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Home assignment: college and school difference

If you are a fresher, you probably have already got used to college and its new studying rules. However, sometimes the process of adaptation may last long. We want to tell about some features that differ college studying from school. So let’s see.

Study in a new way: the difference in the learning process

Studying is the most important activity in the life of any student. They study hard for 4 years and graduate, having become true specialists. So what makes college studying so special and unique?

  • Academic classes.

School lessons that last 45 minutes are left in the past and replaced with the classes that may have different duration, 50 minutes to 2 hours. On the average, a class lasts an hour and 20 minutes with 5-minute break. Besides, all the classes have a strict orientation. A lesson at school often includes two activities: to ask the questions to check the learned materials and to explain a new topic. The situation at college is different: a teacher has the classes to read the lectures and to check the tasks. During the lectures, a teacher presents and explains the topics, meanwhile the students take the notes of the key points. During the seminars a teacher checks the students’ knowledge, and they fulfill various creative tasks. There are some educational courses that include the combined classes that consist of lectures and practical blocks. If you want to be a high achiever in every field, you should choose our site as a reliable supporter:

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  • Modular system

An academic year at school is usually divided into 4 parts. A year at college consists of 2 semesters divided by session periods, exams, and vacations (summer and winter). Studying at most colleges is based on ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). Every subject includes two or more modules (block of topics), and, in the end of each module, an intermediate control (a kind of test) is conducted. A student gets some particular number of points for every fulfilled task (answers at the classes, module test, individual project, exam passing, etc.). In the end of a semester, all the got points are summed up and transferred into ECTS format.

  • Practical knowledge

A college is an educational establishment that gives knowledge that can be applied in practice, i.e. in real life. The students of different specialties have different practical classes, at which they form and master their professional skills. For instance, the students of the specialty “computer engineering” take apart and repair laptops and other devices, future socials workers study psychology, financiers make up property appraisal reports, managers create an enterprise management model, and so on.

  • Attendance control

The teachers at school check the attendance of their pupils every day. Taking into consideration the number of pupils, this procedure can take a lot of time. The attendance of students is checked by the employees of the dean’s office.

A studying process at college makes think about the future and look differently at the profession you have chosen. After adaptation period passing, a student discovers the world of interesting and fascinating subjects that bring true profit.

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A college student: individuality or object for education?

All children need education and someone to guide them. However, with time they stop being children, and it is often hard to accept for the adults. At school pupils are educated all the time. What does happen at college?

  • Respectful approach

In the civilized world, there are certain rules of etiquette and respect. Meanwhile it can be less important for little children, these rules are especially important for the adults. A student is an independent individual and a future specialist. That is why one of the college teachers’ task is to teach their students to respect themselves and others. Of course, it is impossible without a personal positive example. Sometimes teachers behave in such a way that their students should never follow.

  • Contact of a student with a teacher

The communication of a teacher with schoolchildren is limited to the lessons, meanwhile education of a future young specialist is not restricted by the classes only. In order to form professional competences and develop practical skills, the students need to write term papers, prepare presentations, create projects, participate in the conferences and training. The task of a teacher is to unleash the student’s potential, develop all his (her) abilities in full, and teach to apply them in practice. That is why a student and a teacher always build more personal contact that can be maintained outside the college walls (for instance, communication via email).

  • Administration feedback

In the system of school education, the head of a school is the strictest and harshest person, and the most terrifying punishment is to call the parents to the head’s office. At college the system works differently. For the college administration, every student is not a little unwise child but an active participant of educational process. A student can appeal to the administration representatives with a request of almost any nature (organization, household, and even personal) and get advice or help with how to solve it. If your request concern creation of correction of academic papers, our experts will gladly assist you with this issue:

Student life is not only studying but also socialization and life values forming. It is very important for the students to see the live example and support from their teachers, and at the same time not to experience any pressure, which can make them dislike their future profession and studying, in general.

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Live as an adult: college social events

College is not only the place where classes are held. The practical component of educational process is present in many aspects of college activity and makes the life of a student diverse and interesting.

  • Attendance of the events

Unlike school, where educational process is limited to a desk, college students, beginning with the first studying year, get the practical approve of their knowledge. Theory is an important element in studying, but books cannot bring practical experience. A college curriculum often implies different training courses and internship. In such a way, the students get the chance to see their future profession from “inside” and also get advice from experienced specialists in their field.

  • International internships

For many former high school graduates, this is a new experience. Cooperating with other educational establishments, college students get the opportunity to go abroad with the goal to exchange their experience. An internship implies several blocks: theoretical (educational process learning), practical (attendance of events and master classes), and cultural (walking in the parks, excursions to the museums, sports activities, visiting theaters and concerts). Having finished an internship, the participants get the appropriate certificates.

  • Conference participation

Every college annually holds different conferences, in which not only students but also invited guests participate. The guests often come from other countries. The teachers take part as well. The students conduct individual reseach, prepare presentation, gain the experience of public performance, and learn to discuss and negotiate correctly.

  • Student council (also known as a student union or associated student body)

The students are not an obedient tool in the hands of administration. A student council exists at every college and monitors the students’ rights preserving, and also, participates in the organization of their social and cultural life.

  • Organization of cultural pastime

Formation of worldview and expanding the horizons of an individual are the first priority task for a teacher. Just like at school, the students get the chance to go on excursions, visit museums and theaters, celebrate national and international holidays. The main difference with school is that the students from time to time take part in the socially important public promotions and call the society to look at the global problems differently.

We wish all the students, especially freshmen, to get adapted quickly to a new college life and present themselves in the best light. Do not be afraid and do not fell shy in front of a new life period. Remember that helping you, we also get better.

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