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Can you boast of having the highest grades? No? Would you want it? It is easy! Our online writing company is ready to assist you with your school and college assignments that will bring you the best grades. Hire a professional academic editor who will become your personal assistant and will do all your assignments. Our support team will help you cope with any subject. Essay-Editor is the most affordable online agency compared to similar companies that offer to buy custom writing services. There are more ways that help improve grades, and we want to share them with you.

How to improve academic performance by the end of an academic year

Any academic year ends sooner or later. Are your grades good? If no, it is high time to step it up and fix your academic performance because every grade is important. The experts of our website have prepared a guide that helps cope with this task easily.

1) Assess your performance. Write down all your current grades to understand what average grade you will probably get in the end of the year. Think about what you can do to fix the situation. Also, think about what subjects are the most important for you and can be crucial for your future.

2) Prioritize. Do not try to do everything you need to do at once. Select several subjects that you are sure you are able to fix quickly. Focus on them. If you do not do this, you will not manage to improve your grades but get tired, in addition.

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3) Talk to the teachers. During the break, approach each teacher (one by one) and ask what you need to do to improve your grade. Do not emphasize your desire to get a higher grade, but demonstrate that you are interested in the subject. Thus, the teachers will appreciate your efforts. Usually, extra works and research papers can bring you the highest grades. Show diligence and your performance will get improved.

4) Attend extra classes. Do not ignore additional classes. Your interest in study will melt the heart of the strictest professor. When grading your papers, a teacher will be more lenient taking into consideration your achievements at the extra classes, and you will understand the material better.

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5) Be active. A reliable way to get the high grades is to do perfect home assignments. At home, you have an appropriate atmosphere and time to understand all the tasks, and then, to present your knowledge excellently at the classes. Do not be afraid to answer in the class and try hard when you have tests. It all will bring you a couple of good grades. If you study a new topic that is related to another one, which you studied previously but did not understand well, review its most important points. In such a way, you will be able to answer additional questions on a new topic and show that you really understand it.

6) Get ready for the tests. The most important factor that influences a final grade is the tests and exams. Find out the dates when they are going to be held. Get ready for them in the moral and intellectual way. Review everything studied earlier, practice to solve similar tasks, get prepared for a vocabulary / spelling test or essay writing. The high results will bring you much benefit. Even if your current grades are not very impressive, a well written test will help you improve the situation.

7) Join forces with your classmates. As a rule, you are not the only person who has the troubles with the grades. Offer your friends to reach the set goal together. Gather in such a place where it is pleasant to study. Just try to not get distracted by something else. Let the thought that you will have enough free time on vacation bring you power.

Any academic year is often difficult and tense but good grades are important for every student. That is why think about how to improve your grades in advance, plan, do not hesitate to ask your teachers, classmates, and parents to help. We are sure you will make it!

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How to show your knowledge excellently and get the best grades

Do you want to stop being shy and show others your knowledge? We have prepared several lifehacks that will make your performance excellent and bring the best grade.

1. Learn the subject. “Your speech should be based on knowledge of a subject. If a speaker has not studied the subject, his (or her) speaking will be a mere childish effort” – remember this statement made by Mark Tullius Cicero and let it lead you when you prepare for the performance. An attempt to retell the material that you have not even read will not be crowned with success.

2. Structure. Any speech (report, research, presentation) consists of 3 mandatory parts:

a) introduction: briefly about what you are going to tell;

b) content: details and subtleties of a subject;

c) conclusion: summing up.

If you have the opportunity to choose a topic on your own, choose something you like. Thus, it will be easier and more interesting to prepare a speech.

3. Put simply. The audience’s reaction depends on what words you use. There is no need to try to impress the listeners with the complex and long sentences. Speak simply, clearly, and to the point. Show that you understand the subject and not just learned it by heart. Be ready for the extra questions.

4. Argue. Give convincing arguments that support your views. Use not the emotions (“this is just what I think and that is it”) but logic (“I think so because…”) as the convincing tools. The skill to defend your position will be useful not only in study but also at work.

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5. Be consistent. Do not jump from one subject to another. Your performance must be consistent to avoid a mess in the heads of your listeners. Do not try to tell about everything at once. Remember that your answer is time-bound.

6. Draw attention. In order to draw attention, it is not necessary to stand on a stool or scream. Smile sincerely, appeal to the audience, attract the listeners with an interesting fact. Do not be nervous, calm down. Be sincere and everything will be okay.

7. Watch the listeners. Raise your eyes to look at people who listen to you. Do not stick to the text. No one likes indifference. Here is a lifehack: it is not obligatory to look listeners in the eye. Look at between them, behind them – it will seem to them that you make eye contact.

8. Relax. There is no need in a tortured smile, insincere politeness, and overacting. Be relaxed and natural. Thus, you will have more chances to win the audience. Additionally, turn to our on-line agency to avoid stress related to studying issues: http://essay-editor.net/blog/the-best-proofread-paper-company-helps-avoid-stress.

9. Illustrate your performance. Presentation, video material, stories from life – illustrate your performance so that the listeners would have vivid images in their heads. It will help then remember your performance better.

So train your oratory skills and get the best grades when presenting your knowledge.

Steps to the higher grades

What other steps can you take to start getting better grades? Let’s see what can be done.

  • Record all your grades

Get a table where you will record all your grades. Note each one in order to see the big picture.

  • Evaluate the situation

Find out what subjects require more attention but do not forget about others. Analyze what grades you need to get to improve the situation.

  • Set the goal

Determine clearly what grade you want to get and do everything required for it. When you have a goal, it is easier to cope with the intermediate tasks. Do not give up having faced the first challenge. It is not that easy to become a high achiever quickly.

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  • Be active at the classes

Good grades will not appear magically. Try to be active during the classes, ask questions if you do not understand something, do not be afraid to answer when you are asked. Thus, a teacher will notice your effort and will gladly give you a good grade for your work.

  • Do home assignment carefully

Follow the teacher’s demands at home as well. Do not ignore oral home assignment. Do the written tasks carefully and do not forget to check your answers. Performing perfectly done homework is the key to a high grade. If you have such an approach to studying, you will not feel lost at the tests and exams.

  • Ask your classmates to help

If it is hard to keep up with the curriculum, do not hesitate to turn to your friends for help with homework. Deal with the hard tasks together. Also, get expert support at essay-editor.net: http://essay-editor.net/blog/professional-editors-help-cope-with-home-assignments-easily.

  • Appeal to a tutor

If you want to move up in the process of grades improvement, turn to a tutor. A good tutor with an extensive experience will explain clearly everything unclear and help master your practical skills.

  • Prepare for the exams

Do not forget about preparation for the final exams. There is no need to explain how much important they are.

  • Learn to deal with teachers

It may happen that the reason for low grades is a bad relationship with a teacher. Fortunately, there is nothing impossible and you can fix this problem.

  • Do not chase a grade but strive for knowledge

Focusing on the grades and forgetting what they really mean, you cannot achieve a high result. A teacher assesses knowledge. The more you know and can do the higher your grades are. It is simple.

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