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Modern students are extremely busy – there are never-ending lectures, seminars, training, there is also required to do the assignments from the teachers, and sometimes it is also necessary to work. In addition, everyone knows that student years are the funniest time when you want to communicate with your friends as much as possible. However, no one cancels essays and term papers. What to do in this case? There is an excellent way out – delegate your assignments to the professionals of company.

Outstanding result is secured!

Every student who decides to release oneself from the burden of academic papers writing and correction wants to get a high-quality, competent and unique paper that will certainly bring a good grade. In order to make it possible, your papers should be created and fixed only by qualified and experienced experts who have perfect knowledge of their professional field and approach their work seriously.

This is what exactly characterizes the specialists of our company. The teachers and professors of various educational institutions, competent and certified copywriters, editors, proofreaders, and other specialists with a wealth of experience of academic writing and editing work for our company. A personal manager cooperates with every customer, controls a whole process of work, and accompanies a customer till the moment when a paper is accepted and gets a grade.

Our features are:

  • A wealth of experience – we work for over 10 years!
  • High professionalism, ensured quality, and timely implementation of assignments on any subject.
  • Only the best specialists in various spheres, including completely every university and college subject.
  • Attention to all the demands and desires of a client, provision of detailed information about the progress of work and stage, at which a paper is being processed at the moment, as well as individual consultations.
  • Complete safety and transparency of a deal – our company works officially.
  • Flexible pricing policy and discount system.

Trust professionals!

On our official website, our clients can purchase various kinds of educational services related to creation and processing of different academic papers on any subject. We guarantee that a particular order will be fulfilled by a specialist in this field. Essays, term papers, coursework, thesis, dissertations, tests, and any other assignment will be done brilliantly if true professionals get to work!

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Creation of academic papers in English

Many students, not only those who live in the USA, the UK, or other English-speaking countries, write various academic papers in English. It especially concerns coursework, Master’s and PhD thesis. Many specialists prefer to pay as much attention as possible to the language they learn from the very beginning. This is an initiative mostly and not the implementation of some requirements.

Exactly such initiative students realize the specificity of their future profession, and also, see that it is important to demonstrate one’s skills and abilities to achieve particular results in studying. Such students often stand out among others, and other students call them jealously “nerds”. However, we understand that these nerds can become our bosses in the future. So it is better to make friends with them.

Preparation for coursework or thesis takes a special place in the life of nerds students. If a paper is defended in a foreign language (in English for non-English-speaking students), it will be another accomplishment on the list of one’s achievements on the way to the desired goal of becoming a specialist.

In order to make it clear what we are talking about, we shall answer the question of many students who do not understand why it can be necessary to present a paper in a foreign language. Many of them cannot get why someone would want to have additional difficulties when it is already so hard to write a paper in one’s native language.

Who needs academic papers in English?

The answer is you. If we answer this question in more detail, in many countries, there are only two professions that might require to present papers in English obligatory. They are philologists and linguists. Other specialties usually imply an initiative from a student. For example, economists or lawyers who are sure that they would work abroad and who know that English is important for them, in spite of the fact that English is not their profile subject, can present and defend papers in English.

Paper defense in a foreign language for such students is discussed and agreed in advance. Such option is usually acceptable at the educational institutions where the students from different countries study. Also, lectures, seminars, test, exams, and various assignments are in English at such international universities and colleges. This is a great opportunity to learn the language and master one’s knowledge. Why not make use of it? By the way, here is a useful post to help you improve your English knowledge:

How to write papers in English?

The requirements for paper writing are usually set by a particular educational institution in a particular country. The structure is often the same, and there also should be studied some relevant and unique scientific issues. The only thing you need to pay close attention to is additional translation to your native language, in case when you live in a country where English is not an official language.

Imagine that you decide to defend your coursework in English – it will be a great step up on your professional way. Also, the committee will definitely appreciate that fact you take risks presenting your paper in a foreign language. However, do not forget that you will need to respond to additional questions also in English. So you should be ready for it.

There is more, let’s imagine what the committee members might think. Some of them may not treat a foreign language as much seriously as you. Also, it might happen that they will not understand something from your work. In this case, they will stop at the points that they understand more or less and will start asking questions only about them. You would not want let something like this happen, would you?

So your goal is to make your paper clear and understandable to public. There can be students who will come to your defense to listen to you and get some experience, and there will definitely be the members of the committee who will listen to every word attentively and assess your work. At this point, we want to emphasize the importance of having a copy of your paper written in your native language. As you can see, there will be required to do double work, and each copy should be competently done and completely error-free.

How to present a paper in English?

The procedure is usually standard. A student stands in front of an audience, introduces him(her)self, begins his / her defense speech, ends it, listens to the assessment of work, and that is it. However, such a simple procedure might be a bit different for the defense of paper in a foreign language, in particular in English.

We have already mentioned that there should be a copy with translation in your native language so that all the committee members could understand what it is about. Bear in mind that if it is not obligatory to present papers in English but this is your initiative and desire, the preparation of text translation will be as hard as to do another paper.

Imagine the amazement of the committee members when they hear a defense speech in English and see the text of paper in your native language. Of course, in this case, some little inaccuracies will not be judged strictly because such impressive preparation is a great and significant plus.

So if you have the goal to create and defend an academic paper in English, you can do it, for sure. However, if your strength is not enough for this, and you sadly understand it, professional copy editing companies and English copy editors will come to the rescue. The best English editor on the web is our official website with its experts:

Your personal competent English paper editor helps students for over 10 years

The most distinguishing feature of our company is a high quality of implementation of all student assignments. Only qualified specialists who have a wealth of practical experience work here. One of the indicators of our professionalism and safety is successful work on the market of educational services provision for over 10 years. We perfectly know how to create, edit, proofread, revise, and rewrite various academic papers for students from different educational institutions.

Uniqueness and high quality

Our agency does not sell ready papers written for someone else previously. We guarantee that you will never get materials used by other students or papers that have already lost their relevance. Every paper is exclusive and created individually for a student in accordance with the specific demands and desires of a client. In the process of work, we take into account all the peculiarities of an educational institution where a student studies so that a fulfilled order would meet all the requirements and be deservedly assessed.

Wide range of services

The specialists of our company provide a full range of services for students, the cost of which is affordable and nice. If you want to know an exact price of your order, send us the details such as the subject, requirements, deadlines, and we will calculate the price for you. Also, our experts are at your service 24/7, so you can get a consultation on any issue anytime. The list of papers we work with includes:

  • Master’s and PhD thesis;
  • Coursework;
  • Term paper;
  • Abstract;
  • MBA dissertation;
  • Report;
  • Article;
  • Essay.

This is hardly a complete list. All types of papers and services are provided by experienced specialists, and thus, premium-quality result and complete satisfaction of client’s demands are guaranteed. Also, there is no chance that a paper might get a low grade because it is plagiarized. Every paper is checked for plagiarism and, in case if plagiarized elements are detected, our specialists remove them, making work 100% unique.

Pleasant perks - bonuses, discounts, freebies

Our company wants to help as many students as possible. For this purpose, we offer a nice discount on the first order, also there are various bonuses and pleasant perks for our customers. So you can get a competently done paper and save money at the same time. What can be better? If there are any doubts, if something is not clear, contact us and ask whatever interests you – we will be happy to answer any question.

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