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Reason for why home assignment is useless and even harmful

The experts in the educational field try to define whether home assignments help learn or steal childhood. In the meantime, schoolchildren hate home assignments, in spite of the adults’ conclusions. An American teacher decided to cancel home assignments for her class.

The meetings with a teacher are obligatory in the USA: the parents come to school, meet and get acquainted with the teachers, look around, and so on. At one of such meetings, the teacher mentioned previously gave the parents a note with an astonishing announcement: there would be no home assignments till the end of the academic year. The teacher suggested that parents used that free time with benefit. They were offered to have family dinners, read altogether, walk more outside, and go to bed earlier. Many people liked this idea. Home assignments are truly not necessary, and here is why.

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1. Home assignment harms health. All the parents talk about this: constantly increasing academic load and stressful testing damage the health of children. Due to a high loading, children sleep less. They sit with the books until late and worry about their grades. As a result, they have sleep disturbances. A healthy schoolchild is a rare phenomenon today. Myopia, gastritis, chronic fatigue, violations of posture are the most common problems, and a modern pupil usually has at least one of the mentioned diseases. So maybe it would be better to neglect home assignments with grades and engage in something more useful?

2. Home assignment takes a lot of time. Nowadays, children are as busy as they have never been before. They spend too much time at school, after that, they have extra classes, and then, they also attend some training or interest clubs. They have a tight schedule, in which every hour and every minute is counted.

Children learn languages, math, computer science, etc. However, they do not have time to learn life. Psychologist Harris Cooper conducted research, which proved that home assignments were not very effective: a child could not process too big amount of information. Children need no more than 20 minutes of additional classes, meanwhile adults can cope with an hour and a half. Sometimes children have to spend more than three hours to do their home assignments. This is almost half of the working day, and this is after school. So when to live?

3. Home assignment does not influence academic performance. There is a book entitled “The Homework Myth” written by Alfie Kohn. In the book, he writes that for younger schoolchildren there is no connection between the amount of home assignments and academic performance. For older pupils, the connection is so slight that is almost disappears if more accurate and precise measurement methods are applied.

Not everybody agrees with this. There are the supporters of home assignments. They have concluded that the assignments do not bring much benefit in primary school. However, when pupils are more than 11 years old, home assignments help them achieve brilliant results.

It is almost impossible to measure the long-term perspective of canceling home assignment. TMISS research center has found out how much time schoolchildren in different countries spend on doing home assignments. For instance, only 7% of pupils on the fourth form do not do home assignments. This is not a big number for analysis.

4. Home assignment does not teach anything. A school education is completely detached from life. After many years of studying, many graduates do not know the basics of some school subjects. Home assignment continues this tendency: it fills the heads of children with the facts, which they cannot apply in practice.

For example, learning language rules, many children do not understand them and the only thing you can see is the fear in their eyes to get a bad grade. It is important to help them realize that the things they learn they already know and use in everyday life. When they manage to understand that all school knowledge is the world around them, their grades get improved quickly. Another way to achieve the quick improvement of your grades is to turn to our online agency and get competent support:

Swiss schools, for instance, use another approach. Home assignments help reduce the gap between the class and life. Such assignments have the most value. Unfortunately, such approach is not used in all schools yet.

5. Home assignment kills the desire to learn. “To do home assignments” often means to solve math tasks or to read a couple of chapters in a history book. In fact, when teachers do not have time to tell about something during the lesson, they tell their pupils to do it at home. This is so much sad that home assignment turns into a severe punishment.

Only “creative” tasks can be worse. Saying “creative”, we mean the simplest drawings and PowerPoint presentations. For instance, the children are asked to draw a sad bird flying away. In addition, it is necessary to explain the reasons why a bird is sad. So a child should be either bored or do something silly instead of talking to friends, walking outside, or doing sports. Who can love studying after that?

6. Home assignment ruins the relationships with parents. Many parents do the assignments together with their children or instead of them. The result is not always good. The reason is that an educational system has changed and parents’ knowledge is outdated. Many parents do not remember how to solve the simplest tasks and try to approach them with an adult point of view. Children cannot understand such an approach. By the way, if you want to get only excellent results from your assignments, we advise you to cooperate with our experts:

Parents are not the teachers. They were not taught how to explain the materials, present them correctly, and check properly. Such teaching is often even worse than the absence of teaching. Home assignments are the constant conflicts. Children do not want to do it, parents do not know how to motivate, joint efforts bring to a standstill, and all this leads to quarrels.

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What is good about home assignments?

The problem is not about home assignment itself or its amount. The problem is that the way it is now it is totally useless: it only kills time and health. Home assignments can bring positive results if we reconsider our approach.

We do home assignments at home in the comfortable conditions. That is why we can find the answer to a difficult question or understand the material we learn. Of course, all this is possible when we have time and energy.

If every pupil gets an individual home assignment, he (or she) can improve knowledge of the topics that he (she) could not understand previously, and also, develop his (her) strengths and unleash the potential. Home assignments should be the component of a continuous education.

Schoolchildren work all day long. They have more important occupations at home that they also need to learn. It is necessary to develop oneself in different fields. What is the point to go home and stick to the copybooks? What do you think about this?

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Everybody knows that home assignments are important but only in the cases when they are approach correctly. Our modern educational system has not reached yet the point when home assignments bring more benefit rather than harm. That is why we suggest that you do not waste your precious time on doing useless assignments. Just appeal to our online writing company and let us do everything for you. We guarantee to do all the assignments you have quickly. We shall deliver your papers exactly when you need them. Instead, you get plenty of free time that you can spend doing whatever you want. Our prices will only encourage you to place an order right now. Visit the site to learn more details. For now, read a couple of useful posts published on our blog:

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