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How to memorize faces and names easily

We are going to share useful lifehacks that help get prepared for the exams. There is a legend that the famous philosopher Socrates could recognize the face of every inhabitant of Athens. It is hard to imagine but it is about 20 thousand people. Well, such a phenomenal memory amazes greatly. Everyone dreams of it, especially if you are a student who tries to get prepared for a history or social studies exam and needs to memorize dozens of portraits. The experts of our website have picked 5 techniques to memorize faces and names easier and faster.

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1) Pay attention to the facial features

When you meet a new person, first of all, you pay attention to his (or her) face, don’t you? When you try to remember the portraits, follow the same principle. Looking at the face, your eyes should catch the most characteristic features: a crooked nose, big eyelids, high cheekbones, high forehead, and so on. The clothes and background of a portrait can change that is why do not rely on them.

Mind that the portraits can be cut for an exam to make the task more difficult. As an example, the background can be removed and only the face is left. Some students memorize the portraits by their background but it is better not to do so. Remember the facial features. Thus, you will not be mistaken. In order to avoid mistakes in your writings, ask professionals for help:

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2) Create images in your head

It is easier to remember the figures with names that clearly remind well-known words. You can make up interesting images with them that will help memorize the material better. A famous American psychologist Dale Carnegie used to advise to draw the pictures in one’s memory that sound similar to a person’s name and connect them with other facts about this person. As an example, he offered to imagine a girl named Laura who wore a laurel wreath. Try to apply this method to some figures.

By the way, the more facts about a person depicted on a portrait you know, the easier it is to remember his (her) face and full name. It works even better if the facts are not usual (the date of birth, greatest achievement, etc.) but catchy (something like a fact about Socrates in the beginning of the post). Learn the interesting facts about famous figures in the textbooks, articles on the internet, documentaries and educational films.

3) Gather all the portraits in a file

When we meet a new historical figure, our attention gets distracted by many factors. We try to memorize the appearance, facts, events, and dates at once. A surfeit of information leads to the fact that we cannot recollect even the most banal things. Having read information about several figures, everything turns in a mess.

That is why it is better to gather information in a file and structure it (for instance, have the list of politics or cultural figures, or have the figures in alphabetical order). If you have time and desire, you can make a “phone book” of famous figures. It will be convenient to carry it with you and review from time to time. If you have the portraits printed, you can supplement them with your own comments, drawings-associations, etc.

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4) Review the material all the time

If a phenomenal memory (when you look at something once and memorize it for good) is not your thing, do not forget to devote time to reviewing. Look through the textbooks, review your printed materials, or use electronic online services to memorize information. For instance, use Quizlet: this platform allows creating the cards on any topic. The cards can be different: term – definition, event – date, portrait – name, picture – artist, etc. The words on the cards can be supplemented with the images.

5) Compare historical figures with real people you know

If your friend has the same sight as Napoléon Bonaparte, and a classmate looks like Queen Victoria, you can use your observations. Sometimes it is very useful to connect a historical figure (not only by appearance but also name) with a person you know. It helps memorize the faces and names. All is fair in love and war, as well as at the exams.

We hope these tips will come in handy and you will manage to remember everything you need.

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The methods to memorize historical dates and events: get ready for a history exam!

Historical dates and events are a true headache for any scholar. How to memorize them when it is so easy to get confused? We have gathered the most popular methods that are good for memorizing significant dates and events of history.

1) Stickers. Stickers put everywhere in your house give a good result. You will hardly forget the date of some battle if you see it every day during a month on your fridge. The more often you see a date or a fact the more chances there are that you will recollect it during the exam.

2) Cards. Write the date on one side of a card and the event related to it on the other side. Mix up the cards and check how good your knowledge level is. Divide the cards into three groups: “I know it well”, “I forget it all the time”, “I have not learned it yet”. In a perfect world, the first group of cards is the most numerous.

3) Tables. Our brain memorizes structured information better. Make up a table with the dates that you need to learn for an exam. It is more convenient compared to picking information from the textbooks. There are good manuals that contain important facts and help students greatly. Thus, you will no need to make the table by yourself, you will get it ready. Also, you do not need to do home assignments by yourself. Let us do it for you:

4) Audio recordings. If it hard to memorize visual information, record the dates on a voice recorder and listen to them when you have free time. Pause when you record so that it would be convenient to stop the recording and repeat the date you have just heard.

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5) Movies, pictures, photo. Look for the archive photos, pictures, and documentaries devoted to the historical events, on the internet. Thus, you will remember not only the textbook strains and illustrations but also vivid images. Visualize the battles, revolutions, wars, and rebellions.

6) Associations. You can create vivid pictures in your memory by yourself. This method fits both dates and events memorization and any other information necessary for an exam. Associations can be even weird, however, they are working.

7) Search for patterns. The search for patterns between the dates will help memorize them.

8) Your numbers. Try to connect historical dates with the dates you know: birthday of your grandmother, friend’s address, bus number, etc.

9) Starting points. If you need to memorize several dates within a big event (for instance, the Second World War), use the method of a starting point. The first date is the starting point. Then, count: in X days, another events has happened, in X months and X days another one, and so on.

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Getting ready for a history exam, all is fair. Use the methods that you like the most and memorize historical dates and events without much effort! If any other help with exams, tests, everyday written assignments is wanted, get it on our website. Here you are guaranteed to get the necessary support and assistance immediately from our expert team. Also, there is a flexible and affordable payment system so the prices are the last thing that could worry you. Place your order now and get a discount up to 20%.

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