Performing the Essay Grammar Check


Essay grammar check

Five sleepless nights and five hundred scientific sources past, and there you are scrutinizing the final draft of your essay. That is where you realize the time for relaxation has not come yet. So many aspects to deal with, grammar being one of the most fundamental issues.

On our website, we offer the assortment of the professionally written articles about the English grammar. You will find the answers to the non-ordinary questions (like How to avoid using Past Perfect tense in your texts) and undoubtedly will discover many interesting topics to peruse and improve your English grammar. Such issues constitute a large part of our electronic journal, another one being dedicated to the various aspects of the text editing. The online paper editing service, the economical foundation of the price for the different types of editing, the optimal ways to perform particular editing procedures and many other matters are discussed in the simple and entertaining way. Our staff consists of the professional linguists, who are keen on providing the most affordable and quality service. Check the advantages of working with us We have organized the special Live Chat on the website in order to simplify the way to contact the editor, without preliminary registration. Our editors have a vast experience of working with the students’ works, in particular adjusting the texts written by non-native English speakers. Contact us today and stay with us for long!

In the current post, we shall discuss the possibilities to perform the checking of the grammar in your essay, and find the optimal ways to do it.

Ways to perform the essay grammar check

Even if your essay features the perfect narrative and comprehensive explanation of your unique position, the overall effect might be spoiled by the mistakes in grammar and punctuation. This is where the reader’s eye stumbles on, and the thread of the narrative gets lost. Order the cheap proofreading for students and get rid of this trouble!  It is very important to weed out such deficiencies before submitting your text for the teacher’s perusal. Let us outline the ways you can perform it:

  • Manual check – this is the slowest, yet the most thorough type of the verification. In order to perform it, you need to possess a good knowledge of the English grammar and some writing skills, too. However, do not rely solely on your own judgment. It is better to have at hand the solid and trusted grammar manuals relating to the different aspects of the grammar and describing the ways of the correct writing. These can be both electronic sources and hard editions. In order to perform the manual check properly, you will need to go through the text for at least three times: first one for drawing the general picture of the text and its mistakes, second one for correcting the mistakes; third one for checking the way the corrected text looks. Entrust this task to the cheap academic paper editors! You can choose different types of checking: check word-by-word, check each single sentence, check a paragraph. The last type of checking is preferable if you suppose the basic mistakes of your text refer to the general meaning and to the way of structuring a narrative. Select a word-by-word option if you feel confident in the overall meaning and structure, yet are not sure about the small mistakes and mistypes. If you have chosen to do a grammar checking for essays yourself, look out for the next popular mistakes:
  • Articles’ misuse. When writing, we tend to correct our thoughts in the process of their embodiment into the letters. This happens because our mind is moving, never fully focusing on some single aspect, but rather aiming to encompass the other ones. Our ideas can get developed in the process of their formation. No wonder, then, that we can write an article “a” while intending to say a ray of light, yet further change our mind and continue with the rays of light. Such mistake can pass unnoticed for the writer, yet it will be immediately discovered by the reader. Choose the most professional proofreading and editing services online for always correct articles!
  • Apostrophe’ misusage. Though the rules outlining the use of the apostrophe are quite simple, still a large quantity of mistakes refers to this section of the English grammar and punctuation. Being deep in thought or just hurrying up with your essay, you may well write It’s benefits and Its a notion. Mostly such mistakes are the mistypes, yet they also must be detected and fixed properly. Align your apostrophes with the quality proofreading and editing service!
  • Prepositions’ misuse. For the native English speakers, there is usually no such problem as choosing the right preposition for a certain word-combination. However, if English is not your first language, you might get perplexed by the alternatives like on the website and in the website, price for the goods and price of the goods and so on. Use the dictionaries and grammar manuals in order to define the proper preposition in each singular case. However, even the native English speakers might make a mistake in such word-combinations as affiliate to and the Ministry for [Foreign Affairs]. This can happen because of the different speech patterns being appropriate in the different styles of the speech / writing. The phrases seeming natural in the colloquial speech might turn out to be gross and unfitting in the formal styles. For the correct prepositions’ placement, order the pro article rewriting service at Essay-Editor!
  • Verb-and-Noun endings’ misuse. The Noun and the Verb must be coordinated in Tense and Number. We all know well this rule… and violate it frequently. Make sure your text does not feature such passages as The shelves was overcrowded with the books and His life have been a singular story of success. Pay attention to the collective nouns such as team, crowd, children, fraternity and so on. These nouns can demand different Verb’s endings depending on their actual sense. Consult the reliable sources for such cases. Enhance your English with the best communicative English learning techniques!
  • Comma misuse. Though in the everyday English writing the regular punctuation marks tend to disappear, being displaced by the other ways of expression (smileys, stickers, likes and so on), still their usage is required in the formal styles (the scientific style in particular). So, if you are unsure as to the place to put your comma, as well as to the necessity to put it at all, make sure you have read and understood the rules that apply in your case.

Above mentioned are the most popular mistakes that can be met in the English texts. Certainly, there are many more of them. However, correcting the ones outlined above, you will undoubtedly fix more than 50% of all the mistakes in your essay. For the full account of the possible mistakes, consult our electronic journal  

  • Automated check – this type of verification is easier with regard to the efforts that you will have to apply. However, it may turn out to be less thorough and more costly, too. Recently, many of the linguistic processes became automated. Automated verification implies the usage of the specially designed computer programs that have the set grammar algorithms incorporated into their operation, and check the text for the concordance with these algorithms. Though initially these were quite simple applications, allowing detecting the mistypes only, presently such programs can even check the text’s consistency and logical structure. However, the codes of such programs allowing to check essay for grammar, include a large massive of work by the professional programmers and grammarians, and, usually, these programs are not available for free usage. In some cases, they can be applied only to the small fragments of the text (e.g. not exceeding 500 words). Still, the automatic programs cannot properly deal with the elements of the language play. Such word usage is uncharacteristic and is based on the cultural patterns embracing the precedent texts, gestures, types of behavior and so on. That is why the automated checker would most probably underline your phrase Being green in the mouth (implying talking a lot about the Green Peace ideas) as inadequate and would offer to replace one or more of the words. That is why, while using the program checkers, always make sure to perform all the replacements in the controlled mode. With us, you will have every essay estimated for A+!

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Which essay checker grammar to use?

When selecting the automated grammar checker, spend some time to verify the following aspects in order to be sure in the proper performance of the check:

  1. Company / website reputation. The world knows a million cases when young and inexperienced companies created the outstanding quality products. However, you most probably do not wish your essay to serve as a tester in a similar case, do you? Choose the reliable websites that have their good reputation confirmed. Verify the reputation by reading the feedback from the real users, look for the comments on the professional forums.
  2. Types of check available. Pay attention to the diversity of the checker’s services. It is quite handy to perform only one verification for all crucial parameters like grammar, punctuation, spelling, logic and so on. However, the experienced editors recommend using one special checker for each operation. Such programs are usually developed more thoroughly, and include more detailed descriptions than the wide-range ones.
  3. Conditions of usage. Pay attention to the conditions of usage prescribed by the program owner / operator. Whether you are allowed to check your text several times within an hour? How many words / symbols of the written text you can check at once? Are the entire program options available for free, or the basic ones only? Answering these questions in advance might save you a lot of time afterwards. In some cases, you might need to perform a quick check of your text just before submitting it to the teacher, and the various limitations of the program would only delay your task.

Whichever way of checking your text for the grammar mistakes you would choose, you can always rely on free professional advice from the Essay-Editor! Just relay your trouble in few words like “I have checked my paper for grammar errors but did not get the account of the mistakes, only the total number”. We shall assist you in selecting the appropriate program in accordance with your needs, as well as in performing the verification of the text yourself. And certainly, for any part of such work, you can count on the professional help from our experienced editors. Our staff comprises the native English speakers having the linguistic education and huge experience in the academic editing. You can visit the feedback page on our website to make sure our performance is constantly enhanced in order to make it yet more fitting and pleasing for you. If you have time, you might like to browse our special blog having two large basic subdivisions: one for the editing features, and another for the different issues of the English writing. Still have some questions? Enter our live chat and let’s find the answer together!

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We highly value the feedback from our clients! Let us know about your experience of verifying the grammar in your English texts. Your story might help the other users as well!