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Proofreading rate

Getting on with the series of posts about proofreading, today we’d like to talk about the essential part of any service – its price. From the present publication you will learn what is the proofreading rate, how it is assigned and how to estimate its fairness and competitiveness. For more information about proofreading and other services related to the papers’ modification, visit the blog designed by the pros in editing, located on our website. The variety of articles on the different topics of the writing and editing, the English language and communication issues, comprehensive design – all there is created elaborately for your comfort and easy search. Enjoy our online system of consulting, and analyze the rates for our services by means of the present article!

What do proofreading services rates imply?

Any service or good that is to be sold must have an assigned price. This price can agree with the customer’s / buyer’s expectations, can get beyond it, or below it. Any seller or the services’ provider strives to make his good or service the most attractive, for both its qualities and its price. Yet, the price cannot be lower than the certain limit. Apart from making up to the customer’s pleasure, the price must cover seller’s expenses (if any) and reimburse his or her profit.

Let us define what factors influence the price establishment for the editing services, and how much is their part in it:

  • Editor’s physical expenses and losses. Get the general notion of the types of expenses here. In order to accept an order, the editor in the modern world must have a PC or its analogue, and the working Internet connection. If he or she has an office, then the expenses will increase significantly. Rent dues, utility costs, personnel wages all make up to a pretty amount that must be covered by the editor’s activities. That is why the editing companies that establish their own offices usually aim for a large flow of clients. Otherwise, they would have to put a price that would be much higher than that of freelancer editors. For example, proofreading rates per page with the freelancer may be about USD 12, while the company that has only 5 clients a month will have to put the price at least two times higher. The prices for cheap writing and revision of paper differ in amounts, but the rating system stays the same.
  • Editor’s non-physical expenses. The editor spends his or her time and skill for the performance of the proofreading. Qualification also counts a lot. The wider is the field of knowledge and the part of editing the editor is competent in, the bigger wages he or she will be asking for the job. It goes the same way with the experience. Knowledgeable but inexperienced editor will perform the proofreading of one standard page, size A4, within 1-2 hours. Meanwhile, the editor who has a vast experience in the area, will fulfil the same task within 15 minutes. The editor specializing on the proofreading services for students, will deal better with the multiple essays, assignments and term papers than the one who is engaged mostly in the technical proofreading. Besides, the experience and qualification grant you the better result and more assurance as to the eliminated mistakes; while editors’ occupation is to avoid and fix mistakes, they are humans as well, and can be erroneous, too. Yet, the more developed are the factors we already named, the less is the chance to catch another mistake in the edited text.
  • Editor’s profit. The editors are usually enthusiastic people with the pure love for their occupation, and for the linguistics in general. Yet they are humans who need to live, eat, sleep, entertain themselves, buy goods, pay for the services and so on. That is why when you study the prices for editing, let us say, proofreading rates per word, you will find there is also a small percentage of profit included. The amount of this part can be different with different editors. Some put small profit, not more than 5% of the expenses for the whole order (this is usually the way with the beginners in editing who aim to catch more of the customers, not having yet their own loyal ones). Others increase it over 20-30%. That is usually the way with the experienced editors. They possess their own database of the loyal customers and have some peculiar advantages of their own. The average value in this category makes about 10-15% of profit being considered in the price. The editing companies who already have their own flow of clients, a good reputation in the field, and who aim to make their prices affordable for both parties usually apply such percentage.

Thus, we have outlined the approximate breakdown of the expenses and incomes that make up the price for the professional proofreading services. If you need more advice on the nature of the matter, the recent post is there for you. With the amateurs, it may differ, as such suppliers experience usually smaller expenses and can afford more democratic price. Yet, usually they cannot prove their qualification and experience by some legal proofs. Therefore, it’s always like buying a pig in a poke with them.

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What you should know if you order proofreading for your English paper

When you contact the editor you have already worked with, you usually already have the sufficient knowledge about his or her performance and anticipate the approximate result. At the same time, starting the cooperation with the new editor, even the one possessing a sound reputation and praised by others, is always like treading an unknown path. He or she might become whimsical about some of your ideas or the way to perform certain operations with the text. Else, the price announced in the beginning, may differ significantly from the one proclaimed when the proofreading is over. All these particulars and peculiarities, along with many others, usually become clear when your first cooperation has been completed. That is why it is highly important to entrust you essay to a reliable paper proofreader, whom you can trust absolutely.

Meanwhile, in the present post you can find useful advice as to how to anticipate and prevent such unfavorable circumstances. Usually we post a list of questions that should be addressed to the editor for consideration and reply. In the current article, we shall accentuate on the qualities and issues you should look for, and the way to analyze them.

So, when you are going to make your decision as to the choice of the competent proofreader who should deal with your paper, consider the following aspects:

  1. Editor’s qualification. Do not be shy and avoid saving time not asking the questions about the editor’s studies and diplomas. While in some circumstances, this might be just a pure formality, in others, such question might reveal the insufficient background and skill of the editor, not fit to perform your order efficiently. Hopefully, that is not the case with the editor you have chosen. By the way, in different states, there might be different requirements for the editor’s qualification.
  2. Editor’s experience. While experience is an essential issue in any occupation, it is somewhat different when it goes about linguistics. Sometimes the years of work can be put on an equal footing with the less significant experience, but the one acquired in the specific field of knowledge. For example, if you find a linguist who is pro in the mechanics and has the experience of one year work, most likely you will go with him or her rather than with the one who has five years of working in the general area of science. Almost any editor has a notion of the general format of a business letter. However, not any editor you might approach will be aware of the heavy machinery’ lexis and professional slang. If you need those for your letter, you should look for the editor who would be a specialist in the sphere.
  3. Editor’s reputation. Certainly, reputation is always based profoundly on the factors listed above: qualification and experience. Yet there are the other sides to it that you might discover when looking for feedback about some particular editor. You might find out, for example, that though the editor is quite a knowledgeable and skillful specialist, he or she is quite displeasing in communication. Or is often delayed with the delivering of the final text version. Alternatively, slurring his or her words when talking on the phone, so that it might be difficult for the non-native English speaker to understand. Or is good with the British version of English, but quite lost when forced to deal with the American one. And many other issues might arise. Not all of them are of the negative character, though. See some positive material, and ensure your editor looks like that.
  4. Editor’s guarantees. Another important factor you should take into account when entrusting the editor with the proofreading of your English text is the guarantee the editor is ready to provide. The guarantees differ in their nature and can be the monetary ones (which provide a part or all of your money will be reimbursed to you in case the order is performed unsatisfactorily), service-oriented (when you get some bonuses for your further orders), can refer to the time of order (when the editor takes the obligation to perform the order until the assigned deadline) or its quality (the guarantee ensures there will be no mistakes in the final version of the text you will receive), or mixed ones. In any case, the soundness of the editor’s guarantee depends on his or her reputation in the field, and the legal status of the editor or his company.
  5. Pricing system. The pricing system for the editing services may differ greatly depending on the supplier and his policy. Some editors quote their services per page, some per clause, others per word or per symbol. Some editors discuss the price only when they have the text before their eyes. If it goes about the international company, the rates, as well as the currency, may differ depending on the geographical region. The tab for “proofreading rates Europe” may be lower or higher than the one for the “rates proofreading US”. Pay attention to these issues, as being fully aware means you are able to make an optimal choice for your text.

Drawing upon the listed factors, you can consider carefully your choice of the editor and revise or finally confirm it.

In order to have a sufficient backup for such decision, learn more about the linguistic issues of the English language and the peculiarities of the editing activities. Click on the different subdivisions of the blog and the website in order to get the notion about our services and prices. See the feedback left by our constant customers. The quantity of the orders successfully fulfilled testifies to the superb performance and perfect timing of our editors. Another advantage of our company is our staff consisting of the linguists who are English speakers and are knowledgeable in the different fields of science. Contact us today by leaving a note in our live chat!

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