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Content writing and editing is a delicate matter. It is better to entrust it to specialists to be sure that it will be done competently. Buy professional copy editing services at at the lowest price. Cooperating with our experts, you are guaranteed to get the best needed content quickly and for cheap. Also, Essay-editor team regularly publishes new posts on the blog and shares professional secrets and helpful tips. Today we want to speak about what to do to avoid the shortage of content ideas.

How to avoid the shortage of content ideas: step-by-step guide

Research proves that the main problem of many brands that use content marketing is a constant need for a big amount of content. However, all the copywriters and content marketers face the problem of the shortage of ideas. Naturally, you risk failing a long-term marketing campaign if you stop publishing information on a corporate site or blog.

A system approach to the creation of content will help you regularly offer your audience new articles, reviews, video, and other materials. It will make your content noteworthy to the prospective and present clients. In this post, you will find a step-by-step guide that allows always creating gripping materials and not experiencing the shortage of information reasons for content creation.

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1. Determine the goals and objectives of every publication. Determine the goals and objectives of a marketing campaign in order to create an effective content plan. For instance, the main strategic goals of content marketing are to increase brand recognition, attract new audience, and increase sales.

For example, you can write a useful guide for the consumers that will attract audience to the site. A review of a particular product that highlights its pros and cons will solve the objective of sales increase. Determining the goals and objective of your publications, you will get the opportunity to structure the content plan of a marketing campaign.

2. Determine the target audience for every publication. Create your article for a particular audience to increase the efficiency of content marketing. You will hardly manage to create a good review of let’s say investment tools if you address an abstract reader. Property on the French Riviera interests the particular audience and it is necessary to consider this fact when creating related materials.

In order to determine a target audience, answer the following questions before beginning to work on a publication:

  • Whom do you write your material for?
  • What are these people looking for on your website? Do you have something for them that your competitors do not have?
  • What audience needs does your content satisfy?

This step will increase the efficiency of your content and will eliminate some serious flaws such as telling about the efficiency of through life insurance to people who have had problems with this issue.

3. Make an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar made considering the seasonal factors and holidays will help you regularly publish relevant content. First of all, you will protect yourself from long breaks between the publications if planning their creation. Second of all, you will use a situation demand for content and goods taking into consideration seasonal factors. For instance, an online shop of image souvenirs will attract extra traffic and increase sales if it publishes in advance an article “What to present to beloved person on Valentine's Day”.

4.  Think about the structure of a content campaign. Use the experience of paper magazines and newspapers when planning the structure of a content marketing campaign. Create a couple of permanent sections that will form a datacore of your site. Try to plan publications to the sections for several weeks, in case if long-term planning causes difficulties at the beginning stage.

Personal assistant

The following recommendations will help structure your content campaign:

  • Inform your audience of the relevant events in your field. Regularly publish field news using newsjacking.
  • Create author’s sections. For instance, the head of customer support department can regularly tell the audience how to solve typical problems of one kind or another that customers often face.
  • Answer questions from the audience. It would be better if only specialists of a particular field will write for this section. For instance, the answer about a stomach ache should be given by a doctor, not the marketer of a clinic.
  • Offer consumer guides to the audience. Explain to your prospective and present clients how to choose and use goods of different kinds
  • Make your materials useful, objective and expert. For instance, Magnolia Hi-Fi Company earned 87 million dollars thanks to its guides in the pre-internet era.
  • Publish interviews with experts. The customers listen to the views of experts that is why this section is always popular.
  • Tell about the novelties and updating of existing goods. Depending on the field of activity, you can add materials to this section almost every day or once a month.
  • Let your customers speak. Create a section, material for which can be prepared by any customer. It can be brief reviews or stories about successful use of a product.
  • Please your specialists with the opportunity to publish their expert view on a company website regularly. For instance, if you are engaged in the creation of websites, ask designers to tell about web design, ask optimizers about SEO, programmers about CMS, and an editor or copywriter about texts.

Of course, you can expand the list of sections at the expense of your personal ideas.

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5. Determine the types of content that you are going to use. Content is not only texts. Use different types of content to attract audience. For instance, social networks users respond well to inforgraphics and photos. The following pieces of advice will help create content of different kind:

  • Offer video to audience. You do not need to compete with James Cameron to get the Oscar, thus, use any device suitable for shooting an amateur video. For instance, use amateur photo equipment. The most important is that video should contain information useful for the viewers.
  • Let the audience hear your voice. Create and publish podcasts regularly.
  • Present information to the audience. For this purpose, use visual content – photos, infographics, presentations, etc.
  • Do not forget about text, in spite of the necessity to use different types of content. Also, do not forget to check your texts for errors. Essay-editor experts can assist you with this task:

Content ideas

6. Choose content distribution channels. Determine where you will publish your content. Of course, a corporate site or blog will remain your major media platform. However, do not forget about other resources that your audience uses. Credible thematic websites, social networks, and blogs will help increase the number of readers. Electronic mailing or RSS guarantees that your materials will be noticed.

7. Maintain a list of content ideas. Write all the content ideas down in a notebook that should be always at hand. Do not stop at just mentioning the title of a future article. Spend 5 minutes to write down your thoughts related to the future publication. Write down URL of a publication or research that has inspired you to create your own article. The list of content ideas should keep you away from wasting time to look for the topic for another publication.

Use the following tips not to miss any content idea:

  • Carry pad and pen.
  • Create a text document to note the ideas on your PC, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Use Evernote service.

Remember that adding the topic of a future publication to the list of ideas you take the first step to its writing.

8. Monitor the effectiveness of your content campaign. Use statistics services such as Google Analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your publications. It will allow you to define the materials that your audience is interested in the most.

9. Update content regularly. It is important to update content regularly from the point of view of both search engines and readers. Search systems rank new and relevant articles higher because this is exactly what users are looking for.

10. Buy articles from professionals. Let’s face it: not every person is able to write an article well. Even if you can, not always you have enough time or desire. In these cases, the companies that offer qualitative copywriting services are come in handy. One of the best options is Essay-editor agency:

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So use a systematic approach to create content in order to publish materials useful for your audience regularly. Use our step-by-step guide not to waste time to look for ideas when you launch a marketing campaign. However, stay flexible and evolve with the situation. It will guarantee the relevance of your articles and reviews.

Maybe you have your own secrets that help create much high-quality content. Do not hesitate to use everything that can facilitate the task for you. Of course, the easiest and most reliable way to get high-quality content done perfectly is to appeal to our on-line agency. Essay-editor is your personal assistant that is always ready to serve you well. Whatever request you have, contact us, and we will resolve your problems. Our support is day-and-night available. Do not think much, just do it!

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