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What information sources do you trust completely? When you need a professional in editing, do you search on the Web for the best professional proofreading service, call your friend or just type in the messenger “I need to edit my paper, give me a contact?” Do you ever check the reliability of the editor recommended or just go and order from him?

In order to support you in your choice, we decided to investigate the factors that allow determining whether the editor you deal with is a professional or not. If you are already a customer of Essay-Editor, we hope you already know the attributes of the real professional.

In case you are new to our editing agency, we’d like to give a short information about ourselves.

We provide the services to the wide circle of people who need their texts to be professionally checked. We work for students proofreading their essays, for postgraduates revising their dissertations, for writers estimating and proofreading their novels, for Web editions checking their posts for mistakes. The scope of our services is presented on our website. We perform the editing of the different level of complexity and are able to adjust the conditions in accordance with your wishes! One of the doubtless benefits of working with us is the possibility to contact us whenever it is convenient for you. In order to be able to support you when it is most needed, we have established a round-the-clock response to all your queries. Visit the website now, whatever time it is, and ask us a question! is a professional service with the sound experience in editing!

The things to know about the best cheap professional proofreading service

The importance of dealing with the professional in different kinds of activities is hard to dump. The professionalism is one of the non-arguably positive notions that is always an honor to be assigned to. It is a concept many people strive for, long for and work hard for.

However, what is a professionalism? Who is a professional? Why many people desire to get a professional working on their orders?

Let us discuss the criteria that let us think and speak about someone as a professional. These criteria can be divided into the working qualities and social qualities. Let us start with the working ones.

So, the real professional must possess:

  • Knowledge. That’s the basis of the professionalism. Get the competent essay rewriting from our knowledgeable specialists! There can be no professional not knowing what he or she is doing. There can be no editor without the knowledge of the language. However, the knowledge can be different. There is a theoretical knowledge that contains the information on the reasons for and consequences of something being done. And there is a practical knowledge providing the information on the way and method something is being done. Some theories, though, consider the practical knowledge as necessary but not enough for identifying the professional. The practical skills must be necessarily supported by the theoretical knowledge, they say. In this regard, a person who can write well and without mistakes but does not know the grammar rules cannot be called a professional editor. Such persons can be called talented, skillful, even the geniuses maybe. However, they cannot be considered professionals.

The theoretical knowledge is necessary for understanding other people working in the same field of activity, and for relaying the knowledge you have. We unavoidably encounter the things we do not know about, even in the activity we pursued over many years. For example, not all the English native speakers can say precisely where the Gerund and the Infinitive differ and why the Infinitive has been used in a particular sentence, instead of the Gerund. The theoretical knowledge gives a hint on where to look for the explanation.

If you know that the sentence “Editing is kind, of linguistic

work out of the text” is incorrect but cannot explain what

exactly is incorrect, you are a talent, not a professional.

  • Experience. Experience is important as it allows estimating your knowledge with a higher level of objectivity. When a young linguist is starting to learn the language, he or she at periods knows from everything to nothing.  The experience is able to show the picture of your skills. It can point out what techniques you should strengthen and which ones are well worked out. Experience gives confidence When you’ve proofread about 100 essays, you do not worry about rewriting the next one in line. Some people, though, have troubles with identifying their level of skills. This is especially true for perfectionists. The fear of performing the task not ideally can prevent from performing any action at all. See what the qualities of the perfectionist are. Even well qualified and experienced professionals can get into such a predicament. However, their sound positive experience will give them confidence and the power to proceed.

Some traditional editors might not know what “IMHO”, “LOL”, “OMG” and

other abbreviations mean. However, their experience will allow them

defining these words as abbreviations and eventually finding out their sense.

  • Ability to learn from own mistakes. Both positive and negative experience makes a considerable input into our cognition. It is also valid for the development of our skills. The professional, however skillful and experienced he or she might be, is not secured from making mistakes. Yet, a professional makes mistakes rarely, and is not afraid of recognizing them and can make conclusions and prevent repeating the same mistakes again in the future. A professional editor can miss a mistake in the complex sentence, yet he or she will regard the complex sentences with closer attention further. So, if the editor happened to give a wrong feedback to the request like “Find somebody to reword my essay!” he would be only glad to find out you actually intended to apply for his or her services not just use him as a search tool.

Sometimes, it happens that the professional having a long positive experience of work starts to believe into his or her flawless performance. That is usually the point where the gross mistakes can be made. Self-confidence is positive. Arrogance is lamentable. A professional never forgets the field he or she is working at is much wider than any single person can encompass. Thus, there is always a room for a mistake.

It is important to treat every new essay you edit as the one of the kind.

Otherwise, after having proofread ten of them, you might take

it easy with the eleventh – and fail to notice a mistake.

  The working qualities of the professional depend on the period he or she has dedicated to the present activities, the theoretical knowledge got and the personal attitude to the work. All these factors require the objective estimation of the situation and own possibilities. The professional editor is wont to over-estimate the importance of the text (even if it is a regular small college essay about the mythology of Ancient Greece) than under-estimate it. It is better to proofread the text for the sixth time than failing to notice a tiny mistake.

See the way we perform proofreading and other editing operations. Your text is safe with Essay-Editor’s professionals!

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A customer-friendly professional proofreading service

Humans are social. Any activity foresees the interaction with other people, be it the direct face-to-face contact or the virtual messaging. The success of the activity depends on not only the product or service we provide but also on the way the customer reacts. In order to have the motivation for further ordering and recommendation, the client must be fully satisfied not only with the result of the work but also with the image he has drawn in his mind about the performer.

That is where a social factor of the professionalism enters the game. Let’s discuss what social characteristics a professional must possess:

  • Good communication skills. What to say to a client who states “I need to reword my work” while the text requires revising? How to explain the need for the updated software to the director of the editing agency? How to tell the client his or her English is not perfect? These and many other questions arise many times during the work. The favorable solution often depends on the person’s ability to communicate with other people, to listen to them attentively and talk comprehensively. It is also important to adhere to the rules of politeness.

Sometimes, it might require patience to explain that the

polite address is “Mr. …” not a “Bro”.

  • Ability to cooperate. A professional does not perform the work perfectly – he performs it in the way the client thinks perfect. It is important to explain your point of view and ground it with the reliable proofs. In case you apply for the MBA title, would like to remind that on our website you can order the MBA essay editing at best prices. However, arguing over some matters might lead to complete dissatisfaction of the customer regardless of the actual result. If your client insists on the fact that his or her article needs rewriting while you see that a thorough proofreading is enough, do not reject the idea. You might offer to do the proofreading first and then adjust the text should it be still not correspondent to the client’s views.

An editor must be flexible with his orders. If there is a dissertation

proofreading due in a month and the essay due tomorrow,

it is obvious which text must be worked out first.

  • Self-respect. A professional knows well the effort spent on the work and the cost that must be charged for it. Get the top-notch academic editor at best prices and have real value for the average market cost! A difference in quality (comparing to the amateurs) should be also taken into account. A professional can ask for a lower cost while pursuing some goals (to attract the new customers, to let them check the level of services etc.) but not systematically. Otherwise, the work loses its meaning not having a decent award. This usually leads to its deterioration. Meanwhile, the adequate honorary inspires the professional to enhance his or her performance and develop the knowledge.

If you need a reference to the costs for the principal editing

services, check the comprehensive overview of the rates

for editing and proofreading in the US on our website.

Thus, a professional must possess different characteristics and be efficient not only in his or her activities but also in communication with clients and with other people. The listed qualities imply such quality as a responsibility – a professional is always responsible for the work performed, its quality and correspondence to client’s expectations.

At Essay-Editor’s, we have gathered a team of the enthusiastic professionals who are ready to fulfil any of your linguistic requests. We can write and rewrite, proofread and revise, reconstruct the ideas and polish the style. As the professionals in editing, we always share our knowledge with all who need it. Our online journal consists of four parts and relates to the following issues: editing activities (, norms and rules of the English language, sample essays, entertainment topics. Save the link to our website and browse it when you have time. You will undoubtedly find a lot of interesting information.

If any explanation or clarification is needed, simply press on the Live Chat button in the bottom right corner on any page of the website. Drop a few words in, stating your inquiry, and do not shut down your laptop – we’ll be there with the answer in less than fifteen minutes!

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Professional proof reading: to order or not to order?

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