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If you are a student or graduate student and need to have an excellent academic paper at a reasonable price, you have come to the right place! Company is the most skillful grammar editor online that fulfills customer orders at full capacity, being led by such principles as affordability, premium quality, uniqueness, and strict compliance with the deadlines.

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Price is calculated based on the set requirements to work, the volume and complexity of the topic, time-frames, necessity to carry out extra research and study, as well as provided discounts.

How it works

  • We find out the topic and volume of work;
  • Agree on the price and deadlines of work performance;
  • When total price is calculated and a customer agrees with it, it is necessary to pay;
  • We do the work and present the result to the customer;
  • If necessary, we perform the corrections and adjustments;
  • A done polished paper is delivered to the customer as agreed or before the deadline.

What are the warranties?

Cooperation with our company is 100% safe. We clearly state the rights of our customers and our responsibilities. We provide warranties on every order. If your teacher of supervisor requests to change something in a done paper, our specialists will do everything necessary free of charge. In case if for some reasons you decide not to cooperate with our agency, we guarantee to return your money, but only if you inform us at the early stages of work.

Collaboration with com is safe, convenient and beneficial!

Assignment proofreading based on APA standards

How to proofread text correctly and properly? Working tips

Let’s define it at once: there are two most common ways of text proofreading. The first one is a complex professional work that involves many corrections and other specific actions. We speak about APA proofreading. Such work is more preferable but not always possible (there is either lack of time or money). It means that not everyone has enough knowledge, strength or finance to use professional help from proofreaders. Luckily, on our website, such services are affordable to all:

Anyway, if the first option does not do, there is the second one – light option of text proofreading. This is the kind of text check that many copywriters are well aware of and often use. Of course, this check is not as professional as the first one, but for some cases it is enough.

If you create a serious paper or content, it is better to support an ordinary text check with professional proofreading and editing. If you just need to “look through the text” before presenting it, the second light option will also do. This is what we are going to speak about today – how to do semi-professional text check. We shall present only significant and tested techniques that will improve the quality of your texts greatly.

10 tips on text check

  1. It is mandatory to say everything you have written aloud. The melodics of a text is a pretty complex thing, and some inaccuracies that eyes cannot see can be removed only when you listen to the text. A text should sound. Reading should not “stumble on” something, and sentences should not spoil anything. If you feel it happens, it is necessary to change the format of material presentation somehow.
  2. It is highly not recommended to check a text “freshly made”. We know and believe that you do not have any spare minute and cannot leave the text check for tomorrow as many serious sources recommend. Experience has shown that such recommendations only confuse an ordinary student or copywriter. Usually, it is necessary to finish a paper as soon as possible and proceed to the next one calmly. However, we still recommend to take a minimum break between the last written point and first corrections. Have a cup of tea or coffee, let your brain forget the text pattern at least for 20-30 minutes. Even with such a little break, the check of a text will be much more effective.
  3. It is necessary to track logical connections. Many people have a problem that can be called “insertion of excessive information”. We shall try to explain: a text looks organic, solid, and quite natural, but when you start reading carefully, you understand that some fragments are completely unnecessary. This is just a part of the problem. It is much worse when the logic of text is broken. Usually, the break of logic happens when you want to present some thought but has failed to do it properly. It turns out that no one except for the author will ever understand why this fragment is added to the text. Try to remove such insertions when you do the final text check.
  4. It is better to avoid repetitions of the words with the same root. The problem is ancient: at some point, a writer starts “losing common sense”, using the same words in a text. As you can understand, it does not make material look nice. Specially for such cases, our professionals can check your text and remove all the repetitions that do no look well. We are the ones to make your writing perfect:
  5. Too complex sentences are better to avoid. Some writers think that the longer a sentence is the more serious and solid it looks. This is not like that at all. Even the most loyal reader will not be glad if your text consists of paragraph-long sentences. There is no need to try to put a whole sense of your paper in a single sentence. There is a well-known formula - one sentence should contain one thought. And this is right! Read and check your texts as if you are an ordinary reader, and not the author. If you stumble on a long sentence or lose the idea before reaching the end of a sentence, do not hesitate and simplify it.
  6. Paragraphs are important. You need to write in such a way that the paragraphs would have logic completeness, and are not just accurately divided. Such principles as “I was told there should be five sentences in a paragraph, so this is what I did” are completely inappropriate. If you see that a paragraph is too big, it is better to divide it in two parts. For example, in our posts we try not to write paragraphs of more than 4-5 lines. Do you know why? It looks and sounds complex and not nice. It is allowed sometimes to have big paragraphs, if there is such a demand. However, little paragraphs are much better.
  7. Proofreading in one sitting. Even your favorite TV show or the smell of your favorite dish from the kitchen should not distract you from the check of a text. If you start being distracted by various external irritants, there will be no good. Have you finished to proofread? Now you may go to the kitchen and enjoy that delicious dish, no sooner!
  8. Check for mistakes is obligatory. Frankly speaking, you should have removed all the mistakes when editing a text. However, since we are people with imperfections, editing and proofreading often merge into a single process. Let it be so. You need to pay a close attention to the endings of the words, repetitions, remove unnecessary gaps, check proper punctuation. In general, pay attention to everything. If you have some problems with English, our specialists will be happy to assist you. Also, here is the list of books to learn English quicker and improve language knowledge.
  9. The keys should be appropriate and organic (in relation to SEO texts). An old good SEO copywriting has died with its often weird key requests in the search engines. Today only LSI copywriting is working. The reality is as following: the presence of unnatural keywords in an article will harm a website and a text. People hate weird keywords. How to fight it? Simplify, look for the opportunity to ease unnatural insertions, hide carefully an obvious SEO component. Ideally, study the rules of LSI copywriting and create mature texts.
  10. Love your text after proofreading. If you check the text and, in the end, say bravo to yourself, you have done a good job. It has been noticed that when an author likes his / her text, a client / a reader also accepts this text with pleasure. Maybe there is kind of mental connections or another kind of mystic. Anyway, the fact is obvious - it is working.

That is it. Text check tips have come to the end. We hope this information will be helpful, and now your texts will be much better. However, nothing can be better than professional assistance, especially when it is cheap. On our website, professional proofreading is affordable more than ever!

I entrust specialists to proofread my assignment

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You can order any type of student assignment, i.e. an essay, a report, and article, an abstract, a term paper, coursework, thesis papers, and others, and have them written from the ground up, edited, proofread, revised, fixed, and corrected in any necessary way. For this purpose, you just need to fill out an order form that you can find on our website. will be happy to assist you. You will become A student with our competent support!

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