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Did you happen to write your college essay close to the deadline? Be it the case, there is no time left to check what you actually wrote. However, if your writing skills are above the medium level, you might relax and forget the scruples regarding the consistency, logical flow and the staff alike. Yet, there is a point that might play a joke even with the experienced writers.

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Grammar correction is the most frequent task a proofreader performs. Here we shall talk about the ways to correct the grammar properties of your text online and estimate the convenience of such a service.

Grammar checking inside out

Before discussing the particulars of the grammar check, it is advisable to determine the notion. Indeed, when we say, “grammar” or “check the grammar”, quite a different meaning might be implied.

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Many times, stating the grammar of the text is bad; we mean not only the endings, the Tenses’ correlation or the word order. Mostly, under “grammar” we imply a whole complex of the linguistic aspects of the text. Incorrect syntax, word order, punctuation marks, improper wording (by meaning or by style) and so on. Meanwhile, by another interpretation, the term “grammar” includes only the morphological and semantic aspects. In this case, the grammar check would include only the proper usage of the word categories (Adverbs, Particles, Verb+Noun correlations and so on). Basis the academic definition of the grammar, the first interpretation corresponds to the scientific approach. It is also used by the professional editors in their work.

The English language, as any other one, has its specifics with regard to the grammar. That is why, having applied to the papers editing in the UK, you will undoubtedly receive the most professional linguistic services. We do it naturally!

The grammar check in the English language includes the search for mistakes by the following parameters:

  • Usage of the Parts of the Speech. If your essay features a passage The lab test fail to prove the initial theory, there is a possibility for the fail to be a Noun or an incorrectly used Verb (in the Past Tense it should read like failed). To define what Part of the Speech to be used is a task of grammar. Or, rather, of the writer who should know the grammar. Sometimes, such choice is not an easy one to make as it requires deep knowledge of the English grammar. If your text is too bulky, use the paragraph rewriting service for a better result. For example, when you choose the form in order to express the action by other means than the Verb. You can use a Verbal Noun, a Gerund, an Infinitive, a Participle and so on. The correct choice depends on the situation described and on other Parts of Speech used. For example, if there is already one Infinitive used, it is preferable to select another Part of Speech. Still, in some cases, using two Infinitives in a row might be acceptable.

We need to find a place to keep the practical materials in.

They ought to represent the evidence in order to prove their suggestions.

The correct choice of the Part of the Speech might depend on several factors. In order to make a right decision, a substantial knowledge of the grammar rules is required. For your reference, see the list of the complex Tenses in English. Be ready for any turn of your conversation!

As you might have noticed, the languages differ by their grammar but many have the similar word roots. That’s quite an essential issue, as many words with similar roots have various tints of meaning in the different languages. For example, the root –pretend- is associated with the meaning of “claiming something” in the Russian language. Get the support of the professional online proofreading services for the timely detection of such mistakes.

  • Conjugation of Verbs. A Verb is a central part of any phrase. That is due to its relation to the action. In the English language, the Verbs might have different endings and different forms with regard to other words they relate to / actual situation they describe. The English Verbs vary depending on the number of the actors they correspond (one or many), their relation to the speaker (I, she or they) and the Tense they embody. Besides, the way the Conjugation is expressed might be different. The Tense can be expressed by the addition of the –ed ending or by changing the inner structure of the Verb (e.g. sink – sank – sunk). Sometimes, it can be illustrated by the non-changing form (e.g. bet – bet – bet).

I bet my essay would earn the highest grade.

You bet!

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Besides, the Conjugation also shows some specific parameters. For example, it demonstrates the fact of the action completion during a certain time period, or of its absence.

The gravitation has been turned off, and the future astronauts almost fell.

They hadn’t felt the push, though.

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Conjugation is also connected with the Passive / Active Voice of the Verb, which represents the subject of the sentence as an actor or a recipient of the action.

I never use the Passive Voice.

Then, you probably never write an autobiography.

Why is that?

Well, one always starts like, “I was born …”

Conjugation also embodies such category as Mood. It reflects the status of the action with regard to the reality and the speaker’s wish. As such, it can be Imperative (when the speaker orders something), Indicative (when the speaker states the fact) and Subjunctive (when the speaker is not sure or describes his or her wish). Learn the way to use the Indirect Speech correctly.

Teacher: Define the Mood in the following sentence,

“Mary cried, and ordered more handkerchiefs from her servant”

Student: the Mood is rather sad.

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  • Agreement and the order of the words. When you know what you want to say, which Part of Speech you need to use and what Verb Conjugation suits it perfectly, you’ve got to solve the final issue. How to make it all sound like a sentence? If you experience difficulties with relaying your thoughts in English, the first step would be to organize your ideas. Check out the way to say more with fewer words and always be ready for your English conversation!

In order to find a solution, you’ve got to know the principles of the Parts of Sentence coordination and the word order rules.

Incorrect order the word is.

Grossly, there are two types of the word order in the English sentence: standard and non-standard one. The standard order goes like Subject – Predicate – Direct Object.

This sentence has the correct word order.

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The non-standard order concerns the cases when other parts of the sentence are inserted between Subject and Predicate, or between Predicate and Direct Object. These can be the Indirect Object (without the particle  to):

The teacher showed his colleagues the best essay of his student.

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The Adverbs that characterize the frequency of the action can also be met in the different parts of the sentence:

My grammar sometimes fails to correspond to the English rules.

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Finally, the change of the word order might be dictated by the aesthetic or stylistic motive. Some styles of writing (e.g. poetry) demand for the specific way of expression. In order to check the style of your business correspondence, use the paper proof reading services. The highest quality is guaranteed!

Here, the change of the word order does not perform any function except that of the aesthetic perception and stylistic correlation. Sometimes such way of speech is used in order to imitate a lofty style:

Jason, why did you fail the Straight Speech test?

It easy not to succeed in what you know not.

Oh, I see.

The punctuation is often considered during the grammar check of the English text. Still, it makes a separate clause of the language system and must be dealt with directly. Get all needed assistance for the punctuation in your English paper!

Thus, though a grammar might seem quite a difficult issue demanding a thorough study, generally it just means three things: correct choice, proper usage, right order. Tick each point, and your essay will have a perfect execution. All these factors are taken into account in the editing of the college essays. As a result, the essay is estimated high due to its correspondence with the teacher’s best expectations. Order one now!

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Why checking the spelling?

Grammar is the word that makes many people who are not friends with linguistics, shiver and instantly perform a Google search of the “grammar checker”. Above we have discussed the issues that relay to the English grammar and the way to address them. Start with the general tips on learning the foreign language. However, grammar check is useless without prior spelling correction. Surprised? Let’s see if we can prove it.

If you wish your articles, literary works or other writing works were elegant and light yet not trifling, you need to train your writing skills. For support, contact the leading proof reading company in the USA. However, if you prefer an academic strictness and sharpness in your business proceedings, consider following the UK English style. Remember, the final choice is always up to you!

Spelling is the way to write or articulate the word letter by letter. In this way, you affirm that is the word you meant and there is no mistake in it. Spelling check implies the inspection of the text and searches for the incorrectly written words and their correction.

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Spelling check is considered a simple proofreading operation, and students often trust the free online programs to perform their essay’s check.

Did you check your spelling?

Yes. I USD the beast pro gram!

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Though the mentioned misspelling (or, rather, an incorrect spelling) is highly improbable, yet the computer still cannot be trusted completely in a performance of the spelling. The reasons are:

1. Online checker database can be incomplete. Though modern computational linguistic technologies have been recently boosted, yet a system is not able yet to work out all the rules and make an algorithm applicable to all cases. This happens due to the conditional character of many of the grammar rules. For example, an Imperative Mood can be expressed by different means and its basic form (e.g. Show.) is similar to the short infinitive form (like in a sentence Students must show the results of their practical work by the end of the term). At the same time, different Parts of Speech might be expressed by the same form (Show must go on). Thus, the usage of other words next to them might vary. The program would hardly trace such a case. Should a mistake be made, the program would not correct it.

The Chief show us quite useful for cook apprentices. (is)

The chief shows use full cooking tricks to the apprentices. (useful)

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2. The homonyms. These are the words that are written similarly but have a different meaning (like the bark of the tree and the dog’s bark). Due to the complex nature of the language, it is not easy to translate homonyms’ usage into the program algorithm. There is always a good chance to miss something essential. That is why homonyms usually are perceived by the program in the diversity of their meanings. It is up to writer and reader to decide which meaning should be used.

Did Cromwell bear the title at the time of his reign?

Oh no, the beast would have eaten him!

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3. Specific cases. Sometimes, a writer might use the word in some unusual sense. It might serve the aim of the word play (This stock of lobsters made quite different cattle of fish), some stylistic technique (The shack was unkempt, unlived, unlooked after), individual usage (Professor Caiche filled the form). When the usage of the word and its form are prescribed by the actual situation it relates to, it is called pragmatics. Pragmatics might encompass all the diversity of the world around and as such, cannot be foreseen by the online programs.

The clasps have stuck in the shell.

The clamps have stuck in the shoal.  

The Clamps have stuck in the shale.

The examples show three different meanings that might be assigned to the similar sentences. The correct usage and spelling in each sentence depend on the actual situation and things that act there.

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As we see, it is quite manageable to check grammar and spelling by means of the special utility on the Web or of the downloaded application. At the same time, using such method one’s got to realize it is not 100% reliable. There are still many cases where the electronic system might fail. That is why, while performing the automatic check, do not grudge the time and effort to browse the text yourself. Or engage a professional for it. With our tailor-made academic essay editing, you can conquer any sphere by simply writing about it! Try it immediately!

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