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Finding the efficient editor for your course paper or important document in English can be quite an exhausting challenge. You’ve got to gather the information, contact the editor, analyze his or her credentials, way of communication, even perform a small experiment of the kind! Meanwhile, it might happen that this particular editor you spent so much time and effort for, does not correspond to some of your requirements. Save your precious time choosing the professional writer and editor – member of the Essay-Editor professional team! We offer all kinds of services connected with the preparation and execution of the written works. With us, you can order the fulfilling of your assignment in Experimental Physics, the deep revision of your admission essay, proofreading of your entry documents for the IELTS exam, and many other tasks! Check our website for more information and the true feedback from our constant customers!

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The present post was created with the purpose of giving you a notion about the editor’s occupation and its classification. We shall talk about the specific branch of the editing and the people who work in this direction – essay proofreaders. Order your essay proofreading at the best English editors and proofreaders online – at Essay-Editor’s!

Why choosing the essay proofreader?

Any profession has its subdivisions – occupations that deal with some specific issues concerning the certain craft. For example, the drivers can be divided onto truck drivers and bus drivers, teachers differ by the age of their disciples (high school, college), by the subjects they teach (Math, Biology, Physical Culture), craftsmen – by the material they work with (metal, wood, plastic) and the kind of tools they use and goods they produce (fine crafting, furniture making and so on). The principles of the occupations’ classification can be various and must be clarified in each particular case. However, there is a general framework of the classification available. It includes the breakdown “main occupation – specific jobs” and the one of “primary subject / occupation – branches”.

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Thus, we can see that any profession has the deeper layer of knowledge and skill implying there are people who can do the specific jobs. Such people are called specialists.

With regard to the editing occupation, the subdivision can be made by the following categories:

  • Particular task / procedure of the linguistic analysis and processing: rewriting, copy editing, structure revision, proofreading, adjustment of the style and so on. In this regard, the editors are called rewriters, proofreaders, copy editors etc. Keen on learning linguistics? Fascinated by analyzing the texts? Check the techniques of the linguistic analysis of texts!
  • Style of writing. Mainly, this subdivision includes the two major writing styles: a literary style and academic style. The former is represented by such texts as fiction, poetry, tales and so on. The latter includes all types of the scientific works and other written texts: essays, reports, dissertations, course works, diplomas, assignments etc. However, there is also the bureaucratic style (that features all kinds of documents and official papers), the business style (presentations, business e-mails, official business letters, requests, orders and so on), lettering style (letters, e-mails, chat messages) and many other subdivisions of the major writing styles. Find the best proof readers online who can work in any of the English language styles! Get an excellent quick service for an average price!
  • Additional linguistic services. An editor might also provide the services of a writer, translator, criminalistics expert, decoder and so on. He or she could also practice tutoring on different aspects of the English language. Learn how to use the Verbs in the Passive Voice, adjust the style of your admission essay and compound your thesis in accordance with the commission’ requirements.

Thus, the editors differ by the range of tasks they can perform, the styles they can work with, and the additional linguistic knowledge and skills they possess. As these three factors concern the different aspects of the editor’s occupation, a particular specialist might possess several of listed features. In your search for an efficient editor, you might encounter a fiction rewriter, documents’ translator, dissertation reviser and many other specific occupations.

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One of such occupations that is also quite popular with the students is an essays proofreader. Let us analyze the notion and determine the sense of its components.

  • – is a relatively short (up to 10 pages) text describing some theory or hypothesis, or event. It can feature the individual opinion of the author or just contain the summary of facts and notions presented by others. It can be dedicated to some scientific (Chemical Solutions) or non-scientific (Local Fests) topic. In any case, it must contain the outline of events / facts and their analysis.

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  • – an editor who performs the initial and final checking of the text, looking for the mistakes of the different kind (spelling, grammar, punctuation) and typos. Proofreader’s task is also to determine the nature and character of mistakes and correct them in accordance with the general style of the text. Want to be a proofreader for your own text? We do believe you can do it! Learn some useful tips from our professional editors http://essay-editor.net/blog/how-to-proofread-my-essay-carefully and get on with your proofreading! Don’t forget to proofread the final version as well! Proofreader’s occupation requires an advanced knowledge of grammar, punctuation rules, theoretical basics of the texts’ creation and many other linguistic theories and procedures. Proofreader must also know well the other types of editing in order to coordinate his or her corrections with the ones introduced by means of other procedures. For example, having encountered the phrase like There is many differend principles of science of Mathematics the experienced proofreader won’t be wasting time for correcting the mistakes like There is … principles or the typo differend, as he or she would realize that the whole phrase is incoherent and must be revised. Learn more about the linguistic procedures of verification of the text’s style and coherence, and become the proofreader for your essays!

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Now, let us combine the two components into one integral notion.

The essays proofreader is an editor working with the grammar, punctuation and spelling of the essays – brief descriptions of some fact, theory or event, featuring the logical analysis of the presented information. The essays proofreaders at Essay-Editors are particularly good at any subject as all of them are also the research paper editors. You can order the services of our research paper rewriter at any time of the day and receive the most flexible conditions! The specifics of the occupation requires that the essays proofreader must be knowledgeable about the subject of an essay and could estimate its logical structure, grammatical correctness and appropriateness of the style.

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In order to proofread the essays efficiently, the proofreader must be skillful in semantic compression. This means that the editor must know and use the techniques that allow relaying the meaning by means of as few words as possible. The editor also must take into account the version of the English language used. At Essay-Editor’s, we have a special team of editors for American and English students, as the American and English language have their distinctions. As an example for the semantic compression, the passage The economic system of capitalism was considered not effective by Carl Marx who openly stated so in his profound economic works could be compressed to the sentence Carl Marx considered capitalism ineffective. However, the appropriateness of such compression must be determined in each individual case. For instance, if your essay is aimed to make a point as to the opinion of Carl Marx regarding capitalism, the words and openly stated so would be considered important and must not be omitted. Check the theoretical background of Semantics in order to enhance your knowledge of the linguistic theory.

Thus, an essays proofreader is a specific editor’s occupation that requires the presence of certain skills and knowledge on the part of an editor, together with the analytical type of mind and the knowledge of the general topics. Find out about the correspondent qualities of proofreaders working at Essay-Editor’s http://essay-editor.net/blog/are-you-looking-for-a-professional-paper-proofreader. Your essay, as well as any other writing work is safe and mistakes-free while under the competent protection of our editors!

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The essays proofreader: particulars of the job

As we have outlined above, the specifics of the essays proofreader occupation requires some additional knowledge and skills on the part of the editor. Meanwhile, in order to comprehend the details of this occupation, we need to define the tasks that must be performed.

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The essays proofreader works out the text in accordance with the following aspects:

1. Estimates the structure of the text for its logical and situational coherence. The proofreader does not start right away with correcting the obvious mistakes. As we have seen in the previous clause, such actions might turn out to be an unnecessary spending of the time and effort. In order to prevent such situation, the proofreader must estimate the essay first by its more fundamental properties. Usually, he or she would start with the structure. See the particulars of the essay’s structure described in the smart and comprehensive way. The presence or absence of the lists, tables, logical breakdown of the information into the different clauses, underlining of the important issues, unified or incoherent format of the clauses might tell a lot about the essay and its level of preparation.

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2. Checks the logical connections within the text. In order to define the optimal way to correct the grammar and punctuation mistakes, the essays proofreader must understand the logical principle of representation of the information in the text. The optimal format is considered to be “from general to particular” approach. Sometimes, though, other logical connections are applicable as well. Recall all types of the logical conclusion and logical operations. Verify your logical reasoning and the logical properties of your essay. For example, if you plan to surprise the reader with some unusual or unexpected data, you might build your text in the way of a logical puzzle. This means describing just some part of the fact or the situation, gradually adding details and finally describing the whole picture in the end. For example, inserting the hint phrases like idea, innovation, apple, founder and unexpectedly mentioning Isaac Newton as the solution for this logical riddle. And yes, we know that you probably thought Steve Jobs would fit better.

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4. Verifies the style of the essay, its integrity. The definition of the style is highly important for the proper execution of proofreading. It is especially important for the dissertations. Make your choice in favour of the dissertation proofreading services in UK available 24 hours a day. Place your order anytime you might choose! Some word forms might be appropriate for certain writing styles, while the others might not. For instance, using the description (medical instrument for dissection) instead of a specific term (lancet) can be quite grounded within the framework of an essay for some popular magazine. However, if your essay is intended for a yearly college report or for a medical journal, the usage of the lengthy description would be considered rather inappropriate.The short sentences with prevailing Verbs, often put in the Passive Voice (Report is made. The fittings are adjusted. Comparative analysis is recommended), are more characteristic of the academic style. No hyperbolas (an outstanding experiment) or other aesthetic elements (comparisons, epithets etc.) are allowed. Meanwhile, it is quite different with the literary works and fiction. So, the style is the primary category to be taken into account before starting the proofreading of the essay. To obtain such an essay, with the perfect style and impeccable grammar, make use of our well-qualified editing and proofreading service! Enjoy our Christmas discounts!                                                  

5. Checks the text in accordance with the applicable requirements. The different kinds of essay have different requirements for their structure, content and execution. The professional essays proofreader is aware of these requirements and can verify their execution in the text. Feel unsure as to the requirements of your college? The easiest way to find out would be asking a teacher or visiting college’s website. Such information is usually provided in the compartment “Written Works”. Still, there is another way to discover. The Essay-Editor’s smart blog on English writing contains all the necessary information for you to make an impeccable paper for your college. Just visit us today!

The requirements can be divided into the general text requirements and specific requirements of style. The general text requirements prescribe design formatting parameters (spacing, unification of font and size, text alignment options, usage of punctuation and so on), the logical structure of the text (its coherence and logical connections between the parts, presence of the introduction, main part of the text and conclusion), its correctness with regard to the grammar rules of the language. Any college requirements are a piece of cake for our experienced dissertation editors for hire! Hurry up to get your personal discount on our thesis’ writing and editing services! The specific requirements depend on the style chosen for an essay. For example, when writing a college essay, you’ve got to get determined on some or all of the following aspects: usage and execution of the tables, diagrams; usage and execution of references; usage and the way of explanation (if needed) of terminology; outlining the theoretical background of the essay; acceptance of the direct appeal to the reader (Direct Speech). There are many others as well. In order to follow the requirements, you need to study the guidelines to each written work closely. Usually, the general text requirements are not mentioned, as they are considered obvious. However, the specific one must be described in detail in order to give a writer a comprehensive guidance as to the structure and execution of his or her text. This concerns any kind of writing. For instance, you can receive the professional recommendation on enhancing your literary writing skills or get some valuable business correspondence tips on our website. Check it now! The competent essays proofreader is aware of most of the specific requirements acting in the field he or she is working in. However, should there be some additional requirements established for a particular essay, the professional proofreader would find no difficulty in following them.

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6. Fulfils the grammar check of the text. That is the part of the essays proofreader’s job that is usually considered the main part of the work. Yet, we have seen already how many other aspects must be taken into account by the editor before he or she even starts to work on the text. Do not have time for applying to the live editor? Need your grammar to be checked within an hour? See our review of the websites providing grammar checking services http://essay-editor.net/blog/a-website-that-fixes-grammar--utopia-or-reality and choose the one suiting your requirements the best! In order to perform the verification of the essay’s grammar efficiently , the proofreader must possess the following non-material assets:

  • A profound knowledge of the grammar theory and practical grammar rules. However surprising it might seem, in order to proofread the essay carefully and correctly, the proofreader must not only know the grammar rules, such as Sequence of Tenses, Noun – Verb correlation, Prepositions’ usage and so on. For the professional editing of the text, the knowledge of the theoretical background of the grammar and of the connection between its parts is necessary. For example, the proofreader must know well the correlation between the form of the Future Perfect Tense and Conditional Tense. Only knowing well both categories and their distinctions, it is possible to select the one for a specific sentence correctly. In order to verify the usage of the Infinitive in the following passage I saw him drive away, the essays proofreader must be aware of the Infinitive’s functions and forms, as well as of the peculiarities of usage of the Verb to see. Checking the correctness of the Tenses in the sentence If I were a professor, I would not be that hard on students, the editor must remember about the Conditional Tenses and the rules of their usage, with all the particulars and exceptions. Study the different ways to master the Complex Tenses in English and see how this knowledge changes your writing – and your papers! For the efficient application, the grammar rules must make a system in the editor’s mind. However, such an organized knowledge would be useful for any person who deals with writing. Having a congruent system of knowledge provides an easy application of the grammar rules and ability to choose the optimal variant among all available ones.
  • Experience of editing or writing work on the subject equal or related to the one that makes a topic of the essay. The most experienced editors are ready to proofread your paper at Essay-Editor! Learn more about them by means of our electronic blog and its subdivision dedicated to the editors and editing! The reason is that different fields of science require (and admit) a different level of strictness with regard to the grammar rules. For example, if you write an essay about the location of the mineral water sources, you would be most likely free to use less terminology and more descriptive phrases. Though the usage of references would bring more preciseness into your essay, you could probably make it without them. For proofreading such an essay competently, the editor is not required to possess any specific knowledge apart from the general understanding of the theme. Meanwhile, it is different with the topic like Genome Derivations and Chromosomal Variations of Multiple Pregnancies. Meet the cheap and quick academic editor who is knowledgeable even about such topics – apply to Essay-Editor’s booking desk. For proofreading such an essay competently, the essays proofreader must have some experience of working out the medical texts or at least possess some basic medical knowledge. This is crucial for the correct usage of the terminology, for the proper agreement of the Verbs with Nouns, for the appropriate setting of the Prepositions. If you need professional advice on the usage of Tenses, you can also consult our electronic blog. For example, you will easily find the recommendations for the steps to learn the Present Simple Tense. Sometimes, a Preposition might change the meaning of a whole sentence. Compare the next two phrases. We took a sound reel in the metal box among the transistors. We took a sound reel into the metal box between the transistors. The independent grammar categories (Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs) are the same in both sentences. However, in the first situation, the sound reel has been taken out of the box, while the second set of prepositions indicates it was placed into the box.
  • Awareness of the modern state of language and frequent communicative patterns. Getting dizzy when it goes about such things as described in the previous sentence? Do not know what to do with your relatively good paper? Ask Google or Essay-Editor “Where to hire a writer to reword my paper in the best way”. We believe you know the answer already!  Grammar is a rather rigid system, not allowing frequent changes to its rules and content. However, the language is never still, it is subject to constant development. That is why, when proofreading a report for a conference the editor must not necessarily replace such words and phrases like This done, we’ll move on to the next part of the experiment. This ain’t a general rule. A solvent got produced as a result of the reaction. Reword my paper on Essay-Editor.net in a wink. The underlined words and word-combinations are considered colloquial and inacceptable by the formal grammar. Yet, their usage being wide and universally understood, such phrases might be admitted in the report provided they correspond to the general style of speech of the speaker. However, other words and phrases are not granted the same privilege. See some of them. This was important for them philosophers. The equation was fixed quite extraordinarily. It was an awesome field experiment. The underlined words are inacceptable in the positions they are, in the academic report, due to strong colloquial sense. Appropriateness is a key notion in this case. In order to be aware of the appropriate speech patterns and not to become a bookish editor, the essays proofreader must be a native English speakers constantly speaking and writing English. Study English for free with the practical advice from our experienced linguists. Get help if you need it, any time of the day as we work round the clock in order to ensure you receive the quickest service!

7. Performs the punctuation check. While punctuation is considered a slowly vanishing aspect of the English language, it still plays an important role in the logical categorization of the text. We have a detailed review of the matter. Discover new data about punctuation! Browse our article about the punctuation marks in the English language. But for punctuation, we would not know where one sentence is over and another starts: The lab staff knew the rules of all the Professor’s habits this was the most unbearable one. Meanwhile, the full stop must be placed after the rules. See the samples of the perfect punctuation and learn the principles of its placement on the Essay-Editor’s website! Stop for a while on the Free Samples’ clause of our editing journal. Sometimes, seeing for yourself once is better than reading descriptions and instructions several times. Check the examples and learn your punctuation! Punctuation is particularly important in the academic style of writing, as academic essays often include the enumeration. The format sometimes does not allow putting them in the form of the list. In this case, the usage of the colon and semi-colon helps a lot. The Charles Peirce’ theory presumes there are iconic signs that relay the meaning directly by their form; index signs that are linking to the meaning they convey through the correlation (resemblance); and, finally, symbolic signs that are connected to the meaning only through the agreement between the humans. Try to read the phrase without punctuation and see if you can derive the sense correctly. So, if you disregard commas in your writing, make sure you submitted your essay for the substantial proofreading, before presenting it to the teacher.

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8. Spots and corrects the involuntary mistakes and typos. We have mentioned this procedure separately because of its high importance for the process of proofreading. The importance of this stage is particularly high for the academic papers of a large volume http://essay-editor.net/blog/thesis-proofreading-and-the-system-of-education. Order the smart and quick check of your thesis today! Meanwhile, the correction of this kind is also performed at all the proofreading’ stages listed above. Still, a thorough proofreading procedure presumes the editor performs a final check aiming at finding the petty mistakes and weeding them out. The reason is, the corrections introduced at the other stages of proofreading can lead to the merging of the forms, clash of the sense blocks, improper usage of the grammar categories. Imagine you intended to write a sentence Textiles are categorized in the official catalogue, which can be found following the link. Meanwhile, having made amendments to your grammar, punctuation maybe general style, you might discover your phrase turned to something like Textile are categorized into the following clauses, which can be found following the link. Mistakes are underlined. (Have too little time to search for mistakes and correct them? Revise your papers online and obtain a quick result for free!) Such mistakes are made not because of the insufficient knowledge, but due to the absence of the final check of the essay, after all the primary corrections have been introduced. The well-proofread essay would feature the following sentence: Textile is classified by the following categories that can be found following the link. Needless to mention, the final check and correction of the involuntary mistakes must be performed on all the levels of the language listed above (textual level (logic and style), grammar level, punctuation level and so on).

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As we see, the proofreading of the essay has its own peculiarities that must be taken into account while ordering the editing at your editor. The editor must possess certain qualities (like the analytical mind and ability to cut the words without diminishing sense) and have an experience in the field of both editing and the topic of the essay. The essays’ proofreader performs a thorough verification of the text before even starting to work with it. He or she must have an ample knowledge of the grammar rules, however be flexible as to the usage of some of the colloquial speech patterns. Thus, there are many conditions specifying the fitness of the editor for the task of proofreading essays. Apply for the English papers’ revision on Essay-Editor.net and verify the high level of performance of our staff!

At Essay-Editor’s, proofreading and editing essays has long ago become our key performance. We constantly work with the students and post-graduates and are well aware of the present state of the academic writing, applicable requirements for the academic papers and ways of the optimal papers’ adjustment. Try our essay editing and proofreading services and stay with us until the end of your education! The loyal customers get the biggest discounts! Apart from proofreading, we have a sound experience in rewriting essays and assignments and revising the more voluminous academic works like a course work or a dissertation. Linguistics is the primary field of interest for our editors; however, it is not the only one. Our staff constantly attends to the professional conferences dedicated to the different fields of science. We do that for enriching our own knowledge and being able to present you with yet higher level of our services. Having a multi-year experience, we are always glad to share our knowledge and provide you with all the necessary information you need. For that, we have created the professional blog on editing. You can check the recent articles on our website and find many valuable hints for the beginners in editing. At the same time, our blog features the compartments dedicated to the English language and its proper usage, free exemplary essays on different topics and the “Popular topics” compartment where we share our interests and other hobbies with you. Have a look now!

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