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Editor proofreader

Deciding to apply for the professional editing services, one usually considers many different parameters. They include the quality of the service, the reputation of the company, appealing qualities of the website, conditions of the service and so on. Meanwhile, we tend to forget that behind the impersonal matters such as “service”, “quality”, “fast performance” there is a figure of the human editor who is a source of all these parameters.

At Essay-Editor’s, though having a constant flow of the orders, we always strive to apply the individual approach to each customer and each request. Even the smallest detail you mention will be taken into account while processing your order. We maintain the high quality of our performance thanks to the professional qualities of our editors, including the attentive and caring attitude. With us, you can order any kind of the editing services, and for any paper. We perform proofreading and rewriting, deep editing and revision of academic and non-academic papers. We shall professionally edit and execute your documents, ensuring your impeccable image in the eyes of your employers. Enjoy the fastness of the proficient online copy editor at the democratic price!

On this page, we shall talk of the people who usually stay at the background of the editing, while their role is a primary one. Let us get to know them a bit closer!

Why going with the live editor proofreader?

The modern world tends to the depersonalization of the services. When we order online, we seldom think about the person who is looking at our order “from another side of the screen”. The communication follows the predictable patterns and features the cliché dialogues. I’d like to order the copy editing for my essay on Natural Science, how much would it cost? – Thank you for approaching us. Considering your constant customer’s discount, the price will be USD 5 per page. – That sounds plausible. Please accept the order. – Thank you for your order. It is taken into work. The editing will be completed until 20:00 Greenwich. – Huge thanks!

Though such dialogues seem quite normal nowadays, yet they are all alike and repeat themselves day by day. This leads to their automatization, when we produce them without even thinking about it. At this stage the function might be transmitted to the artificial intelligence. Have a dissertation project on the artificial intelligence issues? Secure the support of our highly competent dissertation editor and proofreader in advance and receive the impeccable service at a half-price!

There are many tasks the artificial intelligence can perform today, without human’s help. Automated processes at the factories, digital analytics, the navigation functions, even the autopilot functions. The digital technologies have penetrated almost into any sphere of our modern life. However, the language still keeps its positions as a purely human asset. The variety of the forms and their combinations, the constant creative flow of the words and notion, the mechanisms of cognition still stay beyond the reach of the scientists. (If you are writing a dissertation on the philosophic and ethical problems, do not hesitate to hire our dissertation editor to polish your writing. Proper proofreading will make your outstanding thesis a masterpiece!) Yet, some steps have been already taken in the direction of digitizing the human language and of the re-creation of the speech process. Today we can consult the digital dictionary for any word or word-combination we are not aware of; we can order the translation of some text online, via the automated program. Though such translation will not be perfect in terms of consistency and the speech etiquette, yet it will be quite possible to derive the text’s general sense.

But what about the editing? Browsing so many websites offering the online spelling check, punctuation correction, grammar mistakes’ rectification one might think that the structure of the language is completely digitized now. There is a comprehensive overview of the automated and manual techniques applied for working out the texts http://essay-editor.net/blog/professional-proofreading-vs-homemade-check featuring the most innovative procedures. Meanwhile, that is not the case. While some of the grammar and punctuation rules (for example, the concordance Verb – Pronoun endings (I go, you go, he goes etc.)) can be successfully relayed in the programming language, there are the ones that have too many exceptions and various interpretations to be described by the set algorithms. Such rule is, for example, the usage of the Modal verbs (must, may, would, could, should). While a program can have some examples of their usage in its database (for instance, it won’t mark as a mistake the word-combination We might), yet it would hardly recognize another form (e.g. We may) as more appropriate in the specific context (We certainly may come there today).

Besides, when dealing with the program, you have but little choice for the conscious correction of mistakes. The program is able to offer only the options prescribed in its algorithms. Search our blog’s recent entries for more information on the automated editing. For example, if you happened to use an overly formal phrase in your letter to a friend without intending to (e.g. On top of this), the program would scarcely mark such passage as a mistake. However, some modern editing programs possess the function of consulting different dictionaries. Thus, you might be offered a less formal analogue Furthermore, but only in case you request the synonyms to be represented.

Thus, while digital technologies and artificial intelligence develop rapidly, there is still room for a live editor and proofreader in the field of editing. And it is definitely not just a small corner, but rather a vast activity space. Let us summarize the advantages and drawbacks of the human editor and proofreader in comparison to the automated editing applications.

 Benefits you get when you choose a live editor for working with your texts:

  • Experience and flexibility. The live editor and proofreader is a human being who lives in the society of people. He or she talks, asks, answers, expresses emotions, receives feedback all the time – otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible for a person to work as an editor. Such experience of the social interaction allows the editor to be more or less on the same page with his or her customers. Recognizing the humor, jargon, word play, rhetoric questions, aphorisms requires constant social interaction. Such ability is available only to humans today. Enjoy all the advantages of dealing with the experienced human editor! Check the lowest fee-based proofreading and editing services for all types of papers! Apart from that, a human editor has another layer of his experience that turns valuable to a client. It is the experience in editing. While the program is set to fulfill a certain number of determined tasks, the human editor is able to combine the editing techniques and procedures, selecting the optimal way of the text upgrading. For instance, a live proofreader will never advise you to change your example of the colloquial speech (How ya doin) to the generally accepted form (How are you) as a program would. If you intended to write “The solvent produced a new effect” but instead made a mistype and have written “affect”, the program would not make a difference between these two phrases, as grammatically they do not differ much. However, a human editor would recognize the mistake immediately. Order top-quality proofreading services for students and try our editors! We guarantee no mistakes to be traced!
  • Comprehension. This feature is similar to the previous one, yet it has its distinctions. By the comprehension we imply first of all the understanding of the human nature and the insight penetration into the idea of the text. It is the acceptance of the writer’s idea of the text and upgrading the text with reference to this idea. Comprehension does not refer to the mistypes but is important when dealing with the stylistic and essential meaning mistakes. That is quite important when you contemplate about ordering such kind of editing as rewording, “I need to hire somebody to reword my paper”. It also means much in terms of the paper’s structure and consistency. Imagine that writing about the physical properties of the magnets you happened to be driven away from your subject (e.g. starting a discussion about the relevance of the magnetic field theory). Then you turn back to the magnets and just state something like “So, the magnets can differ by the material and their properties”. A clumsy ending, isn’t it? Yet it would never be recognized as such by the automated editing program. Even if some discrepancy in terms would be indicated, the program shall not be able to offer an adequate substitute. Meanwhile, the experienced and comprehending human proofreader would suggest keeping the passage about the magnetic field (provided it is relevant for the paper) but placing it in another chapter of the text. Thus, the structure and consistency of the text, as well as the idea development would be improved.

Looking for the optimal ways to rewrite your essay? Consider the best framework of cooperation http://essay-editor.net/blog/why-do-people-use-essay-editing-services for the most democratic cost on the entire Internet!

  • Creative approach. Again, this characteristic (the advantageous one) of the live editor includes the two previously mentioned features. Check the creativity basic features and principles. Creative approach implies that the editor is able to produce new patterns, new technologies, new procedures basis the given text. For that, the editors and proofreaders use the data and skills they have in their possession. Basically, such skills are formed as a result of their previous editing experience. Yet, they can also be inspired by some new information the editor gets, either from the text itself or from another source. In most of the times, such approach is required when dealing with the neologisms. For example, describing someone as “entirely 404 in linguistics” means speaking about the person’s scarce knowledge in the linguistic field. At the same time, while the neologism is not yet fixed in the vocabularies, the editing program’s database would consider it as an alien element or simply ignore it. The instruments of the data collection and working out with regard to some unrecognizable item are available to humans only. Get on with our creative yet meticulous proof readers online! We boast more than 95% of client’s satisfaction!
  • Live communication. While the live communication features a lot of hindrances and filters standing in the way of the transition of the information, it stays the most effective type of communication available today. Browse the posts on the successful communication and other interesting topics on our blog. We perceive a large amount of the additional information when dealing with someone directly, face to face. Intonation, gestures, position of the body, distance between the talkers and many other factors tell us a lot about our interlocutor and his or her disposition towards us, the subject of the conversation and the situation in a whole. We lose a great deal of this information when we have no sight of our interlocutor. Enhance your English communication by means of communicative technique of training the English language. And we are unable to influence anything when we deal with the program. The automated program follows strictly the patterns it has prescribed by the algorithms. The unusual request like “Could you work out my introduction essay and challenge its colloquial style” would return nothing more than “Error request” on the part of the program. Dealing with the automated editing is also difficult for the non-native English speakers, as the content of the text might be erroneously deciphered by the program, as well as the editing results may be unclear to the customer. Select the comprehensive-speaking editor for editing and proofreading your essay in English!

We’ve set out the advantages of the live editor as opposite to the automated editing application. However, there is another side of the coin as well. Let’s consider what possible obstacles and dubious situations might arise if you choose to cooperate with the live editor and proofreader instead of the well-compound editing program. Steaming up to the next clause!

When the live editor fails

Editor proofreader

We talked above about the advantages of dealing with a human instead of a robot, with regard to the working out of the written texts. However, the text itself is a product of the human cognition, intended for the comprehension by the other humans. An interesting overview of dealing with the possible arguments of the readers of your text is outlined here http://essay-editor.net/blog/assignment-proofreading-service--less-bother-more-result. As such, the text has a number of set conditions and rules prescribing its form and structure. These rules are combined into such chapters of the linguistic science as “Grammar”, “Style”, “Phonetics / Spelling” and so on. Adhering to the rules is obligatory if you want your text to be properly perceived and understood by others. And that is where a good opportunity for the programs using the set algorithms arises. Try our grammar and punctuation editing services in order to save your time and funds!

Let us outline the chief distinctions between the automatic and live working out of the texts, stressing on the weak spots of the latter:

  • Speed of performance. While sound experience and profound knowledge of the language’s structural and functional aspects provide the live editor with the benefit of checking the texts quickly and efficiently, yet the speed of the human reaction cannot be put on the same line with the machine performance. Let us test this suggestion. Simply read the following phrase: Dehumanisation become the capitale trend at a moderne world. Now correct the mistakes you have found (we’ve no doubt you have done it already). Now, how much time did you spend on that? Just a few seconds? The automated program does that for a fraction of a second! And the result, in this case, will be quite correct and precise. When you were reading the word moderne, the program could be checking its fiftieth sentence! Get your essay revised the quickest the professional work can allow! Order the revision from our top-notch academic editors!

Going to have your text checked quickly and for the affordable cost? See what you need to get a reasonable cost for proofreading college papers! We guarantee the highest quality of performance and the fastest operation possible!

By the way, if you strive to improve your grammar, you might be interested in learning about the most common grammatical errors and the ways to overcome them. Start your English improvement today!

That’s why, if you are confident in your writing and your grammar and need a quick result, it might be advisable to use the online editing program instead of approaching a live editor. Besides, contacting the editor also takes time. The conditions of the order processing, the particular issues of the editing, the payment mode must be discussed beforehand. So, speed definitely does not score additional points to human editors in the current competition. However, the other advantages of the human editor can still turn your decision in favour of the proficient English editors available online.

  • Accuracy. Another point where the machine succeeds is the preciseness of its verification. The programming apparatus checks each symbol (even a space) and never fails to report a discrepancy between its database and the analyzed text. Look at the following phrase: Kenneth grasped a huge dough and threw it to the busches. How many mistakes have you found? There are two of them: dough that must read bough; and to, which must be substituted with into or onto or at. Oh yes, there is another one in the word busches c is an extra letter here. The psychological studies tell us that when we concentrate on one task, we are able to omit the discrepancies relating to other tasks.  See the list of the key reasons to use editing services. Besides, when we encounter similar or repeating mistakes in a row for some time, we can well pass by the other mistakes not noticing them. We are also able to correct the similar pattern automatically, without thinking of its relevance for the text. For example, imagine that we read a text where the articles are put wrong all the time. Coming to the phrase A linguistic technique of a content analysis provides us with the valuable benefits in this case we shall most likely “correct” both articles there are, without paying attention to the irrelevance of the first a and quite founded position of the second one.

Let us introduce our blog for editing in English, also featuring the samples of the accurate and impeccable writing. Make use of the free of charge entries!

There is no such thing with the automated editing. Machines do not get tired, sick, distracted or simply reluctant to do something. They analyze each symbol they are provided with and produce the best result set by their algorithms. This would make them invaluable proofreaders, if only the words heir and hair weren’t the same for them. When applying to the online editing, always remember to verify the check results manually, in order to avoid embarrassing passages like the persistence of the circuit, the violators will be fine or exist this way (instead of exit this way).

  • Communication flaws. In the previous clause, we mentioned the lack of the proper communication as a drawback due to the impossibility to argue the results of the editing and adjust them in some way. However, in order to provide an optimal result, communication should be properly organized. We already mentioned that different filters apply to our everyday communication. It is particularly true for the exchanges performed through e-mail, chat or any other writing form of interaction. Another kind of filters preventing us from understanding each other properly is the way of providing the information. Imagine you know very little about the English grammar and have never had a chance to talk about editing the English texts. Get the professional essays editing and proofreading supported by the perfect communication skills of our editors! Meanwhile, you apply to the editor asking to proofread your text and receive a reply like The overall structure of your text is acceptable, yet there are certain discrepancies in the concordance of the Verb – Pronoun pairs. Besides, the syntactic structure of the sentence must be paid a closer attention. With regard to the punctuation, we recommend the usage of the separating punctuation marks like semicolon for the long sentences featuring the lists. Such advice would hardly be understood properly, and thus turns out entirely useless. Meanwhile, a human editor might have his or her own communication flaws that might lead to poor understanding and dissatisfaction. For example, the editor might be too brief in his analysis and recommendations: The text is of a middle quality. Rewriting is needed. (By the way, the article rewriting service of the premium quality can be ordered in a wink on our website) Otherwise, to the contrary, too wordy yet superfluous: The topic is chosen perfectly and relayed in a good way. There are some deficiencies in generally good grammar and punctuation, as well as there is a need for the changes of the text structure due to its slightly improper vocabulary and the difficulty of understanding.

Don’t forget your own communication patterns when contacting the editor. In order to ensure the enjoyable cooperation and the perfect result, take a second to browse through the rules for showing politeness in your speech.

The communication component is limited to the maximum in the online editing. You simply insert your text and give the program an order to verify it. You get the result and cannot argue it. If you wish to know more than the data provided by the program, you can browse the printed sources, the Internet for answers to your questions. Sometimes such mode of editing might be quite acceptable.

  • Cost. The last but not the least factor is the cost of the editing. This aspect might turn out even as the most important and decisive one. Discover the ways to proofread your texts at the modest price http://essay-editor.net/blog/cheap-proofreading--friend-or-foe with an impeccable quality of service. Online editing is usually available free of charge, but only to some extent. The website might be limiting the number of symbols you can check simultaneously, or grant free access only to a part of its functions. Usually, the full functional services are available only against the payment that might be performed in different ways. For example, you can buy the monthly access to the program or just pay to unlock a certain function (e.g. punctuation immediate correction). A certain benefit of such framework is your ability to apply the function you pay for to the different texts of yours. With the live editor, you will pay for each editing procedure and each text separately. Besides, in most of the cases the price will be higher. However, you will get the benefits that we outlined in the previous chapter of the present post. So, it is up to you to decide whether you are happy with the machine accurate and quick editing, which, at the same time, does not encompass all the aspects of the human language and its structural and functional peculiarities. Otherwise, be ready to spend a bit more time and funds for the quality working out of your text by the human editor. We offer the fastest and low-priced dissertation proofreading service with experienced UK proofreaders! Hurry up to catch your best price offer!

Summarizing, the live editing has its drawbacks that can be described in terms of finance, time and communication. The accuracy of the editing performance depends on the conditions of the editor’s work, his or her knowledge and experience, and also the time limit set for the order. In this regard, for each single text of yours a different kind of the editing (machine / human) might provide different results.

Going to perform the writing and editing yourself? Take a page from the perfect editing examples for writing offered for free on our web page!

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What to look for in your editor and proofreader

Editor proofreader

Now that we identified the strong and weak spots of the human editor in comparison to the automated editing program, let us imagine we decided to support the humanistic ideas and hire a live editor for our text. Still, just having solved one problem we passed on to another. There are plenty of offers both on the Web and on advertising boards and other sources. For instance, “order the college essay editing service in 24/7 mode”. Whom to choose and how to evaluate the credibility of the editor?

Anyhow, the level of the editor and proofreader’s professionalism can be estimated only by the results of his or her work – by the text edited. However, some of the editor’s key qualities can be represented at the very beginning of the communication – during the order’s placement and preliminary consulting.

Let’s outline these qualities and find out together how they could be revealed during the initial communication with the editor.

1. Accuracy. We talked a lot about this feature above, and its importance for the linguistic working out of the text. However, accuracy cannot apply only to the editor’s performance and not be reflected in his or her other activities. When you lodge your first order or make inquiries with regard to the proofreading of your texts, pay attention to the way you are replied. Consider the way of the information representation, its contents and structure, its relevance to your request. It is a good sign if all the questions you put have been answered, even with the mediatory reply like We shall count the cost and revert. In this case, also estimate how much time has it taken to answer your request, whether the editor keeps his or her promise (if any have been made). For example, if you put a request like “Reword my paper at a reasonable price” the editor must pay attention to the particulars and immediately inform you about the availability of the rewording services, as well as about the approximate prices for it. Needless to say, no mistakes are allowed in the editor’s correspondence.

Accuracy is important in many other spheres, apart from science. When writing a business e-mail, consider the smart business letter writing tips provided in one of our recent posts. Be social and maintain the etiquette, never losing your own style!

2. Analytical mind. Certain occupations require the determined type of the mind composure / way of thinking. By that, we mean the opposition of the analytical and synthetic mind processes. While the synthetic mind is very important for all the creative occupations that imply the grasping of the object in its wholeness (like Art and Music), the analytical mind must be applied to the professions where the details have the primary value. The editing, though needing the synthetic approach as well, mostly requires the analytical mind features. Separation, categorization and adherence to the rules are the prime qualities in this profession. For checking the type of thinking of your editor, you can also refer to the information you already have from him or her. Find out all about the ways to estimate your editor, with the help of the Services subdivision of our electronic journal!  Estimate this information as to its consistency, structure, order in which it is organized. If the questions you put are represented in the same order, each supported by the constructive reply, if the new information is organized in the way that the basic things go first and then the particulars follow, if similar questions are grouped into a single cluster – then you deal with the person who possesses an analytical mind. 

Need help to train your analytical mind and memorize English vocabulary quickly? Consult our blog and get additional assistance from our staff, if needed!

3. Psychological qualities / orientation. The modern psychology provides various grounds for classification of the human’s psychic and behavior. You can estimate yourself and your acquaintances by the type of temperament, psychological accentuation, type of character, social qualities and so on. Most of them are irrelevant to the editing. It means that the editor might be introversive or extroversive, a choleric or a phlegmatic, emotional or logical, practical or theoretical – and still be a good and professional editor and proofreader. Find out about the psychological features helping to edit your text properly http://essay-editor.net/blog/a-tricky-task--how-to-proofread-my-document-properly and become an editor yourself! Still, we’d like to stress on the classification based on the person’s practical orientation. Mainly, it can be of two types: orientation on the object (in case of editing it will be grammar, spelling, punctuation, lexis and so on) and on the person (in our case, the customer). See the smart post on how to upgrade your punctuation skills and not to become a bookworm! This is a fundamental distinction as it outlines the way the result of the editing will be represented. If the editor is oriented on the customer and his or her needs, he will apply all efforts to preserve the authenticity of the text and its style, sometimes even at expense of some minor deficiencies in the text’s structure and grammar. Such editor will not correct your long descriptions and flowery passages. As you might guess, such an editor is perfect for proofreading any of the fiction texts, free style essays and even for some admission essays. Ensure you have a real value when you pay for your admissions essays editing.

The editor who is oriented on the object of his work will never allow any grammatical mistake in your text. He will scrupulously weed out all the elements that threat the text’s consistency and adherence to the rules. Such editors are invaluable at proofreading the documents of any kind, dissertation and diploma works, academic papers in general. Visit our website today and order the proofreading services of a high quality!

These qualities can be estimated at the very first stage of the discussion of your order. Even certain phrases can indicate the person’s orientation. The rules prescribe, it is not grammatical, the lexis is inappropriate witness the object orientation. Meanwhile, an interesting topic, unusual style, would you like to amend [some text] confirm the editor is inclined to be oriented primarily on the customer. The object orientation reveals itself in the strict affirmative phrases and suggestions that are close to the orders: Correction must be done in this chapter, the Sequence of Tenses rule is not adhered to. The customer-oriented editor would put it like There are corrections recommended; the Tenses will be adjusted provided your approval and so on.

4. Knowledge of the topic. The editor might be a real professional having a sound experience in all kinds of editing, but his or her value for your particular text also depends on the level of his or her knowledge of its topic. If the theme of your paper is generally known (like Main Principles of the Scientific Analysis), then you can entrust it to any editor provided you trust his skills and experience. Select only the most skillful academic editing services! However, if it is highly specific (like Chemical Composition of the High-Resistant Materials), it is better to look for the editor who is aware of at least the parental topic (in our case, Chemical Composition). The reason is, specific essays and reports usually feature a lot of the specific terminology, known only to the people who are occupied within the sphere. Such spheres also often have its own jargon that might be incomprehensible to outsiders, yet acceptable for the description of the processes within the sphere. At Essay-Editor’s, the most competent and knowledgeable research paper editor is always at your service! For example, the word ship in the maritime sphere is often applied to the passenger and navy ships, while for the cargo ones the word vessel is considered as more appropriate. The different fields of science also feature their own abbreviations that also require specific knowledge for the appropriate deciphering and usage. Consider the phrase We’ve got BGP result in the end of the search. In order to proofread correctly we’ve got to determine whether we need a dash between BGP and result, which is possible only if knowing that BGP stands for Bad Gateway Protocol. Thus, sometimes the knowledge of the topic might serve as the predominant feature in your choice of an editor.

5. Experience and its quality. When choosing between two specialists, one of whom has brilliant education but zero practical experience, another having mediocre education but vast experience of working in the field, whom would you choose? Probably, the least expensive one. Compare the modern proofreading companies http://essay-editor.net/blog/proofreading-companies-pros-and-cons with regard to their performance, cost and attitude to clients. But mainly, in the applied spheres like editing we rely on the experience. In the meantime, such feature as the quality of the experience has to be taken into account as well. By this, we imply the working with the texts different with regard to their both theme and difficulty. The ability to cover different topics and to apply various editing techniques is a highly valuable asset for an editor. If you are offered to use the services of an editor who has many years of experience in working exclusively with the academic papers on some predetermined thematic (e.g. Philosophy), while you need to rewrite your college admission essay, it is advisable to look for another editor. Otherwise, follow our hints for writing A+ essay and save your time and funds! Preferably the one having wider range of services and working with different topics, even if his or her experience would be less impressive. Thus, such indicator as diversity of editor and proofreader’s experience is important and must be taken into account.

The editor’s performance might be estimated by numerous parameters and applying different criteria of estimation. Meanwhile, for each individual case, different factors might turn out to be decisive. In some circumstances, the specialization of the editor might play the main part. In others, price would be the determining factor. Meanwhile, at Essay-Editor’s, we offer the best prices for the thesis editing and proofreading service. Apply now! It might also happen that the tight schedule and approaching deadline will bring the time limit into the focus. However, it is important to remember to check at least the key indicators of the editor’s performance and to be confident in his or her professionalism.

In this post, we discussed the main distinctions between the automated and human-powered editing in terms of the performance success and client satisfaction. Get the most innovative and fast proofreading and editing services for students, for the dumping price! It is impossible to take any part entirely in this opposition, as both types of editing can serve different targets and each can turn out optimal for a specific case. The decision, as always, is up to you!

If you plan to go with the human editor, consider the December discounts on Essay-Editor’s website! Apart from the attractive prices, we offer an impeccable performance and full information support for each customer. Our staff consists of the knowledgeable and experienced editors having diverse experience and skillful at the different editing techniques. We highly value your time and always aim at the fastest performance possible, with no losses as to the quality of the editing. We shall revise, proofread, rewrite your text within the minimum period of time. One of our most appealing offers is to rewrite an essay within 24 hours. Our editors are mainly client-oriented, so you may be sure your individual style will be preserved, while the grammar of your text will be indisputably correct. The diversity and flexibility are the key notions in our performance. Check for yourself browsing our electronic blog covering the most important and actual issues in editing. If you are fond of the English language, do not miss the subdivision dedicated to English grammar and practical usage of the language. Want to propose a new topic or discuss some post? Sign up within 1 minute and let’s start a discussion!

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