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Good content: 10 habits to create it

Everyone needs a good content. If you are involved in its creation, one way or another, here are 10 recommendations to enhance your level. Marketing, for example, is the game with the constant changes and improvements. Marketers correct the headlines, add visual inscriptions, change the colors, etc. What is all this for? The aim is to increase the efficiency, i.e. to reach the goals, and they really reach them! The same is about content creation and correction.

10 habits to create a good content

1. Read marketing articles. Many articles on this issue are published every day. Read a couple of them. They will help understand better marketing and enhance the mastery of content creation. Here is the thing: marketers are the most demanding and choosy audience so if you want to make them interested, you will need to try hard.

Pay attention to the posts / articles that get the biggest number of likes and reposts. Try to understand how they achieve it. Maybe the point is about their structure. Make a note of that.

2. Something else. In order not be influenced by marketing content, read other topics as well. Due to the specificity of marketing articles, a person gets used to some particular structure of materials. In some time, he (or she) becomes not able to perceive “not marketing” posts. That is why it is necessary to get distracted.

Of course, if your audience consists of marketers only, this is great. However, reading other topics allows you to add the elements of different styles to your content. Look at the style of other editions or authors, take something from them. Combine and create your own personal excellent style.

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3. Look at what your audience shares. There is no need to guess what topics and directions your audience prefers the most. “Buzzsumo” will help with it easily. Just type key words and you will see what is shared on social networks most frequently. A free trial version allows seeing only 10 topics but it is totally enough to have an idea of where to move.

4. Write on a random topic. The most horrible thing for a person who wants to create a good content is a blank sheet. You are sitting in front of the screen and do not know what to write, what to write about , how much, and so on. There is a trick (or an exercise) called “free writing”, when you get a free theme and just write. Find a website that will give you a direction – this is your activity field. It perfectly helps with writer's block.

5. Review your earlier materials. Good practice is to look at your old articles. First, you will see your progress and recharge. Most likely, after years (or months), your manner of speech, style, and writings improved significantly.

Also, the earlier works can become the basis for your prospective publications. A good content is a needed content. Sometimes it is enough to elaborate on an article a bit and to reorient it to get a new masterpiece.

6. Watch a viral video. Spend 3-5 minutes a day to watch the most popular videos or gif on the web. It is necessary to understand the preferences of a wider audience. There is the reason for why all these videos become viral, right? Most likely, they have a thing. This very thing could fit your content.

7. Find your quirks. For instance, Ernest Hemingway used to create his works wearing pink penguin pajamas. The point is not about his weirdness but about the fact that something unusual helped him create his masterpieces. Try to find your personal ritual that would inspire you. This can be just background music or a favorite couch, it does not matter. Find the source of your power. Change your habits and your life will change as well.

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8. Drink more water. If you work in the office day after day, most likely, you suffer from the constant dehydration. Air conditioners, ventilation, and heating systems make air very dry. Have a bottle of water on your table and do not hesitate to drink more often. Most headaches during the day and fatigue can be caused by the lack of water. That is why drink more. Water will help stay in tune and be more productive.

9. Write as Seth Godin writes. Seth Godin, the author of amazing books and marketing guru, has his own micro blog. It is extremely popular thanks to its briefness. If you want to remove everything excessive from your text, pay attention to his blog (it is in English). If interested, here are some recommendations on blog writing: http://essay-editor.net/blog/principles-of-the-blog-writing.

10. Five minutes for nothing. One of the most significant recommendations is to do nothing. No phones, no screens, absolutely nothing. Sit in silence, close your eyes, and let your brain wander. In the era of smartphones, 5 minutes seem eternity. Nevertheless, this exercise will allow you to recharge.

Usually, inspiration comes at the moment when your brain is relaxed. Each one of us is busy with something all the time and cannot stop even for a minute. You will be surprised that new horizons of consciousness will open to you after “switching off”.

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High-quality content: how to create

Let’s return to content. How to create and what to publish? If you know well some issue and it can be useful for the audience, share it. The list of possible content formats is very wide. Think about how to use lots of options, taking into account what you want to tell and what the audience wants to hear. Information can be presented as:

  • Text
  • Presentation
  • Infographics
  • Video
  • Audio files
  • Photos and images

Finally, when you prepare your content and are ready to publish it, check the criteria that distinguish a high-quality content.

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1. Informativeness. It is one of the main criteria. It is important that there is no excess of useless and unclear information. For this purpose, when an article is done, leave it to rest for an hour or even better for a day and read it afresh. Think and assess whether you would read this article if you were a reader. Would you share it with your friends on social networks?

2. Text uniqueness. It is a very important characteristic. If the text parts are copied, the sentences are quite “one-size-fits-all”, and there is just a senseless bunch of words, be sure that such a post will not get in the top. Read more about the issue of plagiarism here: http://essay-editor.net/blog/how-to-avoid-plagiarism-in-your-text.

3. Ask yourself several questions. Are there the structure and logic in the text? Can the reader follow the author’s thought easily? Is not the text too long? On the average, an optimal text size is 2-3 thousand symbols. Though the main criterion is not the size of an article but whether it is interesting to read. Think of whether it contains too many professional terms and words, the meaning of which an ordinary person probably does not know.

Well-presented information will help to perceive and memorize it better. The example of such presentation is infographics (information design). It is important not to overload infographics with text and try to adhere to some particular structure. “Lifehacker” contains a lot of infographics on various themes.

Having worked on your content well, do not rush to relax. It is necessary to try new ideas regularly, not to forget assess their effectiveness, look for and invent new formats, and the most important is to do it with much relish.

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Development is a constant journey. In order to create a good content, you need training. Try to use all the recommendations, about which we have been speaking previously, and your level will enhance greatly. For instance, our experts never stop training. Thus, we are ready to provide our customers with the finest services at the most affordable prices. When a professional online copy editor is wanted, you will find the best specialists at essay-editor.net.

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