience is sufficient to equal hopes in the future and if he will bring benefits to the company (the organization, the entity). In order to make the essay perfect many people try to edit it by themselves, or just use essay editing services.

The purpose of the essay consists in development of such skills as independent creative thinking and a written statement of your own thoughts. Writing of the essay is extremely useful as it allows the author to learn accurately and competently formulating thoughts, to structure information, to use the basic concepts, to allocate relationships of cause and effect, to illustrate experience by the corresponding examples, to reason the conclusions.

The most actual topic for the essay of the young specialist is the subject "Me and My Career". The theme of the essay is given in order to it was easier for commission (employer) to estimate features of your thinking, creative capabilities, enthusiasm and potential. The best method to achieve such result - to write directly and frankly, remaining fair and honest. If you are not fair, there are all chances that your composition will be considered unnatural.

If you think that your essay has no need in online essay editor, then just read the list of reasons:

  1. The qualified third-party look will help any text;
  2. The awkward text complicates understanding and reduces the benevolent attitude of the reader towards it;
  3. The eye becomes blurred while writing, therefore the new view from outside is necessary for that person, who wants to make interesting and readable text;
  4. It is a shame to hand over the semi-finished text . It is necessary to respect yourself and people for whom you write.
  5. The editor is a person who knows the manuscript of the author better, than its creator.

Many confuse editorial work on the text with proofreading. The work of proofreaders is typographical errors and verification of the text with editorial or author's editing by preparation him for printing or posting. Editing is a part of literary, author's work. The editor should clean the text not only from separate grammatical or syntactic mistakes, but also from stylistic defects: to reconstruct sentences, to eliminate inconsistency of words, ambiguities, repetitions, inappropriate or irregular shapes of expression. It happens, that it is necessary to rewrite the whole fragments of the text, so they correspond to text's general style and contents. It is possible to declare that the qualified editor is the qualified reader, who is able to analyze the text and nearly feel both advantages, and disadvantages of the content.

It is wonderful if one person combines in himself talents of the writer and the editor, and they don't enter into a conflict with one another. But such "mix": 2 in 1 meets very seldom.

If you have your own site or if you keep a blog it is important for you too! Competently formatted articles and posts in blogs underline your professionalism therefore you begin to be respected more. Besides, smart and interesting content causes readers' trust. Kindly remember: if you want many people to be on your website permanently, the first-class content is necessary! Qualitative materials, for example, articles, posts in the blog and other types of content are the irreplaceable instrument of repeated attraction on the website of people and web search engines!


Texts in which there are no logical mistakes and typographical errors make positive impression on readers. The posts and articles written with diligence emphasize your level of knowledge and do credit to you as to the author. On the contrary, if the text abounds with mistakes, readers have an opinion on negligence of the author and his inability to state thoughts distinctly. It strongly spoils public image of the author, the website and the company in general.

So, make a right choice, order now! Do not be shy to ask questions, our Support Team works 24\7.