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Writing any text requires the time and effort, as well as the developed writing skills. The latter include the knowledge of the appropriate language patterns and their combination, i.e. the knowledge of the different rules of the language application (grammar, syntax, punctuation etc.) Which form of the Verb to use with the substantiated Noun, whether to pick Gerund or Infinitive, if to put a comma after the conditional clause and many other issues must be regarded. Spare yourself of such troubles with the efficient editing service we provide at Essay-Editor’s! Hire the most skillful and efficient personal statement editor for the adjustment of your introductory and reference papers! We provide the whole scope of the editing and writing services and deal with any kind of paper: academic papers, documents, literature papers, different assignments and so on. You can choose the different conditions of the order fulfilment: based on the importance and urgency of the paper we can assign a personal editor for your orders. Our editors are highly skillful in the performance of the editing tasks. Besides, having a sound experience in the editing, they are knowledgeable in the different topics. Use the advantages of the immediate connection with the editor through the Live Chat technology, ask any question and receive a comprehensive professional reply. Choose the quality proofreading company for your written assignments!

In this post, we shall discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the editing services’ available online. It is created as the continuation of the series of our posts regarding the difference between the machine editing and human working out of the texts. Leaving aside the issue of the quality, let us talk now about the user’s comfort and certitude while using a certain type of the editing services.

Is it handy to use the online proofreading services?

Usually, the discussion of the difference between the works performed by humans and automated mechanisms unfolds in the direction of the quality of the work and its result. Sometimes it features the ethical component, too (with regard to the shortening of the working places for humans, the replacement of the live human communication by the fixed communication patterns used by the machine and so on). Meanwhile, there is yet another side to this issue that might be discussed. Hire the most competent online essay or thesis editor!

We intend to speculate on such category as user-friendliness of the machine and human performers of the text editing, as well as on its influence on the development of the relationship customer – editor. We shall define the distinction spots and study the way the services of each kind get developed. The final point will be the discussion of the user’s satisfaction arising out of the usage of a certain type of the editing services. For the guidance regarding the editing services’ classification, read our post http://essay-editor.net/blog/have-the-revision-of-paper-with-us. Stay updated on the developments in editing!

The present clause will be dedicated to the analysis of the machine editing performance and of the user’s comfort, which such analysis provides. The proofreading services available online are characterized by the following features:

1. Speed of performance – the automated editing programs work by the set algorithms that allow them to perform the checking of the large massive of the text within few minutes. The speed of process also depends on the quality of the Internet connection, and in some cases, on the characteristics of the computer you use. This is applicable to the programs that work as the applications and must be downloaded and installed on a PC. The corresponding parameter of the human editor will be certainly much lower, as the human editor spends time for reading the text, focusing on its structure, separating the text into the sense blocks, analyzing the blocks, spotting mistakes through the mechanism of comparison with the ideal notion of a certain language pattern, contemplating the options of the mistakes’ correction, selecting the most appropriate solution for each individual case and, finally, correcting the mistake. However, this is also not the end of the editor’s work. The inserted corrections must be analyzed in the text integrity, thus the process begins all over again. Doubtless, the machine is able to perform it much faster. According to the statistics for the speed of reading, the automated program wins over a human, screening the text more than 20 times faster than the live editor does.  

2. Scrupulousness of the analysis – at the first glance, this factor seems the one where the machine has all the chances for winning. The automated program, e.g. on the website that fixes grammar, screens the text on the different levels (phonetic, morphological, semantic, syntactic) almost simultaneously, constantly verifying its correspondence to the data available in its storage. The system does not omit a single discrepancy between its data and the verified text. However, the modern codes do not encompass all the individual cases of the language usage. It especially concerns the cases where the creativity is involved. Such language patterns as raising the voice and high hopes, champagne for friends and pain for shams are called the word play and can hardly be marked as correct expressions when the automated checking is performed. Unless, of course, these phrases are inserted into the database in whole. Thus, the live editor can comprehend the creative elements in the text and edit them appropriately, while the automated program will most probably mark them as the incorrect text elements. Thus, the accuracy of the machine analysis can be controversial with regard to this matter.

3. Fixed editing database and rigid verification mechanism – this parameter is connected with the previous one. Usually, when the editing program is created, its creators tend to include all the available knowledge in its database. However, as we already proved in our numerous posts on the character of the language, the language is a constantly changing phenomenon that gets developed with each individual situation of its usage. New notions, words and phrases are created while the ones that used to be generally accepted fall out of the common usage. It is one of the most difficult choices of the editor to determine whether the lexis used can be marked as generally acceptable or a marginal one. In order to solve the dilemma, the editor browses the available vocabularies, checks the word or phrase dynamics through its appearance on the Google search, consults the colleagues. Thus, a flexible approach to editing is introduced. As to the program, it is limited by the database it currently has and by the set of algorithms that determine its functioning. However developed these parameters may be, yet they do not allow the introduction of the new patterns into the fixed codes. This can be performed only by the external influence of the programmer. In this way, the automated checking is much more rigid than the human-powered one. For the most important of your college papers, select the most flexible and attentive editors for students!

 We have listed three directions of distinction between the machine-powered and human text editing. As all of them concern the process of the verification, they can be named the technical ones. Upon the analysis, it is hard to say who actually won the technical battle – human editor or the automated program. Each contestant has its advantages and drawbacks that may become crucial in some particular circumstances. It must be taken into account, however, that the digital technologies and programming activities get developed swiftly, and the modern editing programs’ database is often updated on a regular basis.

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Ethical concerns of using the proofreading services online

In the editing, as in many other spheres, the human-powered and machine-performed services always have their followers and antagonists. Both camps provide numerous arguments in defense of their position and aiming to crush the opponent point of view. The modern reality shows the swift development of the automated technologies that aim to re-create the basic human processes. The understanding and re-creation of the human cognitive procedures and communicative function is the principal task of the modern science.

Let us analyze, then, the editing services powered by the automated programs or performed by live editors, with regard to the sphere of communication and people’s feeling and emotions. Briefly, there are two parameters:

  • Absence of the direct contact “human – human” when dealing with the online editing program – while some technical issues of the online checking might seem arguable, the availability of the knowledgeable and experienced editor becomes a valuable asset. At the same time, the statistical data prove the direct communication “human - human” tends to decline in the modern world. The psychological studies also affirm the significant increase in the number of individuals who are not willing to establish the direct contact and prefer the mediated communication. However, we should also consider the advantages of the communicative approach of learning English, as well as of learning any other language.
  • Anonymity – while the Web technologies allow the people to become closer to each other, many prefer to preserve their anonymity while performing operations on the Internet. By different reasons, people might not like to reveal the fact of using certain online services. However, when contacting the human editor, there is always a chance to be recognized at some point of the communication / cooperation. Meanwhile, dealing with the automated program ensures the user’s anonymity and privacy in most of the cases. There might be an option of connecting to the program via the social network profile or e-mail account, but such options are always put at the user’s choice. If you experience any troubles with the communication with your editor, you might be interested in the comprehensive post on this topic http://essay-editor.net/blog/english-editors-will-help-non-native-speakers.

As we see, the seeming technical superiority of the machine-powered editing might be an arguable point. At the same time, the ethical concerns put the online editing performed by the automated program a grade higher than the revision and proofreading performed by the human editor.

The staff of the Essay-Editor is always keen on preserving your anonymity and privacy. You will not hear any unnecessary questions from our editors, unless they concern the proofreading or rewriting of your texts. All of our employees are trained in the best communicative techniques and maintain the high ethical standard of cooperation with the customer. Ordering deep editing for your dissertation that includes the revision of the paper’s structure and logical connections, you will never have to worry about concealing your identity or encountering a barrage of questions. At the same time, you are welcome to put any number of questions helping you to clarify the conditions and level of our services. Get the fastest proofreading of your college essay, revise your paper online by using both the automated and human-powered editing, rewrite your new novel so to adjust its style – any service is available! Do it by means of the online chat or contact us via the other communication channels – we are ready to serve you at any time, within the 24/7 mode!

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