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If you are going to create a dissertation paper, this is amazing! Usually, true science lovers decide to take such a serious step. Though this is a very exciting process, it is extremely complicated. There are so many subtleties and details that should be considered when doing a paper. Are you sure you will manage to cope with everything on your own? Let us offer you the support of the best paper editor online. Over a decade we work in the field of academic writing and help our clients achieve their goals. Our expert team will work on your paper, fix every inaccuracy, remove what is unnecessary, and add what is missing. Work on dissertation is hard but you can delegate it to the professionals of our website and stay calm. We have prepared today’s post to assist you with your paper and make the process of its creation and correction at least a bit easier.

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Perennial problems of humanity also include a student complaint: “What can be written on this topic?!”. It means that a poor thing got the most complicated, boring, unmanageable paper topic that could ever be imagined. There is a huge lack of materials and, in general, everything is horrible.

The question is: why have you selected it and started to write? Do not say that your academic adviser threatened you and imposed the topic. Only the laziest and least favorite students get their topics in the form of an ultimatum. A good adequate student takes part in the process of topic selection along with a professor.

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However, there are cases when an academic adviser is a bit inadequate, but no one forces you to collaborate with a tyrannical dictator. It is necessary to choose an academic adviser wisely. The selection of a paper topic depends on what professor you choose and whom you are going to write your paper with. Turn to our competent and friendly team to get the best dissertation paper proofreading in the UK service.

  • First of all, the topic should correspond to the circle of scientific interests of a professor.
  • Second of all, you need to have good relationships with a professor that allow discussing different topics and expressing your preferences.
  • Thirdly, your accomplishments related to your previous papers should be pretty significant so that a professor would listen to your opinion. Logically, a lazy not diligent student who has barely created and presented the previous papers would hardly have a good opinion about the topic of a future paper.
  • Fourthly, an academic adviser should encourage and appreciate the active position of a student.

So if you really care for the topic of your dissertation, begin your path to the defense with the correct choice of an academic adviser. Also, it is important to select a safe and reliable editing agency that will support with paper correction. If you need to do it quickly, appeal to our writers and editors:

Except for a psychological profile of a professor, it is very important to consider the faculty, at which he (or she) teaches, and scientific scope, in which he (she) specializes. A professor can be a wonderful person but work on the most boring (as you think) problem, which will influence your topic directly. Do you think you will be much enthusiastic about the creation of your paper?

It is worth mentioning that the best option of preparation for dissertation writing is to create several papers (course papers, for instance) with the same academic adviser. In this case, the direction of your scientific interests is already set, and the only thing left is to specify the topic of the next paper.

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What is the procedure of selection and adoption of a dissertation topic?

The approximate dissertation topics are approved by the Chair, in accordance with the thematic areas of professors’ work, as well as considering the scientific and practical value of the studied problems. Since professors also take part in the creation of the list of topics, usually, the subjects of students’ previous papers are taken into consideration. In most cases, the list of topics is approximate, and it is possible to make changes in it before it is finally approved.  Sometimes it is allowed to correct the wording of a dissertation topic during the process of work (for instance, when it turns out that the materials are not enough for the creation of a complete paper).

In such a way, the selection of research topic is limited to particular frames, on the one hand, and implies the possibility of student’s active participation, on the other hand.

There are several strategies of topic selection:

1) A dissertation paper topic becomes a natural continuation of the previous papers (usually course papers). A dissertation is a kind of generalization or specification of the issues that a student has been studying for several years. A student before graduation already thinks about the topic of a future dissertation. By the way, if assistance with a course paper is wanted now, we are ready to give you a hand as well:

2) A student suggests his (her) own topic. This option does not contradict the first strategy because, in the process of work, a student discovers different aspects of a studied issue. The topic of a dissertation should be specific enough, thus, there is almost always the opportunity to choose on one’s own the aspect, on which a dissertation paper will be focused.

3) A student does not care that much and accepts what is offered. He (she) looks at the list of suggested topics (that are often related to the topics of course papers but not always) and points at one of them that seems more or less clear. Students who are going to appeal to the professionals for support with their dissertation paper often use such an approach. They think that there is no difference what topic to choose because they are not going to deal with it, anyway.

4) A professor, i.e. academic adviser, chooses the topic of paper him(her)self and defines the final wording. It happens in the cases when an adviser is a tyrant or a student is a lazybones.

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How to choose a topic on one’s own?

So you are going to choose the topic of research on your own and your academic adviser is okay about this. How to choose the topic of dissertation so that a) you can justify it to your adviser and the Chair, and b) you would not regret later? Use the following tricks:

1. Select the topic that is close to already conducted research. Take into consideration the materials that you have already collected when working on different papers.

2. Analyze the state of the sources on your alleged subject and assess the difficulty of future practical research. Estimate approximately whether there is enough material on the topic that interests you and whether there can be some problems with the fulfillment of practical events. If it is required at your faculty to use the sources in foreign languages, find out their availability before your topic is approved not to face unnecessary difficulties later.

3. In order to make the process of dissertation creation enjoyable and exciting, determine the most interesting points in the thematic area, in which you are going to work. Focus on these points when you specify the topic of your paper.

4. Study both the history of topic study and relevant analytical reviews. Try to find an urgent problem or unproven hypothesis in the scientific-practical direction that interests you. It will allow you to prove the relevance of your topic. Also, it will be more interesting to write a dissertation.

5. Consult your professor, listen to his (her) opinion about the relevance of different issues that can be raised within the frames of a particular thematic area.

Having performed this work, make up a couple of options of a topic. Then, analyze each of them: is it suitable for a dissertation paper?

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Analysis and justification of a selected dissertation topic

Since a dissertation paper is a final student work of a research nature, its topic should meet the set of some particular requirements:

  • To correspond to the objectives of professional training set by your specialty;
  • To be consistent with the working direction of the Chair and the scope of issues that it studies;
  • To consider the relevant problems of modern science;
  • To have a practical value.

Justification of the relevance of research topic is the mandatory element of the introduction. It is necessary to think about the justification when you choose a topic. It will hurt if you do a dissertation almost completely and, when starting to create the introduction, you find out that the topic relevance is pretty questionable. That is why think carefully if you manage to justify the theoretical and practical value of your paper.

Also, keep in mind that a topic should be specific and not inclusive. You are not writing a monograph, are you? For instance, such a topic as “The history of the reign of Peter the First” cannot be the topic of a dissertation paper, meanwhile, “Mercantilism agendas in the practice of economic transformations in Peter the First period” can.

At the same time, an excessive specification of a topic more suitable for an article in a scientific journal will not allow you to create a paper of a required size. So it will be necessary to balance when finding a middle ground.

If all the conditions are met, go to your academic adviser with your ideas and proposals. It is better to present several options and discuss each of them. Do not feel embarrassed to express your opinion and defend the most interesting for you option. Eventually, this is your dissertation. You care for its topic, don’t you?

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Theoretically, in this case, you can say: “I absolutely do not care for what topic there will be!”. You place the order, get a personal assistant, and have your paper done. For more information contact our professional academic paper editing service. However, we strongly recommend approaching the topic selection seriously. In order to get the most high-quality paper from our experts, we advise:

  • To order your dissertation from the same specialist whom you have already worked with (he or she already knows your subject).
  • To let our consultants assist with the selection of topic and let experts do their work.
  • To show your academic adviser the draft done by our professionals.

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