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Are you looking for professional and reliable thesis editing services? Turn to Essay-Editor custom writing company online. It provides the best academic writing services at the cheapest cost. Essay-Editor writers and editors are highly qualified and experienced. They are aware of all the details and subtleties of academic writing. Do not waste time and pay for high-quality services at Besides, there are discounts and freebies available. Speaking about wasting time: we want to tell how to spend years at college with maximum benefit. Just keep on reading.

How to not waste time spent at college?

Have you ever thought seriously about what to do when you become a student? Student life is not similar to school. Except for access to advanced knowledge, a college offers new opportunities for development. The experts of our site will tell how to not waste time at college.

1) Learn. First, it is necessary to learn to learn. Students need to look for most information by themselves when they get ready for different types of written assignments (among which thesis is one of the most serious and complicated). Professors only direct them and help apply got knowledge in practice. There will be required much persistence, attentiveness, and curiosity from you. Those who cannot learn to handle information will face many difficulties when they get a job.

Time is priceless

2) Communicate. Train your skills to speak and negotiate with the classmates, professors, college administration, etc. Communication skill is a key professional quality. Business relationships are built during the years of study at college. The best friends also often appear at college.

3) Ask. If you do not know, not sure, not understand, ask a question. There is no harm in asking. Teachers usually like curious students. A few-minute fight with your shyness will be rewarded with priceless knowledge.

4) Use opportunities. Do not ignore college social life. Attend additional courses and take part in the student projects. You have plenty of time to gain and master the skills that you will need after graduation. Learn English, time management, presentation creation, and so on. By the way, even native speakers have difficulties with English grammar. There is much to learn, and in order to facilitate this task for you, we have many useful posts on our blog. As an example, the gerund in English grammar.

5) Work. Get the experience of work when you study. Try yourself in different directions, not necessarily related to your specialty. When hiring for a job after graduation, your employment record will tell more about you than you. Even the process of job search will teach you many useful things.

6) Travel. Go abroad to study or work. Many colleges can offer various exchange programs with foreign colleges / universities. Also, look for the work offers to students in other countries. You can see the world, get ideas and inspiration for new accomplishments.

7) Rest. Do not forget about fun. Unload your brain from time to time and throw a party with friends, go in for sports, engage in hobby, go in the wild, attend excursions, etc. Spend your college years with much benefit and fun. Later, you will say that these years are wonderful and you have not wasted your time.

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Useful skills to master at college

It happens that the students and their parents treat a diploma of higher education as the guarantee of successful employment and prosperous future. However, is it really so? Modern employers do not pay much attention to the diploma supplement. It is more important for them to see the wanted personal and professional qualities of a candidate. Essay-Editor experts have prepared the list of useful skills that should be mastered at college to succeed in the future.

1. Time management. During the years at college, you get used to working under extreme conditions, i.e. you try to survive in the breaks between the exams. This is not good. Such an approach to work is transferred to the job duties: you postpone important tasks, and when deadline comes, you work day-and-night to fulfill everything on time. For college students, we suggest our assistance to be on time with all the assignments:

A modern worker must work maximally productively. Learn to distinguish the tasks by their importance, urgency, and do them timely. Such a skill will help not only at college but also will help get free time to have a side job, for instance.

2. Ability to prioritize. It is quite problematic to do everything immediately and well at once. Multitasking is a true scourge of a modern worker. However, if a person is able to prioritize, he (or she) is also able to fulfill the set tasks on time and preserve his (her) nerves. Read more about prioritizing in a book “First Thing First” by Stephen Covey.

3. Plan achievable goals. When you can distribute tasks and time competently, you can set real goals not the desirable ones. The most important is to evaluate and correlate your strength and abilities. Otherwise, you risk wasting much effort and nerves to cope with the tasks that are beyond your abilities.

4. Networking. The ability to build useful relationships and use them to solve your personal and professional problems is called networking. Besides, such contacts are built on trusting and long-lasting relationships. Use all the opportunities (communication with different people, activities, travels) to master this skill at college. Sociability as a professional feature cannot be neglected.

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5. Work in a team. When there is a jam, students come to each other's rescue: they exchange their notes, share cheat sheets before an exam, help create a term paper, and so on. When it goes about team projects (magazine edition, business plan preparation, etc.), they often quarrel because everyone wants to be a leader. Is it a familiar situation? It happens due to the inability to organize work in a team to reach a common goal. Learn this on your own: look for like-minded people and work together on the projects and other tasks. Be proactive: take responsibility for your choice and you , do not let the circumstances take you out of your way.

6. Self-education. It is completely okay to retrain, engage in an allied profession of entirely new one. The ability to combine professional qualities and skills that many spheres require is highly appreciated today. For this purpose, it is necessary to educate yourself. It is not necessary to get several higher educations or attend expensive courses, for this purpose. There is much useful information on the internet: webinars, books, thematic resources, and so on. Get new knowledge and do not lose sight of the made mistakes. When you get the results of your test or another written assignment, analyze them, talk to a professor if something is not clear to you. Learn to fill in the gaps.

7. Self-presentation skills. The ability to speak convincingly, clearly and briefly not only about an educational material but also personal business qualities means a lot. The skill to present yourself in the best light is called self-presentation. Do not confuse it with boasting.

Self-presentation skills are important when creating a resume, at a job interview, and at a workplace. As an example, if you want to get promoted, talk to your boss. Do not wait when others notice and appreciate your efforts. Remind about you. Self-presentation skills will help you do it. Learn in advance to create excellent presentations and master oratory skills. Also, remember that discipline is more important than motivation. However, let’s discuss it.

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Discipline or motivation: what matters more?

Of course, no one doubts the importance of motivation. Nevertheless, it plays a secondary rather than main role. You can start with it but everything becomes senseless if you do not take other necessary steps. Which ones? Let’s see.

Everyone will agree that it is very useful to attend the meetings with the best specialists, to study the experience of prosperous people, to read inspiring books. However, your plans for a great future will remain plans if you do not start doing something, apply got skills, and learn to organize yourself.

Success does not come itself. Do not think that people whom we know today as the most famous young millionaires, “stars” in their field have done nothing to achieve this. Their success hides long-lasting self-improvement. The ones who are successful at the age of 25-30 have started to act at the age of 14-15 or even earlier. They were trying to leave their comfort zone, sacrificed free time, were stubborn and cheeky (in a good way) to reach their goal. All this became real thanks to discipline, aspiration, strong habit, and ability to force oneself to act. We speak about all things from our personal experience. Essay-Editor writing service passed long way to become the best among writing companies online. Read more about us here:

Do not wait for inspiration to start acting. It will not appear if you just snap your finger. If a person speaks about love to his (her) profession, most likely, he (she) has studied a lot, made mistakes, and worked hard to achieve it. Successful fulfillment of the set tasks inspires you to move forward. If you are waiting for inspiration all the time, you are done, you will get into the state of continuous procrastination.

Give up the thoughts: “How to tune in and do what I want?”. It is better to ask yourself: “How to admit that my feelings are insignificant and start acting?”. Motivation is not long-lasting and sometimes it can even distract. In the meantime, discipline is a perpetual motion machine that starts with the tiniest movements and accelerates with time. It is up to you what fuel to use to make your engine work.

There is a good quote by John Maxwell: “Discipline is the decision to do what you really do not want to do to achieve what you really want to achieve”.

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There is nothing impossible. Sometimes all you need is some more spare time. We can provide you with it and your task is to use it well. Remember that on our website you will get the best support and necessary help. Essay-Editor company offers academic editing and proofreading for cheap. Every customer gets a discount up to 20% and a pleasant bonus, in addition. Our expert team works 24/7 so we are always waiting for you.

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