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Does your paper need editing? Answering this question might take some time. Sometimes, there can be unnoticed mistakes that would spoil the overall view of the text. Sometimes, it might be written correctly, but in a dry and unimaginative way. Sometimes, the separate paragraphs and sentences seem OK, but together they do not make a whole. Then, you would need to revise the text and its logical structure. But, what to do if your text is just not interesting? Will editing help?

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Recently, we have started a cycle of posts on the topic of making your text interesting – while writing and editing it. Here’s the part two of the series. Enjoy!

Applying the language editing services – creating the superb text

In the previous post, we discussed the general rules of making the text interesting. We tried to affect its overall structure and influence on the reader. Now, we shall delve deeper into details and see what language rules should apply in case you are going to build an amazing writing world!

  • Avoid the chancelleries. This rule is easy to apply if you prefer the informal writing style. A chancellery is a word or a phrase that makes the text look more formal by lengthening it and without adding any sense.

What do you think of the phrase,

“The laboratory temporary employee has fulfilled the conducting of the planned repairing works»?

Ain’t it better to say, “A student fixed it”?

If you happened to write a chancellery phrase, simply think it over. What is it about? And then, just write down the answer. Here, simplicity is your strong support.

  • Write short and simple. Whenever there is a description of the complex fact or event, apply all your efforts to wrapping it up in the inclusive phrase of four or five words. For that, use the same method as applies to the chancelleries. You can also assign a number of words you should not exceed in a phrase. This will lead to breaking the phrases into smaller ones, each holding a separate thought. In this way, your text will become much more readable and comprehensive.

The acting director of the pumping company gave the pessimistic

forecast regarding the prospects of the oil-producing sphere.

Mr. Haksley is the acting director of the pumping company.

He says, he does not believe in the oil sphere.

  • One of the principal misconceptions of the beginning writers is going wide. Many people think that they must use detailed descriptions, do not be too dry and short, to repeat what you’ve already said in the other words, using many different synonyms, descriptions, complex constructions… In reality, it should be completely otherwise.

When you write a text, do not think about yourself – think about the people who will read it.

This will usually save you at least two sheets of paper. You will save a planet in that way!

If you have revealed and delivered your idea in full within three paragraphs – it’s perfect! Let it be so. If you failed, contact the first-rate paragraph rewriting service. If your teacher requires from you, for instance (or it is a condition of some assignment), to represent a text amounting to, let us say, 1000 of words, while you’ve actually written only 500, do not get upset. See who can rewrite assignments successfully. If the idea is completely revealed and there is nothing to be added essentially, think of the illustrations that you can add. By the way, a vivid and concise illustration can sometimes save an essay of the mediocre quality.

  • The shorter the better. It might seem that we already mentioned this rule thousands of times, however, it still stays an issue number one in students’ essays. Look at the review of the mistakes students often make and secure yourself from them! Imagine you are reading a very long sentence. It can consist of the simple ones but be very long (for a line, for example).

The language makes a special system of signs that has its own rules of the combination; sometimes, they are comprehensible in the logical way; sometimes, it is only the intuition and a specific “language gut feeling” that regulates the choice of some word or phrase.

We bet you got lost the track somewhere in the middle of this sentence, or maybe even earlier. Are you still there?

The rule is – always break long sentences into shorter ones. There is no lose in this game. Just try it. You will see that the attention and the positive attitude are gained much easier by the short sentences than by long and complex phrases. If you still fail, pay less for essay rewriting with us – and get them short!

  • Make the phrases different. Certainly, they should not repeat. But here, we mean also graphical and technical difference. Make them short but different. Use 5 words in the first sentence and 7 in the second. Alternate direct and inverse order of the words. Alternate the Active and Passive Voice, while making a preference for the Active one. Diversity is the key to any interesting issue, fact or event. It applies to the texts as well.

- I’m lost.

- What happened?

- My essay is too dull. How to make it more vivid?

- Mention what you think about the assignment and the teacher who invented it.

Thus, there are several simple yet often missed tips that help to make your text an interesting reading sample that is memorized quickly. Still experiencing some problems with it? Contact the professional English paper editor; all the contacts are available on our website!

In the current chapter, we talked about the technical side of the text and the steps that allow making it more attractive. Next, we shall discuss some abstract notions and rules that also work well. Steaming ahead to the next chapter!

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Six rules for the six paragraphs – for your best essay!

Now, we shall go above the visual parameters and discuss the logic of your text. We shall see what rules apply to it and how they can affect the attractive properties of the text.

1. Use the rule of the intensive reading. The shorter is the word, the more are chances it will be read. In each language, there is different understanding of the length of the word. The same number of symbols might be considered as a short word in one language (for example, French “Monsieur”) and long in another (like “ukulele” in Spanish). Learn about the longest English words and what they mean. Use no more than 10% of long words in your text to ensure its attractiveness for readers.

Which is the longest word in English?

The French one.

2. List the similar things. One way or another, in any essay there is a room for the lists. If there is none, add some information to create even a short list. The result will be the higher attractiveness of the text.

I need to make a list of the most important things in studying.

Studying, learning and getting education.

3. Add a part of your life. Provide the illustrations based on your own experience – both positive and negative. This method always attracts the reader and it also ensures the unique content of your essay. Your personal adventures make the zest of your essay, even if it is in the Quantitative Math. You can also advise something valuable. For example, the best proofreading college papers cost.

The best illustration of the high gravity law can be gained by trying to get up at 6 o’clock in the morning.

4. Use the visualizing words, where it is possible. These are the words that appeal to the reader’s action: look, imagine, recall, consider and so on.

Consider estimating this essay with A+.

Imagine how good it would look on the title sheet.

5. Write in the aphoristic way. It does not mean actually using aphorisms, though it might be also applicable. Check the list of the English aphorisms. But rather, stating the ideas so precisely and so vividly that your phrase would make an aphorism.

To write or not to write – not a question.

6. Bring your smile into the text. It is not easy, yet possible. Smile while writing and you will find that it is felt through the text. See how broad we smile while working on your texts and how noticeable it is! Certainly, the rule is not smiling all the time. It implies introducing your emotions and splashing them out on the paper. However, always consider the style you are writing in. Emotion is acceptable even in the most formal styles, but in a well-measured manner.

The vegetative nervous system can overcome such symptoms easily (smileys: joy, applaud, thumb up)

So, you can see that making your text attractive and interesting might be not quite easy but still a manageable task. For the particulars, contact your online English editor and find the best conditions of editing for your essay.

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The rules and tips that apply to the text editing are diverse and numerous. In order to gather them into a system, we have created a multidirectional online blog where you can find the reply to any of your questions connected with the writing and enhancing of the texts. As well as any issue connected with the English language and its modern functioning. Check the examples of the above-described works and do not hesitate to receive an online consulting, should some issue be unclear. All you need to do is press Ctrl and left click on one of the titles below:

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