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Do you need the English proofreading service?

In the course of the college studies, students regularly meet the necessity to write some text reflecting their knowledge and ideas regarding the subject. Needless to mention, the ability to relay the knowledge and express own ideas is the most important factor. Learn the way to express your thoughts clearly in writing. However, the general composition and execution of the text matter as well. For the specific scientific directions (like philology, philosophy, fashion, media, management, etc.), the style plays an important part, too.

Meanwhile, if you are a non-native English speaker, you might spend a lot of time figuring out whether there are any mistakes in your text or not. So much for determining if you can correct them yourself. If the sequence of Tenses is applicable in this sentence, if this –ing form is the Gerund or the Participle, if that’s the Present Simple form or the Infinitive, if a comma should be put before but… Many questions arise regarding grammar, punctuation marks, correct spelling. Finally, you might discover the deadline is much closer than you expected, while the text is still not proofread properly.

Still, some students have good writing skills and, reading a lot, have a good “grammar feeling”. That’s when you definitely know the following sentence is incorrect

The classification of the laser recording technologies is various.

Yet, you might not exactly trace the mistake. In this sentence, it is the Adjective various that does not correspond semantically to the Noun classification.

If your level of the English grammar knowledge does not allow spotting the relevant rule and applying it properly, contacting the expert editor would be a good solution. Yet, how to determine the need for editing?

Let’s list the factors that witness there are problems in your text, which require the professional application. For the more detailed account, check Here’s the short list:

  • There are too many or no commas in the text. If your essay has more than one paragraph, and it is written in a regular narrative style, there must be at least four commas. If there are none, that’s a reason to contact the specialist asap. Still, if your sentences look as follows,

My experience, had been very scarce; it’s been, next to, nothing, indeed.

In this case, the assistance of the professional linguist is required, as there are too many unnecessary commas. However, there is no need for ordering the costly services implying deep working out of the text, on purpose of just fixing the commas. The experienced editors always provide options that can suit your particular request.

Efficient proofreading is a landmark of the top-graded college essays. Select the reliable editor who is paid to proofread academic texts. Your ideas will be presented in the most attractive and formally impeccable way!

  • There is a lot of red underlining by Word or another automatic text editor. The modern text editing programs feature a considerable database of the language rules and possible mistakes, as well as the ways of their correction. If your text is not a linguistic or literary experiment, the flashing red in each line means there are many spelling and other mistakes.

The esay iz ritten with out mis-takes, two mie no-ledge.

However, ensure the mistakes are not typical ones. If the same word is underlined many times, it might happen that it is the only one that is incorrect.

  • There are several sentences starting with the same word or clause. The stylistic rules state the same word can be used as a beginning of no more than two sentences in a row. The example below is not recommendable,

However, the writing seemed unusual and featured fresh ideas. However,

the ideas were raw and under-developed. However, it did not

spoil the effect.

For the proper style, such words must be replaced with the relevant clauses (At the same time) or synonyms (Still, yet). Meanwhile, the texts featuring stylistic mistakes usually have other incongruities as well.

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  • Your text takes more than five sheets of paper (in typing). As our experience shows, even the texts written by professional authors, feature a certain amount of mistakes and typos, once there is a significant volume. This happens due to the peculiarity of the operation of our brain. Being concentrated on some global task, we tend to direct all energy and resources into it. Thus, the details are often left unattended. Otherwise, we would stop in the middle of the work, being unable to finish it. Thus, whatever good your grammar generally is, never miss the chance to proofread your text. Especially, if it is a large one. Order rewriting of an essay of a high-quality from!
  • The paragraphs seem disconnected. Each paragraph of your text must have its own idea. However, they should make a narrative, which implies there should be a connection between them. Put together in the right order, they should make a clear narrative line.

The applicants submitted their essays to the commission.

The college has announced the new application program.

The two sentences above, considered as they are, seem to be separated into messages. Each one has its own idea that does not look like they inform about the same circumstances. However, should their order be changed, the text becomes much clearer and many moments become comprehensive.

Estimating your text is not an easy task. Being an author, you will always tend to rate the text higher than it is. Such a process passes subconsciously and is grounded by the structure of our mind.

Learn how editing can change your texts and your writing. The variety of the possible operations and handy tips regarding their usage can be traced below:

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Picking your editor

Assessing the text properly and objectively is the first step to the successful and grammatical writing. The next step is determining if the professional’s assistance is needed. Usually, that is the case, so another dilemma arises.

The Web is full of editing offers ranging in the price level in more than six times. How not to make a mistake of selecting a specialist and receiving the real value for your money? Check the general recommendations of evaluating the market and the offers. Hiring the right editor is 95% guarantee of success for your essay. Find out what the “right editor” should like, by means of the comprehensive abbreviation below.

Remember that the specialist will always aim to make his or her offer the most profitable for both the client and him- or herself. Consider what current offers are and choose wisely, having all the information at hand!

E – Efficient in many ways. The more editing operations the editor is capable of performing, the more efficient he or she would be at any of these procedures. That is, if your editor can do a deep revision, the impeccable professional proofreading is foreseen for your simple essay.

D – Diligent. The editor must do his or her work thoroughly and timely. This concerns the organizational part as well. Having a response to your initial inquiry within 15 minutes is a good sign.

I – Informed. The real professional working daily constantly updates his or her knowledge and trains the skills. That’s important for keeping in trend and ensuring that the editor’s performance is the best possible one, corresponding to the modern technologies.

T – Toll-oriented. The editing, especially within a certain deadline, implies the regular thorough work. The text must be checked in accordance with all the procedures. That takes time, and effort. Get the editor who is able to receive and answer the requests while editing academic papers for tomorrow. A real pro never losing in quality.

O – Organized. This quality is the inseparable factor of the editor’s occupation. Remembering and implementing the grammar rules, comparing the structure of the sentences and paragraphs, placing the punctuation requires a good level of the organization. If the editor cannot make his or her work systematically and arrange the knowledge properly, it is better to look for other alternatives.

R – Responsive. The good editor must adhere to the grammar rules; yet, the performance must always be in line with the client’s expectations. The editor must be efficient in leading a dialogue, persuading, explaining, grounding the point of view. And be flexible, too. That ensures the positive result for both the customer and performer.

The competition among editors is quite high, so finding a good editor with the features described above should not be too difficult. Contact several potential editors with the same request as “Reword my essay at a low price” and estimate the reaction. However, it might take more time than simply clicking on the first offer in the Google search. Be attentive when studying the editor’s website and browsing his or her references. Add the considerable amount of criticism while reading the colorful descriptions and expressive customer feedback. Don’t be shy asking the editor about the level of qualification and experience. Consider the pricing level as well. Remember that any extremity must be checked more thoroughly. It is advisable to go with the editor who maintains the average market price, yet is ready to discuss possible discounts.

The “Mr. Flexibility” service is Essay-Editor editing agency. We are keen on estimating your text objectively and assigning just the procedures needed to make it relevant for its purpose. We realize there is no need for rewriting of the literary sketch you are planning to publish. We also know that your college essay in Culture requires proofreading only. Check what other editing operations can be applied, and what possible outcome could be received. If you feel perplexed by the mass of the information, you can always give us a call or simply write a short note. We’ll respond within fifteen minutes! Our service works without interruption all day long!

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