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Paper creation and correction are always related to stress and anxiety. In general, studying is a nervous matter. The specialists of our site want to reduce the possible harm and will gladly do your assignments for you. The finest online paper editing is provided at Here you will get competent assistance and support with any type of written assignments, including college papers, presentations, ESL tasks, etc. In order to be more useful, our experts, i.e. writers, editors, correctors have prepared several pieces of advice on how to stop being nervous about studies and overcome anxiety before an important event such as an exam or public speaking. Check them out right now.

How to stop being nervous about studies

School and college life is full of worries. It is necessary to read a book and get prepared to answer, to write a test, to pass the final and entry exams, to try not to fail the examination period, to write a good term paper, to conduct scientific research, to get a degree, etc. All these periods influence us differently but, one way or another, they involve excitement (usually in its negative meaning).  Our expert team has conducted research and is ready to tell how to stop being nervous about studies or before an important event. Also, it will explain what to do when anxiety becomes your constant companion.

Learn to distinguish the feeling of anxiety and increased nervousness. The first one appears once and is considered to be normal. However, if ordinary anxiety turns into chronic nervousness (with the reason and without it), it becomes a problem.

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Fear has magnifying eyes

Sweaty palms, increased heartbeat, it gets hot, it is hard to focus – your body sends signals about a problem. The reason can be about human physiology, in this case, this is the fear for one’s life. However, usually the reason for fear is psychology, i.e. the fear to fail or look stupid in peoples’ eyes. This is the moment of the release of adrenaline that makes us either act or hinder. There is a good Swedish proverb: “Anxiety makes the shadows of little things look big”. By the way, if proverbs and idioms interest you, we have a post devoted to the issue of English idioms and analogues.

Is it harmful to get nervous?

It is harder to focus and think calmly in stressful situations, especially when it is necessary to use the head. For instance, it is harder to recollect the necessary information during an exam or to answer in front of the public. If you get nervous about trivial matters or drive yourself crazy, you risk becoming a pessimist. Some people develop bad habits because of nervousness. Of course, this is not good for health.

However, the things are not as terrible as it might seem. Psychologists have proved that nervousness is not always harmful. Sometimes it becomes a push to development. An experienced fear can motivate to work on oneself. A student, having been criticized, will either quit studying or start performing better. When creative people experience the agony of creativity, they produce masterpieces. Finally, experienced stressful situations add life experience. If the same or similar situations occur, a person already knows how to handle them. Simply put, what does not kill us makes us stronger. Read some more additional tips from our specialists:

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Memory can be trained with the help of stress

When does ordinary anxiety turn into increased nervousness? Only a doctor can define this transmission. However, there are the signs that will help understand whether it is necessary to appeal to a specialist. A depressed state, reduced activity, constant worry – these are the alarm bells. People with increased nervousness suffer from insomnia, headaches, and heartaches. In this situation, the main task is to notice in time that something is wrong and ask for help. In some cases, excessive anxiety can be the symptom of various diseases.

How to stop being nervous before an important event?

1) Do not give yourself troubles. Anxiety cannot be avoided when you are going to pass an exam unprepared. That is why it is better to plan the things in advance and use time correctly to learn the subject as well as it is necessary. In such a way, you will save many nervous cells.

2) Be determined to receive positive. Focus on the positive things. For instance: “The exam is important. The grade will influence my performance / admission / scholarship. I will cope with it because I have learned everything needed. Thousands of students before me have already passed this exam so I can do this as well”. Treat an important event as one of the little challenges on your life path where you need to present yourself in the best light. There will be many important events so preserve your nervous system.

If you want to learn to control your emotions, read the following books: “The Worry Cure” by Robert L. Leahy, “Emotional Agility” by Susan David, or “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson.

3) What does not kill us makes us stronger. In order to change life for the better, change your treatment of a situation. Think about the possible scenarios and do not exclude the probability of failure. For instance, you can think as following: “If I do not manage to get a high enough grade, I will have to apply to another college where a lower grade is okay” or “I will retake the exam, I will try to learn everything necessary and the next time I will perform better”. Solve the problems instead of suffering from them.

4) Do not keep the worries inside you. It is easier to get a grip when you share emotions with others. Before an exam, you can discuss some points, support each other, wish luck, etc. Review the materials and pay attention to the most difficult points. In such a way, you will manage to forget about the nervous shiver for a while.

5) Learn to breathe correctly. If an event is about to begin and your nerves are going up, use a trick. There is an effective breathing exercise that helps calm down. Breathe air counting to 4, hold your breath for 2 seconds. Then, breathe out counting to 4 and hold your breath for 2 seconds again. If lung capacity is bigger, you can increase the intervals (6 to 3 or 8 to 4). During the relaxing exercises, it is important to breathe not with your chest but stomach. It will help calm down the physiologic signs of nervousness faster.

6) Focus. In order to stop being nervous, sometimes it is enough to get your head together and focus on an important event. Check whether you have taken everything you need, make up a plan of the coming situation and play it in your mind. If this is an exam, do not panic but read the questions thoughtfully and try to recollect the material. Writing down the facts gradually, you will manage to trigger visual memory and rote learning and recollect much more theory than it has seemed to you in the beginning.

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How not to be nervous about studies?

One of the most important life stages (at least 10-11 years) is spent studying. Most anxiety and stress experienced by school and college students are caused by studies. Worries about the grades, exams, admissions, graduation, relationships with the professors and class(group)mates are just the tip of the iceberg. We know what to do to reduce the negative influence and make studies easier and more pleasant.

1) Do not be afraid of being mistaken. We go to school or college to get knowledge. It is okay to make mistakes at this stage. Do not be embarrassed to speak publicly in front of your groupmates. This is just the preparation for your future life and training of your skills to overcome stress. You will definitely need this skill at work.

2) Do not chase after the grades. For many students, studying is the chase after the grades. However, sometimes a student with an average performance achieves greater heights compared to a high achiever because he (or she) has focused on knowledge (not the grades). Of course, this statement does not work for the seniors because the grades are really important for them. In any case, you need to care for the quality of knowledge. This is what will help you enter a good college, the one you are dreaming about.

3) Quit the stereotypes. A classic stereotype looks as following: a pupil goes to the 1st form, studies diligently for 11 years, finishes school with the good grades, and enters a college easily. It does not mean that you must do the same. You can go your own way. For instance, after college, you can get other several higher educations, or work in a field not related to your specialty, or start working right after school. Quit the stereotypes and look for your own ways of development.

4) Solve the problems when they appear. Learn to plan your day so that you could allocate time for the preparation to the exams, home assignments, term paper writing, etc. In such a way, you can be sure that you will have enough time for everything. You will also manage to avoid the last-minute rush and stay calm before an important event. Essay-editor professionals shall help you save time doing your assignments for you:

5) Do not forget about the rest. Of course, have some time to rest. Sometimes, in order to calm down the nerves, it is necessary to unwind. The deserved rest can be your favorite hobby, meeting with friends, watching movies, or just a good sleep. After reloading, you will look at everything afresh and get prepared more effectively.

What to do if you get nervous all the time?

1) Find the reason for nervousness. If your health is okay and your body receives enough useful substances, the reason is hidden somewhere else. The nerves are often bad because of fatigue or personal and everyday issues. The surefire way to overcome the problems is to switch to another thing. A good anti-stress is to attend a cultural event, shopping, cooking, meeting with friends, etc. When nervousness appears because of fatigue, it is better to leave all the businesses for later and have a good sleep, take a bath, or have a massage.

2) Eat right and healthy. Your nervous system will thank you if you eat foods containing vitamins B (В1, В6, В9, В12), А, Е, D.

3) Do not be limited to one-time rest. As they say, a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. That is why a regular sleep, sports, outdoor exercise, and proper nutrition will solve the problem of stress.

It is hard to overcome nervousness at once. It will be necessary to work hard on yourself. We hope our pieces of advice will be a good start and help cope with anxiety in any life situation.

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Studying is a stressful matter. However, now you know what to undertake to reduce the negative impact. If you combine the presented tips with the services provided on our site, you will get the most winning combination. Qualified and experienced professional essay editors on the web are ready to serve you well. Order our services at a low cost and make sure that studying can be not nervous but nice and pleasant. Also, check out the latest posts on our blog:

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