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Course papers, as Wikipedia says, are an initial step of the student to a concept of scientific activity because it assumes carrying out an independent research on the set subject.

At the same time course paper can be of both practical, and theoretical character, anyway is a small scientific work within the studying program. Writing of term papers by students is obligatory as it prepares them for writing of more difficult paper – final qualification work – the diploma or the thesis. Having skills by writing small works, in a consequence there will be no problems with the diploma.

Term papers are offered to students with the following purpose: they should seize missing knowledge of discipline as lectures happen to be insufficiently to capture all themes. Practical course papers give an excellent practical work when determining problems on an object of a research and searching of the main ways for their solving.

Therefore the term paper is not just educational task which can be ignored; on the contrary, writing of the course paper gives certain skills which can be used in further professional activity.

The term paper is a step to writing of the diploma project, besides, it allows the teacher to determine the level of knowledge of the student in this or that subject and also determine the ability feel familiar with information space. It is true, because when writing course paper, the huge number of literature is needed, which needs to be rewritten not thoughtlessly, but to analyze and draw conclusions.

Term papers are written absolutely on all disciplines, especially, if examination is planned in the future. This work is some kind of admission to passing an examination.

Term papers solve several educational problems:

1) Studying of the material connected with the subject of the paper.

2) Definition of subject's relevance and its practical usage.

3) Formation of skills of independent working.

4) Formation of an individual style of a statement the information.

When writing the term paper, it is necessary to consider that it consists of several sections:

1) Introduction is the responsible section in the course paper as it does not only create a reference point in what direction work is written, but it also contains its main characteristics, the purposes and tasks. Besides, relevance of the studied problem is specified here, because if the theme is unclaimed to studying, there is no sense to conduct researches. Relevance has to be formulated accurately, without excess information. Also methods of carrying out a research, which are applied to achievement of course paper goals, are specified in introduction.

2) The main part of the term paper can consist of several paragraphs. The content of the main section depends on a paper's subject. If it is theoretical course paper, then information from different sources on the existing problem should be there, the points of view of authors should be analyzed and the student's independent opinion should be formulated. In the presence of the practical section, the used techniques when carrying out the analysis should be described, an object should be investigated, and on its basis the main stages of development of an object are formulated.

3) The conclusion has to contain all the conclusions in this course paper. Any theory or statements which are already written in the main part are allowed. Here research results are given, and here it is defined whether problems are solved, whether the objectives are achieved.

4) The bibliography may contain as the published sources, as unpublished. Usage of foreign sources of literature, periodicals, scientific papers, monographs is also possible.

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