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If you are a constant reader of our blog, you already know that many of its articles are dedicated to proofreading, while other editing occupations are reflected less often. The reason is that the majority of requests we receive from you are the requests for proofreading. We suppose it happens because most of our readers have good logical skills and do not need such complex editing operations as the revision or rewrite or personal statement editing services. Still, judging by your feedback, we understand that sometimes our customers might think that proofreading includes such operations.

At the same time, while we are ready to provide you with the full set of our services, and in the quickest manner, we understand the importance of saving your funds. That is why we always treat each editing case individually and provide good editing examples for writing. Often, we receive the request stating the need for the improvement of the secondary parameters of the text, e.g. “Make my text more scientific”, “Help me in bringing a sparkle in my essay”. While at first glance, such requests imply performance of revision, they can sometimes be satisfied with the thorough professional proofreading. Simply adjusting your text to the language rules can change a lot in its general overview. We provide proofreading and full support at any stage of the text creation. With Essay-Editor, you may rest assured all the existing rules are taken into account and special attention is paid to your text, be it an essay or a dissertation.

In the current blog essay, we shall talk about the methods to make any type of your text more interesting, without using the serious editing techniques, such as the revision. Let’s continue.

How to proofread a paper and make it more comprehensive

Today, we receive loads of information every day. We do not have even to connect to the Internet or leave our home for that. The information of a different kind surrounds us everywhere and is constantly changing.  Most of it goes unnoticed through our mind but still requires working out by our brain. The brand labels, the traffic signals, the cuts of the talk next door convey the various information. Our brain sorts it with regard to its importance, and that's quite a considerable volume of work.

In such circumstances, people who can talk comprehensively, in the non-standard and focused way, are always paid close attention and respect. So are the texts. To attract and draw the reader in, make him or her get absorbed into the text, one would need a talent and developed writing skills. See them in action and catch the valuable hints. However, just making your text interesting and unusual does not require some specific knowledge. There are several tips you may use in order to bring a zest into your text.

This advice is applicable not only to the academic texts but to any kind of the written works. The blog post, the college board notification, even your message to a friend will definitely rank up by being enhanced in such a way. Get academic editing at the cheap price.

So, what to do in order to make your text less dull and standard? Make it grasp the reader and not let go until the end of reading? Make him or her read the text once more or repost it on the own social network page? Let’s see.

1. Relay the topic in no more than two simple sentences. Why such a limitation? Because that’s the natural length of the clear reply to the question, “What did you want to tell?”

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If you cannot describe the topic in two attractive phrases that would draw the reader closer, it means that something goes wrong. Either the words you choose are not the ones to be used, or your understanding of the topic is incomplete. In this regard, you can perform an additional research on the issue. First, look at the general outline. If there is some aspect that looks unknown, make sure you will study it at least generally. First, look at the general outline. If there is some aspect that looks unknown, make sure you will study it at least generally. You’ve got to have a full picture in your mind before starting to write.

What’s your essay about?

It describes the nature of the modern blog writing. Can’t find the fitting keywords.

Ah, what about “dressy” and “repeated”?

What if you know enough but your words do not come easily? You have a clear picture but cannot describe it properly?

The limitation of two sentences helps sharpen the idea and determine which line of its development and which episode of illustration is important and which is not. Such scheme must be applied to each separate chapter of your text. It really supports the structuring of the narrative, relays the thoughts logically and subsequently and demonstrates the logical connection with the main idea.

Briefness is the key. If someone asks too much of you and threatens by multiple consequences, stating, “If you do, if you don’t and so on”,

follow the example of the Spartans. Answer: “If.”

2. While investigating your topic, apply all efforts to “coming out of the box” once in a while. A fresh view of the outsider might be quite helpful. Upon reading thirty heavy books on the topic you are not an outsider anymore, that goes without saying. However, you still can imagine yourself being the one. In the meantime, do not forget about the quality academic papers editing. Just think like, “If I would discover this for the first time, what would I think?” It is very important, while becoming an expert, staying a bit of a kid who is playing with the material and inquires into it with curiosity. And does not restrain from asking questions.

We can hold a thousand experiments with the centipede, apply some substances, create different conditions.

But we’ll be smitten with the child’s question, “How does it know which leg to use now?”

3. There are details and there are clarifications. Use the former and get rid of the latter. Details include aspects of the action heroes, episodes, some important moments. Clarifications are pernicious non-important specifications that you might well go on without. For example,

In 2015, the daily editing performance of the Essay-Editor made up to 15 texts, while in 2017 the number has reached 30 texts.

Too many digits, too many long words, too much of “empty” information. One phrase can relay the sense, “The Essay-Editor has served twice more customers in editing”.

Generally, in order to make your text comprehensive, be brief. We shall see the proof of this statement later in the current post, too. However, do not aim for shortening your text as much as possible. Remember that a long sentence in the right position is better than five short ones in the wrong one. Choose one of the best proofreading agencies in the US and get it straight now!

We are going more specific in the next chapter. Meanwhile, see if some of the topics related below can answer your questions about editing:

Making your text interesting

In order to attract the reader, the writers and editors use different methods. In this chapter, we shall relay the exact techniques and simple tips that will help to make the text interesting and attractive.

1. Unless you are writing about Math or Accounting or another calculation-relating issue, use no more than two digits per paragraph. Numbers are always drawing the reader’s attention. But, if they are too much, even the most important and amazing ones might be skipped.

I need to use 2 digits in this paragraph, and that is why I hope to receive no less than 100 likes for this post.

2. Relay the most interesting facts in the middle of your narrative. Like cheapest thesis proofreader information. The most amazing episode must be “prepared to”. You can start with some a bit far-off phrases, in order to make the effect more significant. Even in the academic articles, you can use some introduction inspiring the reader’s curiosity. For example, asking a question,

How often did you win the football match?

When was your last victory?

Did you know that the Theory of Integral Calculation can predict the next fail of your competitors?

3. Find the right words. For that, your worst enemy is procrastination. If you don’t want to overcome it, use the best-rated proposal and get a professionally edited text. Otherwise, you can find no less than 20 methods to fight procrastination on the Internet. There are two working ones.

The A method. Determine, how much you’ve got to write within some appointed time. For example, two paragraphs within next hour. When procrastination takes the best of you, sit down to your PC or laptop and write whatever dull and primitive the text might be. However, follow your plan strictly. Force yourself to do it, do not try to work out the text – just write.

The way to overcome procrastination is boring your mind to the extent that it would start working.

The B method. Talk to yourself. Make your speech aloud. Answer the question, “What do I want to write about?” Talking at length, you would eventually stump on the fitting phrase and key words, or even outline the way to relay your narrative. Sometimes, speaking might turn out to be easier than writing. Then, simply turn off the recorder and speak away.

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4. The extra words are the worst and dullest. Have a long phrase? Look at it and send a half to the dust bin (virtually or physically, by crumpling the paper and throwing – this would distract the mind a bit). Can’t do that? Change the paragraph so you can.

The dynamic motion of the water enables the numerous wholesome properties that can be used in the human activities.

Water flows. We can use it.

5. Never use three Verbs or Adjectives in a row. Such constructions are very difficult for understanding and make the text look clumsy and bulky. “Dissolve” such constructions with Nouns and Pronouns or transform the Verbs into Nouns. Get the urgent proof reading academic help, if you fail to succeed on your own. You can also change the function of the word in the sentence in order to make the constructions more readable.

She was going to help move the board. –

She was going to help them move the board.

The impressive red fluffy suit has been completely soaked. –

Her impressive red suit that used to be so fluffy now was completely soaked.

There is plenty of advice ahead regarding further proceeding with writing and editing of your texts. Check our next post for continuation.

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