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Do not know much about essays and do not feel like writing them, at any time of the day or any day in a week? Hate essays’ assignments as they always lower your average rank? There is a simple solution ready for you – contact Essay-Editor! We’ve got the many years’ experience of editing the students’ written works and know everything about essays – how to write them, how to edit them, and how to get the highest grade for them! Whatever is the type of your essay – college essay, popular magazine essay, MBA essay – the editing by the experienced professionals will make them brighter and more precise. Get the amazing MBA essay editing for half a price!

There are many ways in which your essay can be edited. You can plunge deep into the topic and linguistic rules and make a deep revision of your text. Otherwise, you can pay attention to the things you suspect to be imperfect – for example, grammar and spelling. In this case, proofreading will do. Find out the way to write your essay well and proofread it thoroughly – and get an A+ for it!

I need to write and proofread my essay

First, let us outline the way the essay is created. Though it seems quite a simple process, yet the tons of texts that come through the hands of our editors show that the people understand it in a different way.

An essay implies something in between of a dictation (learn what dictation is and why writing it) and the dissertation work. Get the best editing and proofreading service for students! You’ve got to describe some event, fact or technology, mainly relaying the information you’ve got from the outer sources. Still, the component of the personal thinking also must be present. Additionally, the outside information must not be repeated exactly in the way you received it. Before writing an essay, you must perform the following operations:

  • Gather the information. Collect as much information on the topic as you can. Use the Internet, printed editions, your notes made at the related lectures, even popular magazine articles. Use whatever you suppose to be wholesome. The only condition is verifying the information. Make sure the bits of data you get from the different sources, do not clash and / or contradict each other. Pay attention to the numbers and dates, especially when writing a historical essay.

Wikipedia might be good for creating the hypothesis, not for verifying it.

  • Analyze the data. Upon collecting the information, break it into the logical blocks. Then, brush away the ones that do not concern your topic directly. Important! Do not delete them irrevocably, as some information might be needed for the confirmation, verification of the particular moments etc.

For example, when writing an essay on medical manipulations, keep the bits of information about the clinics and medicines as well – who knows how many times you would need to fill in the gaps like “the spine alignment cannot be performed when the temperature is high or the patient has been taking [medicine]”

  • Build a scheme. Now, when you know what you are going to write, you need to arrange it in the right order. Determine which of the information blocks should come first, which second and so on. Pay attention to the logical development of your narrative. Make an introduction, then relay the situation or the fact in general, then discuss its causes, then consequences. We provide the best editing examples for writing! If you plan to, offer the ways of solution of the problem and ground them by your text and the solid theoretical and practical sources. Ensure your paragraphs do not break in the middle not having the logical connection with the next ones. Like in the following example:

There are several types of essays: descriptive essay, reasoning essay, analytical essay, introductive essay.

Writing an essay is a difficult task. Whoever thinks otherwise, is welcome to write the next one for me!

  • Think of the way you will represent your information. Remember, you cannot just copy-paste the phrases, as first of all, this would be detected by the anti-plagiarism programs. For the second, if you put a paragraph from, let us say, Wikipedia, there is 95% chance that your teacher has seen it for many times already. Less are the chances for you to receive a high grade. You’ve got to represent your analytical skills, not the knowledge of the PC. Use different techniques for that. Relay the thoughts in other words, pick the appropriate synonyms for the words and replace them, exchange the paragraphs/ rephrase the sentences, convert the grammar categories (Passive voice into active, Direct speech into the Indirect and so on), add or delete some information.

The formatting of the text includes the procedures of the font changing. – In order to format your text appropriately, try to amend your font settings first.

Thus, before actually writing an essay, you’ve got to have a precise picture of it. You’ve got to know exactly, what, where and in what way you are going to write. Having such a plan all you need to do is just fix it in your Word file.

We shall skip the stage of the actual writing down of your ideas, as there will be nothing new for you. Certainly, your text will face some amendments during this stage. That is why, it is highly important to proofread it once you have finished. How to do it quickly and properly? We shall discuss it in the following clause.

Meanwhile, consider the possibility of hiring a professional linguist – a leading academic editor –  to deal with your essay. No matter what is the reason of your request, you will receive the logical, consistent, innovative and grammatical text as a result. Try Essay-Editor! Find out all about our services by reading the following articles:

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Proofread essay online – a way to do it faster

If you are a student of the 2nd year, you already know how important it is to proofread your essay before submitting it to the teacher’s evaluation. Petty yet boring mistakes might completely spoil the impression and even change the meaning of your essay. Sometimes, though, they might play on your side. Imagine the fun the professor might have while reading an essay about the types of dental flosses where the word “fresh” was accidentally replaced with “flesh”.

The main advantage of this drug made of spider’s saliva is its flesh properties.

In case you have been proofreading an essay or another text before, you probably know well how much time it might take. Looking thoroughly for tiny mistakes and typos, correcting them, then going through the text again and finding yet more incongruities and mistakes… This may be frustrating in the circumstances when you’ve got to submit your essay for tomorrow.

What time is it? – Four hours.

- Four hours p.m.?

- Four hours to the start of the exam.

The fastest and the most reliable way to proofread your essay is securing yourself by entrusting the proofreading to a professional. All you’ve got to do is to contact an editor, briefly relay the task and submit the text. With Essay-Editor, you can also choose an option of the fast proofreading. The perfectly designed text will be provided to you within six hours!

However, if you do not have spare funds at the moment and do not wish to pay for the online proofread, yet the deadline is approaching, you can do the proofreading yourself. Just a few years before this would require at least initial knowledge of linguistics. Today, you can entrust the task of the text verification according to the grammar rules, to the online program.

Gilbert, let me give you a piece of advice regarding your studies.

Oh, mom, I can find all the information online. By the way, is the dinner ready?

Oh, why don’t you find the dinner online?

The modern online programs allow verifying and correcting the texts on almost all the levels of the language: phonetical, morphological, syntactic. However, the program cannot account for all the meanings of the word and its connections with the other words. Use the assistance of the live editor – a professional in linguistics That’s why, when entrusting the grammar, spelling, punctuation check to the program, never miss the stage of the manual proofreading. Even if you do not have enough knowledge of the grammar categories, you can spot the sense discrepancies and look for the way to fix them.

For the online verification of your essay, you can use the following programs:

1. Grammar checkers – these are the most popular programs, usually containing a vast database of the mistakes and the ways to fix them, in accordance with the grammar rules. Such programs usually offer two levels of interaction. The first one allows proofreading the text as it would do a student of linguistics of the 1st-2nd year of education (not the qualified dissertation editor). All the gross mistakes and many regular ones will be spot and the ways of their rectification will be offered. These online services are usually provided free of charge, however, a certain limitation can be introduced. For instance, some programs allow you to check only 2000 of symbols at the same time.

I couldn’t write you a love letter to you because my What’s App has banned all the text after 500 symbols!

2. Spelling checkers – usually the spelling is verified together with the grammar. However, considering the load of the grammar checkers and the need of many writers just to check the spelling, the presence of the spelling checkers helps a lot. They work fast and do not make you wait as long as grammar checkers do.

The pot an shell of these SPA-l-in cheeker is a maze ing!

3. Punctuation correctors – sometimes one comma can change the meaning fundamentally.

To correct not leave unfixed.

Though that’s certainly not the case with the modern English language, especially with the colloquial version. The modern written communication features fewer commas as it used to a century before, and such punctuation marks as, for example, semi-colon are almost completely absent. However, punctuation still plays its role of marking the limits of the phrase, of accentuating the meaning and of logical division of the sentence. It is still valid for the academic writing. See the following phrases:

The advantages of the diesel engine are the low consumption, high endurance – all the properties of the petrol engine – plus the less harm to the ecology.

Imagine reading this phrase without commas and dashes. Most likely, you would still get the meaning, but certainly need more time and some brain work for it.

4. Plagiarism checkers – these programs are the most recent developments of the computerized linguistics. The program checks the essay and its components for the similarity to the other texts contained on the Internet database. There are certain algorithms, allowing for some coincidence. But, if you wish that your essay would be marked as 100% unique text, you need to work hard on its wording. If the checker has traced some non-unique content, try to rewrite your essay. Use the technology we provide for that!

Writing and proofreading your essay can be easy if you know the process and use the tips we provide in this post. Good luck with your essay!

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Is a perfectly written paper your dream? Want to be sure you’re alright with your admissions? Want to check and correct your writings like a true proofreader? There’s nothing impossible. However, first, you will need the support of a professional proof reader to watch how an expert proofreads papers and master your skills, in such a way.

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