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Whether it your first visit to Essay-Editor’s website or you are already our loyal customer, you, no doubt, have seen our blog. It is dedicated to editing and all the issues concerning editing, that is the whole world! Indeed, everything is changing so fast in this world. And what is editing if not a change?

In the current post, you will learn how to edit your text in order to change (and improve!) its grammar, execution format, stylistic and logical peculiarities, but preserve the ideas intact. Scroll down and let’s start a discussion!

The primary task of the professional essay editing services

What is the main thing in editing? And how do you expect your text to change after the editing is over? Answering this question allows building an editing strategy and, certainly, meeting the client’s demands. See how to perform the revision of your text efficiently.

It is understood, that the strategy will differ from client to client and from text to text. Besides, its implementation will differ from editor to editor. However, there are general rules that apply to any text, any customer and any editor.

  • It was a red light! You’ve violated the traffic rules!
  • Oh, take it easy. The green light wouldn’t match any of my clothes.

The strategies will be as individual as the demands. However, there are always some general points you can spot, at least for the texts of the same type.

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For the essays, there is an attribute that is always welcome. What do you think it is? Except for the grade “A”, of course.

  • Did you know, in Bulgaria the lowest grade is “2”. But you have a chance to receive “1” if you’re cheating off. See the school grades in different countries in the world.

Whatever is the subject of your essay (be it the simplest one, like “Pyramids of Egypt” or some sophisticated topic, like ‘Reasons of the Tornado”), and however educated and specific is its target auditory (the scientific board or the district community), you will always aim to make it comprehensive. Find the optimal way to make your essay comprehensive, without losing its meaning and style. Make use of the professional student editing services – four your highest grade!

Why is it important? Because it is the very sense of an essay – to relay a voluminous sense in a few words and make it understandable.

  • It is categorically inconceivable why my verbalizations are interpreted so unsatisfactorily.

Going with just a few words and open up a complex and voluminous sense is quite a talent and makes a fascinating effect. There is a contest for saying much in as few words as possible, and only the best writers could win it. For example, Ernest Hemingway and his famous “baby shoes for sale”. Google it if you don’t know what it is about. Touching, eh? Learn more examples of the consistent writing from the best college essays editor!

In order to make your text more comprehensive, look for the longest and complicated sentences and longest paragraphs. In most of the cases, these will be your best candidates for simplification.

  • This is a pen and a pencil and dime
  • That belonged to a writer who was judged for his crime
  • That he committed on a farm on a hill
  • That belonged to a farmer and belongs to him still.

However, when simplifying, remember an important issue. Simplification makes your text more comprehensive, but usually it takes all of the emotion out of it. If you were writing a scientific essay, this would be just another benefit. That is why, even possessing the perfect writing skills, the professional writers never miss the opportunity to cooperate with the editor But in a literary essay or a political one, you might need the emotions to be a part of your essay. So, use the simplification tool wisely.

  • Do you wish tea or coffee?
  • Yes.

By the way, do you know the actual practices of simplification? If you don’t, check the next ones we outline. If you don’t, check them anyhow. Who knows, maybe you forgot some of them while editing your texts?

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1. Weeding out the unnecessary adverbs. Compare two phrases:

  • The adverbs usually highly complicate the understanding of most of the texts
  • The adverbs complicate the understanding of the texts

Which of the phrases do you like more? And what is the difference between them with regard to the meaning? That’s right, using too many adverbs complicates your text and makes it less pleasant to read. See how you can reach the smoothest execution of your text

2. Going active instead of passive. When writing, especially a scientific text, many writers tend to use the Passive Voice. It seems to be more formal and more polite as it implies no actual subject initiating the action.

  • Oh, what a pity! You’ve broken grandma’s favourite vase! What are you going to say?
  • I’ll say, “What a pity such a beautiful old vase has been made so fragile!”

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Passive Voice can be acceptable in an essay. It also fits well the scientific style. However, proportionally the Active Voice must prevail. Besides, using the Active Voice, you also provide more information regarding the issue and its cause:

  • The house was constructed and equipped.
  • The developer has built and equipped the house.

Learning grammar is important for your writing. However, there are other aspects to be counted upon when preparing your essay for submission. Check the plagiarism level of your text and learn how to avoid plagiarism in your writing!

3. Replacing the long words. The words having more than four syllables are considered long words. It is advisable to replace them with the shorter ones or give a comprehensive description:

  • Hey, dude! So, what’s the problem with my PC?
  • Nothing except it is superannuated.
  • I knew this Web virus was contagious!

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Avoid using too long and specific words even if you are sure your reader knows them well. The only exception is the technical terms that cannot be replaced or which description could be too spacious.

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4. Go real from the abstract. As much as possible, try to avoid using the abstract adjectives in your text. For the definition of the abstract adjectives, and comprehensive examples, try the top class paper editing website. The reason is that, usually, they do not bring any particular meaning but leave an empty impression.

  • The modern trend, the rich content, wide possibilities for you!
  • That’s the hipsters’, heavy and sagging sofa!

Using the specific adjectives will make your text sound more sensible. Avoiding the abstract ones will help to make it straight and comprehensive (just as this sentence).

Use the techniques we listed to ensure the best essay editing service for your essay! If you are having any problems with any of them, contact us whenever convenient! See the best guide to the rules of the English grammar on our website!

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Going editing online

Many students prefer the online automated editing programs to the manual editing by the human editors. There are many reasons standing behind such a decision. Let’s list the main ones and see which kind of the editing services is more fitting. Discussions about online editing and about the global problem of the automatization progress can be found in the special part of Essay-Editor’s blog.

1. Price – the live editing usually costs more than the editing performed by a program. Many of the programs are available online free of charge.

  • The lawyer’s advice is worthless until it is paid for.

While the online programs are quite good at spotting the petty mistakes and typos, their main drawback is the inability to control the sense of the text. That is why; the program most likely would not correct such typos as teeny garden (instead of tiny garden) or delivery of a parsley (instead of delivery of a parcel). Locate the collection of best advice for any of your editing needs  So, if you’ve chosen an online editing program as a means of editing for your text, the only way to ensure the editing is consistent and successful is to proofread the text upon the editing yourself.

To make your editing complete, perform the proofreading. Enhance your editing by learning the interesting facts about the essay proofreading!

2. Quickness of work – the live editing would take more time than the online one. However, this does not apply to the specific assignments. Having one at the moment and need to rewrite your assignments quickly? The solution is to be found via the link! The preference of the online program is justified not only by the time of work of the automated program compared to a human’s work, but also by the way the process is organized. Before getting down to editing, the human editor will discuss the conditions, wishes and other particulars of editing with you. There is no need for such preambles with the robot – you just submit your text, and get it back edited, in a while.

- A bachelor has bought a washer, dishwashing machine, a slow cooker and a robotic vacuum cleaner. Now, his chances to get married are next to zero!

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While the speed of editing is a highly important factor for meeting your deadlines, yet it will be very helpful to learn the way to write and type faster. Have plenty time for editing… and other things!

3. Easy access – the online program is always available (provided you’ve got an Internet connection). Check the easiest access to the mass of editing knowledge and practical skills!  The human editor can go to lunch, have a break or just have too much work. Besides, you’ve got to do more than few actions to find a suitable human editor and contact him or her.

  • I gave you my mobile number, my e-mail, my social network account and still you did not contact me!
  • That’s not true; I draw a sign on your door.

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Whatever is the type of essay editing services you have chosen for your text, remember that you are always welcome at Essay-Editor’s! We shall provide you full support for any issue regarding your text. Besides, our experienced student writers can give you useful; hints with regard to the improvement of your English writing. Get your best paper editing for cheap, and as fast as possible!

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