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Studying is an important part of everyone’s life. It is quite a busy time, too. Multiple assignments, practical studies, lab’s experiments, different other occupations do not leave any space for any outside activities. Especially if a student works as well. In such circumstances, entrusting the formal parts of your assignments to the specialists might serve good. You will find a comprehensive breakdown of our editing college papers services with prices and the time limits on our website. The quality of our performance is supported by the numbers of the satisfied clients who have already tried our services for more than once. We are always ready to discuss individual conditions for your paper editing. Needless to say that we employ only professional linguists who can be entrusted with the tasks of the utmost complexity. The friendly administrator will answer all your questions, should you have any. Come and join us today!

In this post, we shall talk about the editing of academic papers and the way it can be helpful for the modern students. First of all, we shall find out the cases in which the editor is to be approached.

When to apply for the academic editor assistance

There are two opposite views as to the part of the outsourcing editors for the academic papers. One implies the student must perform all the stages of his assignment himself, without outsider’s help. We agree if it is about the students studying linguistics. The execution of the grammatical and correct papers is the part of their must-have professional skills. However, if a student is not a native speaker and is unsure as to the quality of his performance, it is quite acceptable if, upon editing and proofreading the text himself he or she would apply for the advice of the experienced specialist. Such checking will enable to spot the mistakes and work out the scheme of the deficiencies’ correction, as well as reschedule the further studies.

As to the students of other sciences, there are almost no restrictions on their application for the editor’s assistance. The main component of their assignments is the quality content, while the editing performs the auxiliary tasks: design, style, readability adjustment. Thus, in order to improve the performance of their essay, they are absolutely free to use the editor’s services, should they like to.

Now that we have grounded the acceptability of using the editing services for the student’s papers, let us list the reasons that might propel a student to apply for them. They go as follows:

  • Insufficient knowledge of the English language. If you are not a native speaker, shaping your ideas into words turn out to be of some difficulty. The sentence’ constructions and grammar categories can differ significantly from the ones in your own language. If you do not have the level of English higher than intermediate, you might order the reword of a paper online. Yet it is possible that your essay will need deep editing, that is a profound rewriting. Your thoughts and ideas will be preserved, but the way of their representation will be adjusted in accordance with the English language’ rules. If your level is higher, and you have successful experience of writing in English, most probably the only editing assistance you need will be proofreading, i.e. checking and correction of typos and grammar / punctuation mistakes. By the way, see how you can travel and learn English at once, training your language skills, too.
  • Limited time until the submitting deadline, and lack of spare time for editing. You might be a brilliant writer yourself, as well as have a good knowledge of the English grammar, punctuation and syntax rules. However, when you have a pile of assignments on your desk (line of tasks in your electronic planner) you might simply lack the time for the auxiliary operations. Then ordering the services from the experienced and qualified specialist would be a significant relief and a considerable time saved for other tasks. Place a request with a talented editor to revise the academic paper.
  • Complicated requirements. If your assignment has many conditions and stipulations regarding both its content and the way of its performance, the specialist help is almost inevitable for the successful result. The stipulations may vary in their complexity, besides, some colleges use the multilevel system of requirements when different conditions apply to different kind of texts, depending on the topic, length, priority and so on. Fortunately, the standard set of college requirements is much more frequent than such an intricate quest. However, even an accustomed set can cause a headache for adhering to its conditions. Use the Calibri 11 font for your headings and Arial 10 for your subheadings, Mark bold the important theses and underline the conclusion etc. A specialist is keen on dealing with such things and thus, does not spend so much time for these “trifles” that might weight crucially for the final decision regarding your grade.
  • Lack of practice. This problem is especially painful for the first-year students. You’ve just started your studies, only making your first still feeble steps in the vast field of science, and there you are! You’ve got to write a fundamental essay on a specific topic and certainly, illustrate it with examples! No doubt, if you plan to develop your studies, you will have to do the most of the work yourself: searching for similar cases, browsing the theory, scour the Web for examples. However what counts is also the way you represent your illustrations. While being overwhelmed by the scope of the task you might yield to the luring possibility to pile them up at the end of your essay or just scatter them along its paragraphs, the experienced editor will immediately secure the situation and adjust the examples to the correct paragraphs. What is also important, the editor will see that your examples represent the similar pattern, are properly executed and do not amass in particular places of your paper, while being scarce at others. A small tip here: if you have, let us say, 3 examples for one case (e.g. Participle I: See the student suffering at his essay; The towel hanging on the rope, is still wet; The door opening, we managed to sneak in) and 1 for another (e.g. Gerund: Editing was his real passion) it is better to leave just one for each case. Still, better would be to invent or find two missing examples for the second case.

Above we have outlined the problems sometimes causing the panic with young students. However, remember that every scholar has come through the stage you are at now. Do not fret about your essay if you still have three weeks before you and have no idea what to start from. Better type in the name of the topic into the Web search or look for the printed sources in the library. You will undoubtedly find the information you need. The only concern then will be how to present it properly. See the popular mistakes and the ways to avoid them http://essay-editor.net/blog/rewrite-my-paper-or-the-epic-fails-of-writing.

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What editing to choose: a brief guide

When you are going to entrust your paper to the editor for checking, the success of the deal will be proportionally equal the way you put your task. If you and editor both imply the same thing, you’ll get your academic paper right and to the point. If some discrepancies arise, the process of editing may be dragged on, sometimes to considerable extent. That is why it is important to be on the same page with your editor and name the things with the same words.

Here below you will find a short yet comprehensive guide on the types of the academic editing. However, do not rely solely on this classification, as your editor might understand it in another way. The reason is, the editing is a single process, rather a creative one, each level of which depends on other levels. You cannot check the grammar properly without considering the sense and the plot of the paper at all. At the same time, you cannot deal solely with the idea of the text, leaving aside its multiple typos and small grammar and punctuation mistakes. That is why the following types of editing overlap to some extent, sometimes one type encompasses some others or they are used as the full substitutes. Be precise when you put your order and always provide an explanation of what you exactly need. Do not simply say “All I need is proofreading”. Mention “I need checking my grammar, commas, weed out the typos”. This will settle the things straight right from the beginning. And will save your and editor’s time!

So, there exist the following types of editing:

  1. Style editing or mechanical editing. This type of editing is applied when your paper is to be executed in some particular fashion, or style. For example, you plan to write using the American version of English. This means you have to write I met Mr. Aldrich in early 2000’s and he said “I am three years away from my country now,” then we parted. In the British version, the same sentence would go as follows: I met Mr Aldrich in early 2000s, and he said “I am three years away from my country now”, then we parted. See more differences between British and American style, above punctuation.
  2. Copyediting. This term has the most unstable meaning, as various sources use it differently. However, the accustomed sense of the copyediting is the grammar-oriented proofreading and correction of the typos. It is supposed to be the light version of the line editing or thorough proofreading. Its main concern is the final adjustment of the text, when the tiny insignificant deficiencies are weeded out. See what other pros of copyediting and essay revision service are available for you.
  3. Proofreading or line editing. As the name goes, this type of editing foresees checking the text line by line. However, it deals mostly with the sentences and their components. While taking into account the meaning of the text, the proofreading adjusts all the small deficiencies, but also deals with grammar, syntax, punctuation. It also features a style with regard to the text’s general presentation (lengthy descriptive or abrupt analytical sentences, abundance or scarceness of punctuation and so on).
  4. Large scale or developmental editing. This type of editing involves the analysis and correction of the text on the level of its organization, plot, sequence of chapters / divisions, the correlation between the thesis and argument, the ampleness of examples and so on. If you look for outer help, find the best thesis rewriter on our website. It is the most complex type of editing, involving the abstract notions such as readability, impression, level of the subject development etc. At the majority of cases, it engages the editing of the lower levels, too, but not necessarily. So, always discuss with your editor namely what kind of operations you wish to be performed with your text.

The classification above is not exhaustive. Each of the levels has its sub-levels and some specialists also divide some intermediary levels giving them abstract names, like substantive editing. However, it is more important to grasp the principle of their allocation rather than to know by heart what each of the principles implies. Remember, that the more complicated and abstract your task is (the least abstract is style and copyediting, the most – the development editing), the more time and cost it would require. Choose wisely http://essay-editor.net/blog/college-paper-proofreading-service--the-basics!

Meanwhile in order to be in line with the current trends in editing see the developments in our blog led by the specialists in linguistics. We always post the fresh and acute articles and are always ready to confirm our impeccable services and loyal customer policy with the new order from you. We provide editing of all the listed levels, and there will be no discrepancy between your expectations and the top quality paper you will receive as a result. Check our prices that are lower than average! See also the set of fresh articles on the acute linguistic issues:

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