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Experts know how to proofread my email properly

Ethics of emailing or the rules of email writing

For the last decade or two, email has become probably one of the most popular means of business communication. Today it is quite difficult to find a person who does not use email in interpersonal and intercultural communication.

Professional writers and copywriters engaged in custom writing not only begin their day with the check of email box but also communicate with their clients via email throughout the day. It often happens that people do not care much for how they write emails. They often do not think that it is necessary to write a small text with greetings and a particular request.

We offer you elementary rules of email ethics. Let’s respect each other and everyone we send our emails to. Let’s create right emails!

When sending an email, it is necessary to write a message professionally in a business style. What should an email writer pay attention to? Let’s find it out. Here are several helpful rules of email creation that will help you create a proper message and make a good impression on a person who will read it.

Rule #1. When creating an email, make sure that you fill out all the fields (the address and name of a receiver, email subject, text itself that consists of a greeting, text body, ending, and signature).

Rule #2. The address and name of a sender should be recognizable.  For business correspondence, it is better to have an email address that contains your real full name and abbreviation of your enterprise (if you have it).

Rule #3. The subject of an email should be obligatory mentioned! The subject of an email is its special attribute. Its presence greatly facilitates the work with electronic correspondence. The destiny of an email often depends on its subject, especially when the name and address of a sender does not mean anything to you. The subject is the goal of your message.

Rule #4. You should use “Re:” only for the answer. Usually, having read an email, you want to reply and press an appropriate button on the screen. You see a special reply form that already contains the address of your interlocutor, the text of his / her message, as well as the subject of his / her email that has “Re:” before it (“Re:” is short for the word “Reply” or “Response”). That is why if the subject of your email is different, do not forget to remove this symbol.

Rule #5. It is recommended to write the receiver’s address the last. In order to avoid premature (often accident and undesirable) email sending, insert the address of a receiver only when you finish writing the text, check it, and is ready to send. Be careful with the button “reply” – make sure that you send your email to the right person and not someone else.

Rule #6. You should not ignore the greeting, in the beginning of a text. It should consist of a welcome word and the name of a receiver before the text body. Greeting is a short sentence that should start a message. It carries information about politeness of a person who sends an email. As a greeting in an email, there are usually used such phrases as “Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. Smith” or “Dear Sir or Madam” (in case when you do not exactly whom you appeal to). Only after that you may proceed to the goal of your message.

Rule #7. An email should have a proper structure. Since reading from the screen is more difficult than reading from paper, it is very important to structure an email properly. Divide your text into logical paragraphs and instead of a too long sentence use a couple of short ones. Try to write sentences of no more than 15-20 words. Separate the paragraphs from each other by an indent or a blank line.

Rule #8. It is necessary to be brief and write to the point. The main text of an email, as well as its subject, should draw the reader’s attention from the first lines. Start with the goal of a message – it should be clearly stated in the first sentence. An email unlike an ordinary letter is intended for quick transfer of information. That is why try to not send big emails. If you need to transfer important information that is of a big size, it is better to create a brief accompanying text in an email, and the rest information attach as a document.

Rule #9. It is also recommended to attach files in the beginning of email creation. Before you start writing an email, attach all the files you are going to send. It often happens that an email is being created to send a document, but a sender forgets to attach it. After that, you receive another message with just a document that is supposed to be attached in the previous email. Such carelessness may affect your business reputation and your image, in general.

Rule #10. When writing a reply, you need to answer completely all the questions asked. If you reply to someone’s email, make sure that you answer every single question you are asked. This rule seems so natural and obvious, nevertheless, it often happens that people do not respond to some question, and this is one of the rules of email ethics that is violated most often.

It very rude and unethical to ignore answering some questions since another person needs to get your reply but eventually does not get it. If you cannot answer or do not know exactly what to answer, say it as it is. Just do not leave anything without response.

We will proofread emails before sending for you

Rule #11. Before sending an email, check spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The fact that email is a fast way of communication does not mean that it can be careless. Create the phrases and sentences more properly from the point of view of grammar and spelling. It is important not only because an illiterately written email can spoil the impression about you, but also because it is quite difficult to read a text without commas and points.

Of course, in this case it is recommended appealing to a qualified text proofreader. Thus, you will be sure that grammar, spelling, punctuation, and stylistics are proper. It is especially important when you have a serious business correspondence. You need to present yourself as a literate and intelligent person, and it will be difficult to do with a text full of mistakes and inaccuracies. Learn more about proofreading here:

Rule #12. It is obligatory to reply to emails. Email is kind of connection with other people, and politeness is much appropriate here. According to the rules of ethics, it is obligatory to respond to emails always, and the time of response should not be more than three days. Bear in mind that if you do not reply to an email within this time, it is considered as a rejection to communicate. Of course, if you receive unclaimed emails or emails from people you do not know, you may not answer to them.

Rule #13. It is strongly not recommended (or even forbidden) to write in capitals. Do not write a whole text in capitals. A couple of words highlighted in such a way will emphasize the importance of this information better. If you write in capitals, it seems like you are screaming. It may cause irritation or another undesirable reaction from your reader.

Rule #14. Confidential information should not be transferred by email. Be very careful when you send the numbers of your bank account or another confidential information in an email. Bear in mind that an email can be intercepted by another person and used for one’s personal gain. Do not forget that a sent email is stored in the memory of your computer.

Rule #15. Abbreviations and emotional framing of a text should not be abused. It is not recommended to use emoji (smiley faces) in business emailing. They are not appropriate, besides, your receiver may be not aware of their meaning.

Rule #16. There should be your sign in the end of your email. It concerns business emails mostly. You can receive sometimes the emails signed "Marketing / advertising department” that make you confused. To whom and how exactly should you appeal in your reply? That is why you need to sign your emails in the end. Signature is a small block of text that is placed in the end of your emails and that identifies you and contains your contact information. There can be mentioned several ways to contact you (usually they are telephone numbers and fax), and also the link to your company website.

A nice easy-to-read email, in which all the norms of ethics are preserved, shows the respect to a receiver, and consequently, reaction to such an email will be positive. So do not be lazy to be polite and correct – this is the first step to success.

We want you to know that our professional assistance is always there for you, in any situation. We can help you with your emails so that you would make only positive impression. Our professionals will proofread your email text, remove all the mistakes and inaccuracies, and thus, your email will reach its goal for sure! Learn more here:

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Our agency offers a wide range of services that are demanded not only by students. Any person might need professional assistance anytime. Successfully working for over 10 years, our company has managed to prove itself as a reliable and competent partner. The main specialization of our company is custom writing, editing, and proofreading of various written texts. We provide services online day-and-night.

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The specialists of our company are deservedly considered highly professional and qualified leading experts in their fields. Working with professionals, you can easily cope with the most complicated task, even when it seems impossible. At the same time, every fulfilled order is characterized by innovations and modern accomplishments relevant nowadays. We love our work and that is why we do it perfectly.

Positive feedback and thanks from our clients prove our professionalism and high quality of performed work. We have an individual approach to every customer, meet the requirements for work and personal desires of a client. Managers of our company provide free consultations and recommendations on various issues.

When you place an order, a personal assistant is assigned to you. You will contact directly and may ask any question anytime. Thus, your order will be fulfilled in the tiniest detail, and if necessary, corrections will be performed immediately. We cherish our clients and do our best to provide premium services. Contact us – we are always waiting for your request ready to respond to it immediately.

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