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Shuffling the pages of the tenth grammar manual and trying to find the description of the Verb and Gerund usage in the Past Perfect tense might be quite an entertainment. However, it is valid only for people who are fond of linguistics, the language, grammar rules and other things alike. For all the rest, such a task would rather acquire epithets of “boring” and “senseless”. So why tormenting yourself?

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Today we shall discuss the ways you can perform the editing of your essay online. We shall examine the stages of the process, as well as mention some valuable hints as to the way to make it yet easier and faster.

College essay editing online: Definition and stages of performance

Before plunging into the discussions of the ways to take off your burden by editing your essay, or at least to relieve it partially, let us define the key notions.

College essay – is the piece of the written work / text created on purpose of fulfilling some tasks put by the teacher to a student during the latter’s studies at the educational institution. The college essay may be of a different volume and type of execution (free style / fixed sample) and dedicated to the different topics. See the list of the most popular topics for the college essays. Various requirements might be put to the execution of the college essay (regarding the structure of the text, obligatory elements, part of the student’s own input, references’ presence / way of execution and so on). The most popular version of the college essay is the 3-5 pages of the typed text outlining some scientific position or describing some scientific fact / event, featuring also the performer’s ideas on the subject. Should be supported by the references from the scientific sources. See how to deal with the different college assignments and get the best editing for your text!

Online editing – is the process of working out the written texts in the online mode via the Internet, by means of the automated editing programs. It may include grammar checking, punctuation checking, spelling checking, verification for plagiarism etc. The verification and correction are performed by means of the programs solely, without the participation of the human editors. On one part, such approach ensures that even the slightest mistake will not be omitted in the text. On another, the certain patterns of the language are still not available for coding and automated correction. Such are idioms, colloquial expressions, word play, word riddles etc. Wondering how to write an excellent essay that does not need the online check? Follow the hyperlink and find the ample answer to any of your questions!

Having clarified the notions, let us define the stages of the process of the online college essay editing. Though it is usually performed by the automated programs, the understanding of the process will allow the user to understand better the corrections proposed by the program and adjust his or her text appropriately.

Let us examine the stages of working out the text that is uploaded to the editing website for the professional verification and correction.

  1. Design unification – usually the editing programs are adjusted for working with some specific fonts and sizes. That is why, when you upload your text for verification, the result may be represented in other parameters. The system unifies the text without your participation, by automatic adjustment. Learn the benefits of the live editor work! Get the quality proofreading from an expert today for a discounted price! Depending on the type of the program, it may also delete your super textual marks such as hyperlinks, listing markers and so on. In most of the cases, the online editing program will not be able to decode and verify the tables and pictures. That is why, if you need to check the text represented by such graphic elements, it is advisable to upload them in the textual version.
  2. Coding of the informational blocks – the program does not “understand” the language in the way we do. It deals with the algorithms written in the programming language. For the text to be recognized by the program as the object of its action, the former must be coded in the symbols and by means of the syntax of the programming language. At this stage, the textual information is separated into the informational blocks that are processed by different parts of the program. The blocks may cross or include each other; that is why they are multiplied in accordance with the program's needs. Usually, the program performs the following coding and analysis:
  • Lexical-morphological stage – each word form is coded and is processed in accordance with the algorithms containing the lexical and grammar characteristics and rules;
  • Syntax stage – at this stage, the set of the lexical and grammar characteristics set for the individual word forms is analyzed in accordance with the algorithms defining the rules of the word’s order and connection with each other;
  • Semantic stage – the defined set of the lexical and grammar forms put in the order with the syntactic rules is analyzed by means of algorithms containing the definitions of the words, word-formations, word-combinations, sentences.

This stage demonstrates well the difference between the machine work and the human operations. The modern science tends to re-create the functions of the human through the comprehension of the nature of the human processes. However, the coding of the language patterns and regulations, and, especially, the introduction of the prognostic function by the scientists still feature many unsolved problems. That is why the majority of the conscious students and writers select the human paper editor for hire as the primary source of the professional text editing.

  1. Identifying the discrepancies between the program algorithms and the presented text – at this stage, the program checks all the information blocks listed above and defines whether there are any differences between its data / algorithms and the word forms and word combinations presented in the text. Speaking the regular language, the mistakes are spotted and identified. Once the discrepancy is defined, the program searches for the solutions of its correction.
  2. Presenting the user with the results – through the available interface, the program represents the text and the mistakes it has found along with the options for their solution. This can be done in different ways. The mistakes may be marked in the text (in the form of remarks), put as a list. The solution might be offered together with the mistake description, or presented on another web page through the hyperlink. Results of the online program are available within minutes, however, should not be fully relied on. Ensure your best result applying for the proofreading for students within 12 hours!

As a result of the automated checking, you receive the analysis of your text with regard to is grammar, consistency, plagiarism, spelling and so on. There are many factors that influence the credibility of such verification and must be taken into account when estimating its results. The efficiency of the program creators, the scope of the linguistic database, the accessibility by the user, the cost of essay editing service online, the way of the presentation of the mistakes and solutions and so on. We shall discuss some of them below.

For more detailed breakdown and explanations, browse the collection of linguistic articles represented on our web page. By means of our blog, we strive to introduce our customers to the peculiarities of the editing procedures, in order for them to be aware and make their choice of the editor consciously.

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Choosing the appropriate college essays editing services

Above we have listed the processes that any automated editing program is subject to perform while fulfilling the request for the editing of any kind. We have also mentioned that the programs might differ in their performance and provide the different results. Here we shall briefly list the most important factors, which the user must consider when using a certain online editing service.

  1. The credibility of the company and the website – pay attention to the website contents, the presence and the character of the advertising. Look for “About Us” section outlining the experience and activities of the editors who work with the database of the verification program. Check the feedback section of the website, as well as the comments on its performance on the specific forums. At the Essay-Editor, we provide an impeccable essay editing service for you!
  2. Availability of the different text checking operations – see whether the website offers a single operation (which is very rare), for example, spelling check, or if it provides the various editing services (like plagiarism check, consistency check, punctuation correction etc.). Learn about the types and the level of the editing operations described in one of the comprehensive articles by our best writers
  3. Limitations of the program usage – see whether all the functions of the program are available without limitation, or the restricted access is applied. Usually, the credible and reliable programs are available with some access limitations (volume of the text edited simultaneously, assigned price for some functions etc.)
  4. Acknowledgement of the user’s property rights – pay attention to the policy of the company / website regarding the property rights for the texts submitted for verification. See that no part of the information uploaded by you should be transmitted to the third parties or made public without your previous express content.

Submitting your essay for the online checking, remember to treat its results as the preliminary one, as a general direction of correction of your mistakes. Though the technologies develop continually, there is still no program that can amply analyze the text, as the human editor does. On our linguistic blog, we offer a series of posts dedicated to the human and machine editing, discussing in detail the benefits and drawbacks of both types of the text processing. We also provide a detailed account of all the editing procedures and the most innovative methods of the linguistic analysis and correction of the text. Needless to say, our editors are able to perform any kind of the editing on the highest level! We shall correct all the logical flaws; ensure the perfect consistency of your text and the appropriateness of each reference. And certainly, no grammar, punctuation or any other mistake will have its place in your text upon the proofreading performed by our editors! Another section of our web journal is dedicated to the most difficult and arguable issues of the English language. The Verb tense correlations, the usage of the particular lexis, the implementation of the communication rules and many other matters are discussed in the popular and comprehensive language. Get the up-to-date editing and proofreading services at the best prices on all the English Internet! Enjoy the benefit of our full support via the direct online communication through the live chat or simply call or e-mail us stating your question. We guarantee the 100% response to all the queries!

For the more detailed account of our services and the range of the issues discussed on the blog simply follow one of the links below. Find the topic that suits your present query or just relay your question to our staff!

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