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Feeling exhausted after the intensive courses? Need a break for ordering your knowledge and arranging it into your own comprehensive system? We shall help!

First, there is plenty of advice to students on our website. On our one-of-the-kind editing blog, we have gathered many small and global hints and tips concerning various spheres of the students’ life. You can find out the best countries in the world to visit for enhancing your English, the way to learn the English grammar without dipping into the manual every now and then. You will learn what to do to write your essay within one day and proofread it within one night so that in the morning you will find yourself enormously sleepy but still proud of yourself. If you are just starting to learn English, you might like to browse special posts providing a clear outline of the English writing and the way to compose your essay or another assignment in English.

If you do not have the time to scrutinize the theory and need a quick result, we provide a good solution again. The Essay-Editor’s proofreader editor is a person who possesses all the features of the “must have” editor for students. Which ones? Let’s discuss further.

What to consider when ordering the UK proofreading

Before making an order, we usually tend to perform a certain algorithm of actions. Needless to say, it is always an individual one and depends on the person’s beliefs, preferred approach and the actual situation. However, some basic features can be traced in each situation of the decision-making. Learn more about the principal psychological types of people and the ways they make a decision.

Need to decide which Tense to use for your complex sentence? Whether to use the particle “to” with the Infinitive or not? Should your rhetoric question feature a direct or inverse word order? These and many other questions are reviewed in detail on the Essay-Editor’s website considered an electronic version of the English grammar manual! Find out how to perform the grammar check efficiently and make your essay yet more attractive!

By the way, did you know that attractiveness makes one of the primary factors of the estimation of your text, even the academic one? It is true that the college professor will rather look at the facts relayed and the analysis performed than at the linguistic merits of the text. Still, the favorable impression of the scientific merits can be supported by the impeccable execution and individual style. Learn how to make your own style in writing and start making your writing unique!

With regard to the editing, the process of the order’s placement can be:

1. Spontaneous. When the need arises, you just type in your browser “Find an editor for the college essay” and order from the first agency you stumble upon. In this case, you have equal chances to find a good editor and to fail with the timely and efficient proofreading of your essay. The reason is that certain technologies of content writing allow promoting the position of the website in the Google search. So does an advertisement. Check out a good source for the comprehensive explanation of these issues. See the ways to promote your publications on the Web and fix your authorship. The latter, by the way, is a highly important factor of your academic writing. Still, an ability to make a Google-effective website or to pay for its promotion does not automatically imply a high-class performance. At the same time, you might pick professionals like and find your own editor for all your texts.

Spontaneity is considered attractive because it is associated

with sincerity. Yet, writing too spontaneously

might result in making your text an assortment of the

disconnected incomprehensive phrases.

Need professional support but cannot relay your request in English properly? Get your academic editor in a few clicks and without any boring questions!

Frequently, a spontaneous decision is made inspired by the vivid example of the efficiency. The advertising-makers and marketing specialists know well about this peculiarity of the human’s psychic. If the first image is positive, if the thing or event provokes pleasant emotions and is associated with the positive key notions (reliability, efficiency, safety, pleasure and so on), the chances are high it will be bought or sought after.

Spontaneity can be expressed in grammar, too. The simpler the grammar structure is, the more spontaneous and more readable the text will be. See some hints as to the Present Simple Tense usage.

This specific feature can be used for education, too. Learning the rules is important; meanwhile, you could add the studying of the perfect samples to the process of conquering the English grammar. It might be reading the English fiction, scientific literature, technical instructions etc. Studying the sample essays on different topics, you will both enhance your knowledge of the grammar and of the writing technology.

2. Semi-spontaneous. That’s when you do not plan to allot a lot of time to the process of the search yet realize a need to ground your choice somehow.  This can be done in several ways: making your own impression about editor’s professionality by flipping through the website pages, see first three comments in the “Feedback” section, asking the advice of your smartphone Assistant application etc. However irrelevant some of the “grounds” might be, still, the chances to find a professional and reliable editor are higher. Not because of the character of the “grounds” but of the way you approach your task – a more conscious approach.

Here, an illustration of the semi-spontaneous

decision or action must have been represented.

Choose your Essay-Editor’s specialist in any way you prefer!

Applying to the MBA? Secure your position and be confident with our advanced MBA essay editing! We apply special techniques for that type of essays in order to preserve the inimitable style a real MBA professional writes in. Allot as much time to your profile studies as you need! We shall take care of the proper execution of your texts! 

Having limited funds at the moment? See the Essay-Editor’s price list that in many positions goes below the market price! Get the honest editing and proofreading rate for your PhD thesis!

3. Prepared. This way of the decision-making is the hardest yet the most reliable one. It implies a person has to learn the subject and all the alternatives thoroughly, and then make a choice based on the analysis of the advantages and drawbacks of all the options. Need to make a prepared choice for your essay editing? First, define honestly your level of the linguistic knowledge. For that, answer a few simple questions. For example, what is a modal verb, where the dash is to be used, where to use a media style of writing. If it is an above-medium one, you can go on estimating the editors’ offers. If it is lower than the medium, make use of the multiple linguistic forums available on the Internet. Consider the feedback and the users’ comments; find out the key factors of the estimation of the editor’s performance. In this way, you will enter the game and become knowledgeable about the particulars of picking a proficient editor for your texts. Then, proceed to the editing agencies’ websites and analyze them. Pay attention to the website’s content and structure. See the date of the last publishing. Check the social network profile of the last person who posted a comment on the company’s performance. Check the list of the services and estimate the scope of the editor’s operation. Compare the prices with the average market rates. Make an order, “Reword my work now!”

While searching for the proper proofreader to check my PhD

thesis, I’ve considered so many proposals and studied so

many linguistic topics, so that now I intend to write

a thesis about editing.  

If you paid to proofread your paper, it means that you’ve made a prepared decision!

Do you often search randomly for the grammar rules of the English language? The most obvious ones are available on the Web and are easy to find. However, there are peculiarities that might be omitted or explained insufficiently. For example, in order to know where to use the Gerund and where the Infinitive, you’ve got to read through the several pages of the manual. Otherwise, you could entrust this task to a reliable editor. Check the best rates for proofreading in the UK!

We know that time is the most valuable asset for the students. That is why we have initiated a series of reviews on our writing and editing blog that are dedicated to the English grammar particular cases and probable difficulties that a student might encounter. Get to know the grammar easily, test your knowledge by means of the numerous illustrations, discuss the difficult issues with us. Our blog is created to support you on your way to the fluent and grammatical English!

Got stuck with your essay? Get free essay checking tips from the professionals!

In many of the live situations, we vote for the spontaneous decisions. Most of us do not think too long before buying a food for preparing the dinner or ordering the taxi to the airport. We think more when planning to hire a college essays editor. Yet, in cases, when the irregular important issues are concerned we tend to shift the preferences to the prepared decision. We perform the advanced search of all the alternatives and make a mental table of their advantages and drawbacks.

Watch your typing while writing an essay. Grammar can be tricky. If you think that the Present Simple Tense is easy, better check our advice on the issue. Stay on guard!

Consider your text as too dull a piece? Feel that your idea is not fully revealed? The synonymizing did not help? That’s not a problem if you have an Essay-Editor specialist at your service! We shall help gladly, and fast! Order rewriting an essay now!

Looking for a simple and smart explanation of the editing techniques and results? A comprehensive overview of the various editing procedures is available online. You will find out how to check the text and identify its deficiencies, enhance the style, adhere to the format prescribed by the manuals and different requirements (e.g. by the scientific community of the college) and get a lot of useful advice! Sign up for Essay-Editor just now!

Your text, even a small one, represents the way you think and the way you act in science. The overall impression of the text means no less than the originality and importance of its actual content. The innovative and bright idea can be met with less enthusiasm because of the poor representation and grammar mistakes. That is why choosing an editor for your next essay, allot some time to make a prepared decision. Consider the offers available, compare the prices, check the feedback, the website’s structure, and content.

See an example of the comprehensive editing website’s content. At Essay-Editor, we aim to make the editing a comprehensive field for all our customers. We describe in detail the essence and the way of performance of each editing operation (rewriting, uniqueness increasing, revision and so on), so that you could make a well-grounded decision with regard to your best-fitting editor. Type, “Reword my essay quickly!” in our Live Chat box! The explanation of the editing issues can be found in the next articles:

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Efficiency in editing – revealing the basics

Grounding your choice of the editor, you would most certainly use the word “efficiency”. It is important that the editor is efficient, that the texts is efficiently edited, the service is organized efficiently. Check our paragraph rewriting service 24/7!

At the same time, efficiency is the word that can relay different semantic components. Its synonyms can be a success, customer’s satisfaction, professional fulfilment and so on. It is a concept that can include different tints of meaning and connotations and change its meaning depending on the situation. Some linguists offer to call such notions the “empty” concepts. It is advisable to avoid using such concepts in your academic essays. Otherwise, explain in detail what meaning do you imply them to bear. Read more about making your essay comprehensive and essential However, at least with regard to the efficiency, “empty” cannot be used justly. To the contrary, this notion has so many semantic components that it can be interpreted differently. This notion encompasses a whole set of the meanings that can be used in various situations and for a description of different subjects.

His lazy plan was so efficient that

he was fired for non-efficient work.

The efficient and skillful editor in the UK (as well as in the US or any other country) must possess the following qualities and skills (they are the same for the professional proofreader online and offline):

  • Understand the client. The multiple corporate pieces of training and workshops are the result of our editors being similar to the fortune-tellers. We can derive your need out of just a few words you left as a comment to our post or a brief message you dropped into our electronic mailbox (the last one, “Correct my punctuation please!”) We understand your actual needs and prepare the offers individually.

In order to satisfy the client’s needs, you’ve got to think

as a client. The editor thinks,

“I’m a student. I care little about grammar.

I care a lot about tomorrow beach party.”

          I quit!

Can think no more about Tenses, commas and all that stuff? Forget it completely at least until your next assignment – with! Check our student-oriented costs breakdown. You will find the best proofreading charges per page on all the British Internet! We propose discounts to our constant customers and never cease to develop our performance! You make an essay – we make it perfect!

  • Can do any type of editing. Oh yes, there are many! Your text might be completely refurbished or just slightly amended in accordance with the grammar rules. The structure can be preserved or changed, considering the level of the text’s uniqueness. Finally, the technical deficiencies can be dealt with (proper execution of references, quotations, allusions and so on).


If you need to check the grammar and place the commas,

it’s proofreading.

If you need to find other words,

it’s rewriting.

If you need to change “just a one small thing”,

it’s a deep restructuring revision.

  • Be a pro in at least three main fields. A proper editing is impossible without a full understanding of the subject of the text. We recommend to use only reliable agencies One cannot edit the sentence “The stabilizer link must not be piled” and detect the mistake piled (correct pulled) without having a sufficient knowledge of Mechanics and of the automobile mechanism. The Essay-Editor’s staff comprises specialists in different fields of science who are all knowledgeable in linguistics, too. Preparing an essay in Biology? Got a difficult assignment in Chemistry? Need a logical advice for your course paper? Use a single source for all fields – a highly efficient Essay-Editor’s team!

What is your favorite subject?

It coincides with the Predicate. Sleep…

  • Work fast. In the modern world, the speed is the notion closely connected with success. The faster the editor gets down to the work and completes it, the more satisfied the customer is. See where to find the fast editor and proofreader in the UK and for the most attractive price! Sometimes, the speed of performance might become a key factor for ordering the editing services. For example, when the deadline for your assignment is tomorrow.  In order to find out about the fast proofreading in the UK, search the relevant section of the Essay-Editor’s e-journal. We are your theoretical background in editing!

I got my essay revised, re-structured and proofread already!

Good for you! The deadline is tomorrow.

Oh, but I forgot to write it.

If you are in need of a high-quality academic editing and proofreading, consider several options before making the final choice. Estimate the candidates by several factors and do not grudge time for this check. Eventually, you might waste more time on correcting the mistakes of the non-professionals. Essay-Editor’s team comprises the certified specialists only who have many years of practice in academic editing. Choose the quality!

Did you ever try to approach an editor with a specific request? Did it take much time waiting for the answer? If so, consider the opportunity to receive an immediate reply to your query at any time of the day! The timezone difference and the working schedule applied in your region will never impede ordering the efficient editing of your essay or an academic article for the attractive price! Choose the most convenient way of communication – and proceed with the order!

Preparing your Personal Statement for the college? Got stuck on describing your academic interests and achievements? A specialist’s advice can be received via Learn about all the pitfalls and get some valuable hints for compounding a perfect Statement that would be placed on top of the pile named “Accepted”! Our friendly professionals are ready to assist you 24 hours a day!

Looking for a comprehensive English grammar manual? Here it is, making a separate compartment of the Essay-Editor’s online blog! Be confident of your solid knowledge on the topic!

Want to check your knowledge and skills? Try the articles below. They will definitely inspire you on new contemplations and will allow building a comprehensive system of grammar in your mind.

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Professional and affordable proof reading in the UK

It can be a real challenge to find reliable proofreaders on-line. The best qualified specialists work at They secure the finest services and guarantee timely delivery. When an order is placed, you are 100% guaranteed to receive an outstanding paper.

The editing in the UK is often considered as more conservative and sometimes “more correct” than in the US and other countries of the world. What do you think? Is it a good topic for our next post at We value your opinion!