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In the current post, we shall talk about academic editing and efficient academic writing. Get on to the beginning!

The way to write a paper and minimize the academic edit services

People having an inquisitive mind from the school bench share the desire to understand and arrange the knowledge systematically: to analyze, classify, generalize, make conclusions and draw the new hypotheses on their basis. Yet, having to write an academic paper (or, maybe, for the first time getting a desire to do it), the responsible student might get discouraged right from the beginning. That’s because he or she does not have the precise picture of the technical side of the academic writing.

1. Thus, we‘ve got a student – a beginner in science – who is going to organize his or her academic paper. The first issue that arises is the choice of the topic. It might be set by the circumstances (requirements of the teacher, the college) or be inspired by the ardent curiosity of the young scholar to some part of this world.

If you’ve got several topics to select, the most natural would be to pick the most interesting one or, at least, the one you know the best. As we know, curiosity is the main driving power of any scientific work. Get the best advice for your essay editing, and for the content of your paper as well!

Certainly, it is possible to write the paper having no interest at all in it. However, such process would be oppressive and boring. More so, it is quite likely the result would be the same. The history of science tells us the eminent scientists were passionate, talented, curious, spiritually inspired people. Sure, they often were absent-minded in the household, but extremely concentrated on their task. There were exclusions from the rule, too.

In XVIIIth century, the citizens of the Prussian city of Konigsberg did not have to look at the tower clock to know what time it was. If they saw an eminent professor Immanuel Kent coming out his house for his usual evening walk, they knew for sure it was 7 p.m. sharp.    

The best way to choose the topic is to determine your own interest and the way it might be useful for the society. The dissertation editors from will gladly assist you in this task! However, young people (such as most of the students are) have numerous different points of curiosity, and it is often difficult for them to stop at some of them. That’s the time for your teacher to step in and help. Choosing the right topic of your scientific work is making half a way to your successful academic paper. But, making a mistake at this stage would mean getting stuck at the very beginning.

- I need a topic for my Biology essay.

- What do you like the most?

- Pizza and soda.

- What about “Ways to ruin your health from the beginning”?

2. The topic must be corresponding to the volume of the academic work. The volume is usually prescribed by the type of the paper you prepare. It would be a few pages for the essay and about forty – for the magister work. Usually, a scientific advisor or a teacher helps to determine the volume: the quantity of the pages may be indicated in the task description.

It often happens that students aim for the bigger volume and start to “infuse” their essays or other writing works enormously. However, this is usually done not through the quality theoretical or practical input to the paper, but through making the descriptions longer and evasive.

- What have you been doing here?

- I observed the causes and consequences of the basic physical process.

- Okay, so, who’s broken the vase?

Yet, sometimes the material itself might be too voluminous to relay it in an essay or even in the magisterial work. Then, it is advisable to narrow down the topic. For instance, you were going to write a geographical essay about your hometown and its surroundings. However, you’ve got so much material that it could fit a dissertation! Imagine you started to relay the information, describe the town in general and realized it is quite a large piece of knowledge to write about. All you’ve got to do is to make a notion you are going to reflect only a part of the city now, and describe one or two streets or districts in full. In this way, you can give an impression of the whole object – the town. And in the end, you can create a little intrigue, mentioning the other interesting things are coming in your next works.

But, ensure the rest of the material does not go to the waste bin on your PC! It might be quite a valuable source for the examples you might need to provide for your current paper. It also might be used later, for your next academic papers (and you are sure to have many of them during your college studying). Save it in a separate file and folder. Name the folder so you know what is inside. For example, “Future works”.

- I could not find a file for your essay’s theoretical background on your PC. Where is it?

- In the safest place ever.

- What’s that? Some limited access folder?

- No, the waste bin.

 3. So, we’ve got the topic and the work is going but there is no plan so far. Sometimes, this might do. Some students and solid scholars can just go on and on in their researches and stay consistent. Yet, in most of the cases, the student needs a precise plan of his or her paper, outlining what is to be done and what comes when.

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It is quite easy to lose the main thread of the research if you have no plan. You can get enthralled and your work might become inconsistent. That’s why; a strict and precise plan makes one of the main conditions for the successful academic paper (and helps you to avoid the need for the services of the academic editing agencies).

Everything must be included into the plan.

Even if it is outside the plan.

So, there are three stages of the preparation for your academic writing: choose a topic, determine the volume, make a plan. In the next clause, we shall discuss what a plan should be and how it must be complied with. Trace all of them in our overview

Meanwhile, see the examples of the interesting topics, fitting volume and impeccable planning in the following articles on English editing. They are written by the professionals in editing and writing who make the staff of the Essay-Editor! Want to know more? Check the list of our services and the lucrative conditions we provide for your first order!

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Planning your paper

If you contact the proficient academic proofreading service and ask to proofread your paper, the first thing you would be asked about will be the plan. What your plan was, what you wanted to relay, how you intended to do it. It is important for an editor to possess this information in order to perform the editing successfully.

Let us see what parts your academic paper must have and how to organize them efficiently – for your next A+! Remember, if you have any concerns regarding the grammar, you can always use our website and proofread your paper online!

Any academic plan must feature three basic parts: Introduction, the Main body and Conclusion. These parts must be present in any academic paper, independent of the topic and volume.

  • Introduction – by its name, it might be understood as a short description of the paper. Partly so, as in the academic paper the Introduction plays a reasoning role. Describe the motives that propelled you to undertake the topic, explain, who and why can be interested in it.
  • The Main body – here you should write the essence of the issue, relay the information you got and the results you received (in case there was a practical research). Describe the facts that concern your topic, your own views. Forget the boring grammar flaws! There is an innovative paper editing website for you!
  • Conclusion – this is the final part of the work that summarizes its whole content. Without the conclusion, the academic paper loses its meaning, as well as all the work of the student on the paper.

In class, the teacher asks the students,

"What are the three main parts of your successful essay?"

A student replies,

"A talented writer, an experienced editor, and the publication on the popular blog!" 

The logical and well-structured plan is the fundamental condition of your paper’s success. See the illustration of the way the plan must be performed. However, do not strive to make it impeccably precise and all encompassing. The science is a vast unlimited field of activity, and it never can be described by one paper, however spacious it is. Make sure your plan corresponds to your aims and allows you telling the things you wanted to relay. And certainly, ensure it has the three main parts described above.

At Essay-Editor’s, we fully understand the importance of a good plan for your essay or any other writing work. That is why we’ve established the special service. The dissertation proofreading service in the UK is online 24/7! We also know how frustrating it might be to find out the flaws in your plan (and, consequently, in your paper) right after you’ve finished it. That is why, we provide the academic editing in 24/7 mode, and without the territorial limitation. Whatever is your location and whatever digits your watch shows, we are always ready to proofread and edit your essay, and do it fast! Learn about our services and the way we work by visiting our website.

While you are on the website, don’t forget to make a tab in your browser for our blog. It has four sections dedicated to the different aspects of the English writing and editing. Having a problem adjusting your texts with regard to the English grammar rules? Finding it difficult to determine the Direct speech, placing a colon or changing the text in order to improve its uniqueness? Get the best English revision and editing for all your papers! You will find the answers to these and many other questions on the blog! It is updated on a constant basis, and with the adherence to customers’ wishes.

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Where to find the best academic paper editing

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