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Difference between school and college papers

Recollect the time when you have been studying at school. You were assigned to create various written papers. Even then, some assignments seemed difficult. Naturally, a college is a completely different matter, where every written task is an individual project that requires the preservation of specific rules. These are the research papers, coursework, tests, reports, research papers, and many others. Students, especially freshmen, often cannot see the differing between these papers that seem much alike. If you ask several students about the difference of written assignments, they will hardly manage to answer clearly. Maybe theoretically they understand the difference but cannot apply this knowledge in practice.

If you are a visitor of our website, you probably already understand that we assist students with their difficult work. Read more about online companies and how to choose the best one here: Today we want to speak about the difference between research papers and coursework because they are the most frequently assigned tasks for students.

If you look objectively at this issue, there are many differences between a research paper and coursework. These are two completely different works that have their own purposes. The main similarity of these two assignments is that they both are academic papers since they are the components of curriculum. Consequently, when you work on one of them, it is necessary to take into account their features. The point is that any person could see the specific distinguishing features of a paper writer in his / her text.

All such assignments are written based on templates. The templates are a sort of carcass that is the basic element of coursework or a research paper. It can be compared with a work of an artist, who creates a sketch that reminds a dull picture, in the beginning. Only then, an artist adds colors to the picture. The same can be said about written assignments. Although, we create them based on some templates, at the same time we do not forget about individuality and creative note.

Unfortunately, the standards of academic paper writing are constantly changed, and that is why we cannot present them to you so that you could memorize them once and for good. Frankly speaking, there is no need to do this. When you write coursework or a research paper the first time, you will be provided with the criteria, without doubt.

Many teachers cannot explain the differing of a research paper and coursework because they believe that a first-year student should already know it, let alone senior students. This is the biggest mistake of a teaching system. In order to explain the differing between the two papers, let’s define their meaning first.

  1. A research paper is a written paper, in which scientific material from various sources (books, journals, and so on) on a particular subject is collected.
  2. Coursework is a written task of a student that is done on a certain subject and based on various information sources. A distinguishing sign of this type of assignments is the presentation of one’s own thoughts in the text of paper.

In general, the first paper is the collection of diversified data. In addition, it is essential to compose it in such a way that you get a coherent text. Coursework, for its part, is a deeper work. It is supplemented by the thoughts of its writer. The point is that coursework is assigned in the end of a semester or academic year. By this time, a scholar is supposed to have a lot of thoughts and reflections on this or that issue.

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Structural differences between coursework and a research paper

1. State of mind

Here we mean the purposes of these assignments. A research paper should help a student systemize diversified information on a specific topic, meanwhile coursework, except for this function, also serves as means to develop one’s own view on a studied problem. In coursework, a student carries out research in such a way that he / she can eventually find a specific solution of a problem that can really help science.

Imagine a situation when many people stand in a line to buy a cup of coffee. In the meantime, a salesman is absent for a long time, and people begin to say that this is a mess. They demonstrate their thoughts and feelings. Here we have the analogy with a research paper. However, if someone from the line goes to the head of the store demanding to replace a salesman, this is demonstration of some certain actions. This is the analogy with coursework.

Summarizing we can say that a research paper is the collection of particular material and its processing. Coursework, for its part, is also a systematized system but it is based on the production of new ideas and thoughts.

2. The difference in the size of papers

You probably know about this. The size of coursework differs totally from the size of a research paper. This is the biggest opposite point of the papers. The size of a research paper is 15-20 pages on average. The size of coursework is about 40-45 pages. Can you see how different they are?

Anyway, these numbers may change because they depend on the demands of a teacher. Nevertheless, statistical average papers should be within the mentioned frames. Think for yourself, if you create a paper that will not have even 15 pages, such work will not be considered complete. For example, only reference list can be about two pages. So we can say that the most optimum size of coursework is 40-45 pages and 15-20 pages without annexes for a research paper.

3. Coursework and research paper text structure

Any written paper consists of introduction, body, and closing. It is the statement that has been spoken about for a thousand times. These components are characteristic for both papers we are talking about. However, if we take into account the fact that coursework is a more complex assignment, its body can be divided into the sections with theory and practice. In the other paper, such division is usually absent.

It is obvious that based on knowledge of theory and practice that you will present in the body, you will later draw your own conclusions on the topic of your paper. That is why it is very significant to connect the theory and practice well, to build kind of bridge between the sections so that any person who would ready your paper would get an impression that your paper is solid and that the conclusions are appropriate. In general, we can say that a research paper mostly consists of a single theoretical section, and coursework has a more complex structure.

4. The compositions of annexes

We know now that coursework is the acquaintance of a reader with the used sources and writer’s opinion about them, and also, there are additions presented in the form of annexes. Modern research papers also can be supplemented with the annexes, however, this is a rare case, meanwhile this is an obligatory attribute of coursework and dissertation. Our professionals are well aware of all the details and subtleties of student papers creation and correction:

Drawing conclusions

So, our dear readers, we have considered the issue of what the main differences between coursework and a research paper are. We have tried to present fully and clearly all those main differences that we are aware of. Taking them into account, you will definitely manage to answer the question about what the differing between a research paper and coursework is.

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