The Basics of the PhD Thesis Proofreading


PhD thesis proofreading

Deciding on continuing your education after college is a responsible step. You dedicate yourself to science and make it an important part of your life hence. In order to plunge into the things of significance and not to distract on trifles, contact the reliable paper editor online. Check the wide range of the editing services, going from the simplest tasks of revising college essays, to the fundamental ones of performing the editing of the dissertations. The experience of the English native speaker linguists will make your academic papers the chez-d-oeuvres of writing, while the underlying ideas will be presented clearly and comprehensively. If there are any questions on your part, enter our live chat to get the reply within the online mode!

How to define the optimal proofreading rate PhD thesis

Writing and executing your PhD thesis is an enormous task requiring concentration and ingenuity. It is a long work, too. You deal with the notions of the high level of abstraction, such as logical conclusions, arguments, philosophical backgrounds and so on. You also have to be precise in detail. Each line of your text must be confirmed and reconfirmed by official sources. See the tips on how to select the theoretical sources for your academic papers. If you are not a native English speaker, see how to learn English speaking with fun.

Meanwhile you will also have to get prepared for your postgraduate exams as well as fulfil the plan for your practical work. In such circumstances, you will definitely have no spare time at all. Lest you are an experienced linguist yourself, or you have written your PhD thesis long before you even started your postgraduate course, the help of the quality editor will be of a great use. Meanwhile see the tips and tricks for the successful preparation and passing of the exams, described in our blog for English grammar and editing.

Though proofreading a thesis is usually less difficult a task than, let us say, checking an essay of the first-year student, it is certainly much more voluminous. The volume of your PhD thesis may reach and exceed 100 pages of typing. Just to read it superfluously will take no less than half an hour. Let alone a thorough study aiming at spotting petty details and insignificant typos. That is why the assistance of the knowledgeable editor can be very helpful. Clarify the means and ways the professional linguist – English native speaker – can help in correcting the mistakes in your academic paper

However, though many of the editing companies hire the experienced professionals, they all offer different rates for their services. Even the principle of charging the work may vary. Let us examine the most frequent ways of charging the proofreading for a PhD thesis:

  1. Rate per word. Though this method is used rarely at present, some editors still apply it. It is based on the principle of charging each word in a text. Certainly, the amount is a tiny one. However, the principle does not seem fair, as there are many auxiliary words in the English language (like articles, particles) that are hardly to contain any mistakes in them. It is sometimes said that this method is the cheapest one, as while counting the words, only the ones that make the parts of speech are considered (i.e. particles and articles are not counted). Meanwhile if you wonder where to find the cheap yet efficient proofreading for any of your academic paper, simply put an order on our website. State your needs (for example, “Where to edit my essay low-cost?”) and wait for the reply of our friendly administrator. It won’t take longer than fifteen minutes!
  2. Rate per page. Within this principle, the proofreading is charged per each page of the paper. While it may seem more justified than the previous one, it still does not reflect the work done and paid properly. The thesis does not consist of a continuous text; it also has diagrams, pictures, appendices. While some pages may be filled fully with text, the other ones may be hardly half-full due to rubricating. If you wish to be updated on the modern rates for proofreading and get a full overview of the editing news, sign up for our blog’s “Services” division. You will have an ample understanding of the editing activities and the way of their implementation, that undoubtedly will benefit your academic and other papers.
  3. Rate per chapter. This method of charging the proofreading is good for many reasons, but for the fixed price. As in some dissertations, the chapter may make 20 pages, and in others only two, the price will never be the same. You will have to agree with the editor on each particular chapter. Moreover, it is most likely that the principle of charging the editing for these chapters will be based on “per page” proofreading rate. Whatever is the rate and the basis for its charge, always ascertain as to the reliability of the selected editor and the quality of the chosen services. See some tips in our article on the editor’s activities and the criteria of the best editor’s selection
  4. Rate per time. While theses may differ by their thematic, contents, rubrics and so on, they also have a lot in common. They have the same prescribed composition, obligatory for each academic paper of this type. They are also more or less the same with regard to their volume. Thus, it becomes possible to charge the proofreading per paper and base the principle on the time needed for the fulfilment of the task. The less the time, the more the rate. Look how the best college essay editing and proofreading service works.
  5. Individual rate. Some companies provide the rate only upon studying the text they will have to work on. Such approach enables the fair rate taking into account not only the quantitative characteristics of the paper, but also its quality ones (logical and linguistic complexity, the level of abstraction, the rate of examples per argument and so on). However, the preliminary estimation of the text may take some considerable time, especially with the thesis. This approach is also quite beneficial for the loyal clients who can receive additional discounts and some services free of charge. The individual rate may also apply in case of the unusual requests. Instead of simply ordering “Revise my essay online” at the editor’s website, state something like “Revise my gastronomical essay online, with no terms’ replacement”. Such wording will show your attendance to the task, as well as let an editor have a preliminary view of your paper. 

The rate for any of the editing tasks may vary depending on its volume, complexity, time deadline and so on. When choosing the editor, make sure you understand the system of the services’ rating and cost charging. However, you must certainly look for the quality first and then look for the price. We have many interesting articles for you on our website, see some of them below:    

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How to write and edit a PhD thesis

Having talked about the rates, let’s talk about the performance. Preparing the thesis for proofreading is also an important task, not sparing which may save you considerable time and funds. But first, let us determine what kind of dissertations are there and what is the difference between them. Remember, you can address any question to the top dissertation editors on the Internet 24/7!

The theses can be written in two different manners:

  1. The thesis represents an assortment of articles on the similar topic, joined by the common idea. They are usually supported by the preface and the conclusion in the end. As for the articles, each of them must reflect some aspect of the topic, important for the idea and the conclusion. Yet the requirements for the articles’ execution may vary depending on the region, as well as differ for different educational institutions. Though the most of the text is already available in this case, still it must be performed in the same fashion, even if the articles clash by that principle. The experienced editor can perform unification, in order to ensure the efficient result. The proofreading of the thesis in this case will take less time and cost, as the articles have been already checked and properly executed before. All is needed is to proofread the parts that you need to add (preface and conclusion), as well as the ones that have been changed (the articles with regard to the style unification, also the reference system and the reference list). If some of your articles also need a professional estimation and possible editing, you can approach our efficient staff as well. Just leave a message “Revise my academic article” via our live chat, and we’ll get back to you until the end of the quarter of an hour.
  2. The thesis is performed in the fashion of the monograph, representing a single research on the topic. Follow the description of the monograph, its structure and contents, in order to have an ample view of the issue. Technically it also consists of the articles and the previous researches on the theme, however it should be supported by the profound theoretical background, have a set structure and composition and unified reference system. Though this kind of dissertation inevitably takes more effort and time for its preparation, yet it represents your thoughts in the integral and logical way. The proofreading will be rated higher in this case, as it requires a checking of the completely new text. However, the overall composition and the way of idea representation also benefits considerably. A monograph in its composition reminds of the simpler writing genres, for example, of an essay. That is why a thorough revising of an essay is similar in method and tactics to the thesis’ revision. The examples of both can be supplied at request on our website. Proofreading your papers online may make a good solution as well. Try our online service, and get your personal discount for the next order!

Preparing your thesis to professional proofreading is the task that can be skipped. Meanwhile attending to it will grant you additional benefits if not in the price, then in the time of the proofreading performance. Besides, your own linguistic skills will be strengthened. Here’s an overview of what a professional proofreading must be In order to perform a preparation you will need to fulfil the following steps:

  • Read the text and ensure it has a straight and fixed composition, logical alignment; there are no gaps in the idea representation. If you are not sure in these aspects of your paper, then it will be reasonable to order an essay or thesis proofreading service right now. Thus you will save time and spare yourself a nervous tension coming off the incomprehensible and difficult task.
  • Make an initial proofreading yourself to weed out the typos and obvious small mistakes. See the list of the most popular mistakes that students do in the essays, in order to avoid them completely. Check the completeness of the information and the reference list. Make sure no other additions and complements will be needed.
  • Check all the tables, diagrams, and pictures as to their correctness and proper place. To have a clear understanding of what requirements are set for the graphic elements, check the rules of your college regarding the academic papers. Consult our blog as well, especially its part dedicated to the interesting phenomena in the English language.
  • Align the text and make sure the fonts and sizes are alike.

Performing these steps will allow to reduce the influence of the editor, and also to save your funds. Yet this also depends on the type of the services’ charging: if it is per word or per page, there is no use in doing the part of the work yourself. However if the individual approach to the services’ rating is adopted these steps will allow you to minimize your expenses on the professional editing, yet receive the precise and straight text.

Even if your paper differs from a thesis in volume and level of difficulty, as well as in scientific methods, you still can apply the same editing techniques to it. For example, see the basics of the term paper editing service on our website. The diligence and skills applied by our editors are the same independent of the complexity of order and the academic level of the paper.

Another aspect to be discussed with regard to the thesis proofreading is the choice of the editor. Apart from the range of the rates and the principle of its charging there are several important factors that must be taken into account before placing your order with some particular company:

  • Reputation. The companies who have a sound reputation usually value and strive to maintain it. That is why they constantly increase the quality of their performance, upgrade their technological base, monitor the results of their work and client’s satisfaction. In order to get to know the company reputation, browse the specialized forums on the Web, ask the people you know and trust, talk to the company representative.
  • Skillfulness. Some companies are quite young and haven’t coped to gain a proper reputation. However, provided their editors are experienced and professional specialists, you will be more than satisfied with the result. You can check the level of the company performance by the samples of the work on the website, by the site design and services’ description, by the overall impression out of the consulting with the company editors. The examples of the quality academic paper revising  may be found on our website. Enjoy the advice from our leading editor regarding the papers’ revision, rewriting, proofreading and other types of editing More tips and useful information can be found on our website.
  • Specialization. There are large editing companies who hire the linguists specializing in different fields of knowledge (biology, mathematics, mechanics, chemistry, literature etc.). Meanwhile the medium and small companies usually cannot afford to have such a vast staff. That’s why it is always reasonable to clarify the areas and topics the editors are capable to work with. Beware of the so-called specialists who tell you they can go with any topic without even looking at your text. In most of the cases, they are not professionals and the quality of the editing would be rather poor.

There are many aspects to be taken into account when selecting the right editing company for your thesis. Do not hurry making a final choice, consider all the alternatives and analyze them thoroughly. The dissertation is a highly important document for your scientific career and is a pass to your real scholarly activities. That is why there is no compromise accepted for its proper execution.

Make no compromise with the gaps in your knowledge of the English language, by signing up for our blog. Constant supply of the new articles on the most acute issues in the English syntax and grammar, followed by the set of posts on the most recent technologies in the editing field. You will also find all the needed support on our website, as you can contact us via the contact page or by means of a live chat. With the latter, you’ll receive a professional consulting without any delay!

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