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In the current post, we shall talk about the ways to proofread your essay and make it an ideal piece of writing. We’ll discuss the optimal ways to organize the editing and share our own developments with you.

Preparing for the thorough essay proofread

The task of proofreading might seem discouraging, especially for the non-native English speaker. Yet, as well as in any other field, the first step turns out to be the hardest. Meanwhile, we’ve prepared some tips for you to pace up through this stage lightly. In the long perspective, it is advisable to enhance your level of the English language and enrich your English vocabulary. See the way to learn new English words quickly and become confident in your English speaking! In the short perspective, you can do the following.

Not having enough time to perform the proofreading of your text? Often suffer the lower grades than your essay deserves, because of missing the proofreading stage and letting in the mistakes? Find the optimal rules for your time management, and have plenty time for proofreading – or anything else you need in your life!

Editing is a creative task. Though the language rules are outlined sternly, the language and speech stay the most flexible and changing means of communication. The combination of the words and patterns, the words’ play, the culture-based texts, jokes etc. make the task of adjusting the language of your text quite a creative process. Get the most creative academic editing and proofreading assistance at the moderate cost! Your essay will be unique and unusual! An editor cannot be just a rules’ checking machine, following all the grammar rules. Be it so, you might find quite interesting passages in the final version of your essay.

Man! That freelance editor drives me crazy!

Why’s that? He seems quite respectable.

Too respectable! He edited my letter to my grandma, starting it with

“Dear Ms. Gran” and put a phrase “I will repatriate” instead of “I’ll be back”!

Well, with the autocorrect, you would get “Dead Ms. Grab” and “I’ll be black”.

In order to avoid blushing for your text’s mistakes (though, sometimes, funny ones), never forget to proofread it before sending or submitting. Take a break and smile at the funny mistakes in writing other people often perform. Have your napkins ready as you might need to wipe away the laughter tears!

Proofreading might seem quite an easy task. Many people assume that proofreading is nothing else but reading the text again and correcting the typos. Such words might cause an involuntary smile on the face of the professional editor who knows that proofreading is as vast as all the editing. Pay for the professional proofreading in the UK and get your essay performed in the best English tradition!

Proofreading includes:

  • Correction of the punctuation flaws;
  • Adjustment of grammar forms;
  • Improvement of the text’s outlook and “sound”
  • Harmonization of all the parts of the text

A thorough and efficient proofreading requires more than just reading the text. In order to perform the proofreading professionally, you’ve got to enhance your knowledge first. It concerns not only the grammar rules but also the knowledge of your own style, typical patterns etc. Correct grammar and punctuation, as well as revise your text in a professional way, with the assistance of the top-quality editor!

In order to organize your proofreading and build a smart scheme for this process, use the following advice:

1. Make an analysis. Check your works on different topics and written at different periods of time. Quite often, such self-inspection might reveal the repeated patterns that disorganize the style of your essay, or typical mistakes.

Do you often make grammar mistakes in your essays?

No, only when writing them.

2. Learn what the style is. There are words that can be dubious in their interpretation or even have multiple meaning when used by different people. Pay attention that these words are not homophones. Learn the definition of the homophones and you will see that they are quite a different kettle of fish. A large quantity of such words belongs to the sphere of politics (reforms, democracy, restoration of rights etc.) However, even in colloquial speech there are many such words. For instance, fashionable, a bit of smth (everyone assumes his or her own quantity for this word combination), afternoon (for some people, this time starts around 10 a.m., for others – at 5 p.m.). The Style is among such words.

With regard to the language, the style is sometimes understood as the usage of certain words. For example, sayings (Early bird catches the worm) or set expressions (wipe the floor with someone), or cursing.

Can’t get rid of those cursing words. Darn it!

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Meanwhile, a concept of the “style” describes two types of notions:

A style is the functional set of language phrases and overall construction of the text. Such styles are divided into the colloquial style (featuring considerable liberty of choosing the words and phrases, as well as of their combinations), speaker style (being more strict and formal), business style (balancing between formal and informal patterns, a rather flexible style), scientific (very formal style, featuring a lot of set patterns and specialized terms) and so on.

Not sure if your essay fits the requirements of the academic style? Hire somebody skilled and experienced to revise your essay – and adjust the style!

A style is the individual set of the language phrases and language techniques. For instance, someone’s style may be using the mix of the functional styles or sayings.

Thus, a bipolar stepper motor turns out to be ineffective for the task of the dehydration. That’s what I say.

To find out more about the writing style and the appropriate usage of the language patterns, check the Chicago Manual of Style (free of charge registration might be needed to enter). There you can also check and revise the most popular stylistic mistakes, as well as the recommendations from the professional linguists. Use tips and ideas provided there.

3. Distance yourself from your work before proofreading it. Take a break and drink coffee or do some other pleasant thing – everything that would make you forget for a while about your essay. In this way, you will be able to have “a look from the outside” and estimate your work more critically.

Hey, I ‘ve found this sheet of paper lying right beneath your window.

Oh, thank you. We had to take a break from each other.

Upon taking a break, check if anything has changed in your view. Can you rename your essay? Can you put a smart question to it? Can you rewrite an essay and make it better? If yes, then you are on the right track.

4. Make use of the innovations and developments. The computer science is engaged not only in developing the cyber intellect but also in making the current technologies more fir and comfortable for users. If you work in Microsoft Word, while proofreading your essay, make use of the following handy properties:

“Monitor changes” function. When you’ve spotted a mistake and corrected it, the system remembers both the corrected text and the original one. Upon request, you can see the original text and the correction spots highlighted. This function is highly useful for the writers not having sufficient knowledge of the English grammar and the ones that often change their ideas.

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“Highlight text” function. Use it for marking the dubious spots in your essay. In this way, you will be able to deal with all the mistakes you spotted, without overlooking any of them.

Got a good idea for your assignment but do not know the way to implement it? Find a comprehensive explanation and make mistakes no more! Only grammatical text with!

These four steps will allow you to get prepared for the proofreading of your essay. However, it is not worth the time and effort saying A and not saying B. In the next chapter, we shall discuss briefly, how the proofreading actually goes. Stay with us!

Closer to the point – performing the proofreading

When you have performed a preparation and set yourself on proofreading your essay, here again, there are certain rules and tips allowing you to do it faster and more efficient. Let’s follow the scheme.

1) Read the text critically, checking its overall structure. The word-combination “critical reading” is similar to the type of words we have already discussed above – the ones having different meanings for each individual. See the general understanding of the critical reading and learn the principles and techniques!  Estimate the consistency; make sure the principal idea is clearly outlined. See if it is supported by the sufficient proof, and if it is arranged systematically. Ensure each paragraph has its own idea and the logical connections between the paragraphs are valid. In case one idea is described in two or more paragraphs, ensure that each paragraph depicts a single aspect, different from other paragraphs.

The economic system of the country is built on the following principles …

The Priority principle foresees …

The Complexity principle means …

The Economic expedience principle is used …

The paragraphs diffuse and clash and you cannot do anything about it? Cannot derive a single idea out of them? Use the benefits of the optimal paragraph rewriting service and see how clear your ideas might be represented!

Pay attention that the form of the paragraph must not make the unified sample. Use different words in order to describe the similar sense. For that, check the synonyms vocabulary and pick the matching synonyms. You can also use different techniques for diversifying your text and implementing different phrases. Check the most successful techniques on our linguistic-oriented blog.

2) Validate the content. Upon reading your essay, ask yourself “What is it about?” If you fail to answer or think of more than two not closely related ideas at once, it means that the content should be revised. For your guidance, see the structure of the content of the essay as prescribed by the general academic writing rules.

At the same time, if the above test is passed successfully, there is another pitfall that might await you – the ampleness of content. Estimate it by judging if the task that implies the main idea of the text has been efficiently fulfilled. See that the information is represented clearly. Look for the spots where some additional explanation or illustration is needed; strengthen them by providing the required data. Check the most efficient ways to enhance your style and logical consistency - be the first in the list of the top students!

Make notes with the pencil. This will help you not only find the problem spots faster but also analyze the gaps and maybe introduce some systematic solution. For example, finding out that the descriptions of the properties of the object need illustrations, you might look for the sufficient examples for all further descriptions as well.

The emotions of the people in the social interaction can be divided into: … – Note: make a scheme.

The positive emotions favor strengthening of the communication. – Note: develop the thought. List the positive emotions.

The stable emotions tend to rise and falls. – Note: show on the diagram.

3) Estimate the structure of the essay. In order to do it properly and not miss the potentially overlooked flaws, you can use the urgent performance option we provide. “I need immediate editor’s help to reword my work!” and we are there for you. For validating the structure of your essay, implement the following technique. While reading your essay, compile a plan of it by marking an idea of each paragraph. In this way, you’ll be able to estimate the consistency of the paragraphs, too. Ensure each paragraph has its own idea that does not repeat in the next or previous paragraphs. Be it the case, check if the idea is related in the same way, or, maybe, some substantial clarifications and / or additional data are introduced. See if one of the paragraphs can be deleted without harming the overall meaning of the text. Try to unite the paragraphs into one, depicting the idea in full. In the correctly drawn paragraph, the idea is represented by one topic sentence, while the other sentences clarify and illustrate it.

The vaccines contain the viruses in different forms. – Main idea.

These viruses might be dead or alive, but weakened (attenuated) by the laboratory manipulations. – Description.

The MMR vaccine contains the live viruses of the diseases of measles, rubella and mumps. – Illustration.

When you’ve got straight with your paragraphs, return to the plan you compiled by marking an idea for each paragraph. If you’ve been doing it with a pencil, you already have a detailed table of contents of your essay. Now, the task is to go through the plan and check its logical structure.

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Get Your Essay Proofread

While estimating the plan, ensure the principal idea of the text is developed gradually, and each substantial thesis is supported by sufficient illustrations. At the same time, ensure the following rules are adhered to:

The introduction presents the problem at once. You can use one small paragraph in order to describe some most important premises. However, it is no later than the second paragraph that you’ve got to relay the event, fact or the problem your essay concerns.

To the contrary, of the generally accepted view, editing college essays is easy – as long as you know all the rules and have good communication skills. Otherwise, apply for our help – we will not fail!

The main body of the text is dedicated to the description of the problem (a smaller part) and its solution (a bigger part). In case the problem you write about is a complex one, you can briefly mention all its aspects and then set on some single feature. Do not forget to mention this fact in the conclusion and point out the direction of the further research.

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The conclusion answers the questions put in the introduction. Though it seems quite logical, many students often make mistakes at this point. Read the introduction and then the conclusion part of the essay. See if they are logically connected, if all the issues marked in the introduction are revealed in the conclusion. If not, you can either develop the conclusion (that would most likely imply widening the main body of the text, too) or adjust the introduction.

A piece of advice:

Do not raise global issues in the introduction to your essay.

Develop them in your dissertation.

If you spot the serious deficiencies in your essay and cannot cope with them yourself, we have useful advice for you Become the best academic essay writer in your college!

4) Adjust the style. Check the text for its stylistic properties. See if your style of writing corresponds to the requirements of the field of activity that you describe in your essay. For example, the academic style does not allow using such expressions as dramatic (in the meaning of superb), folks (in the meaning of parents), nicely (in the meaning of properly). The direct speech or direct appeal to the reader (How do you think we can solve this problem?) are not advisable as well.

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Check your style for consistency as well. See if it is the same throughout the essay. Avoid expressions that belong to other styles.

Dear Mr. Jones,

In capacity of your heir, herewith inform you, with regret, about unsuccessful results of the yearly exam of the undersigned

in the educational institution you have so kindly introduced your son into. Kindly ask for your merciful forgiveness and express the deepest hope that our previous agreement regarding the acquirement of the new transportation vehicle is still valid.

Albert Jones (Jr.)

While correcting the stylistic of your text, pay attention to the way the ideas are related. Shorten and break the long sentences and paragraphs, explain the difficult spots. Avoid using too long and too abstract words (convalescent, systematization, ingratiate), except for the terminology needs.

For your academic writing, master the usage of the Indirect Speech. That is the obligatory condition of the scientific texts. No Direct Speech is allowed, and the person of the researcher must not domineer on the subject of the research.

Try reading the text aloud. This will allow spotting the places where the reader would potentially stumble. This would happen if some theses of your essay are hard to pronounce or seem incomprehensible. In order to be objective in this task, use the text reading programs or ask your friend to read the essay for you.

Sometimes, we need a text to be thoroughly and professionally proofread within just a few hours. For such tasks, look for the well-reputed academic editing services company that are working online. The online mode will enable the fastest performance in this case.

5) Introduce references to all citation and quoting. Whether you cite someone to the word or relay the ideas of another person with your own words, always mark the original source of the idea. The ways to do it are numerous and depend on the requirements of the edition or institution you are planning to submit the text to. Some general requirements can be found on our website, in the part of the blog describing various issues of the English writing and written works’ execution. The requirements might differ both graphically (square or round brackets, comma or colon after the name of the author, the full name of the work or just the number in the reference list and so on) and in their contents (the full name of the work might be required, or only the indication of the author etc.)

6) The uniqueness of the text is also an important issue for your academic essay. It is understood that a part of the work would contain the quoting of other authors, however, the citations must be rephrased, and at least a part of the essay must make the unique content. That is, your own thoughts and ideas. Still, it might happen that the way you describe the state of things in some field of science, has been already used by some other author. In this case, you will need to revise your work and make its quality rewriting. Learn how to avoid plagiarism in academic writing and improve the uniqueness of your texts!

Dealing with the aspects that influence the whole text (such as the structure, the style, citations) takes considerable time and might require enhancing your knowledge in some fields of logic and linguistics. However, a properly structured essay with the unified style of the narrative demonstrates a serious attitude of the writer, his or her attention to readers and the topic raised. Wonder how the writer can influence the reader? Learn all about the correspondent technologies in the entertaining section of our linguistic blog! Performing this hard task will award you both with the highest grade and the improvement of your writing and language skills. It will also give you the award that can be gained in this way solely – the experience of the efficient writing and editing.

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Fixing the details – dealing with grammar

When your text has been amended with regard to all the global issues listed in the previous clause, it’s time to attract attention to the details. It might happen that during the check for the stylistic consistency or the logical connections, you have already spotted some minor flaws with respect to grammar and spelling. If you use the text highlighting function in your computer text editor, you might already have a full picture of such spots. However, do not be satisfied just going through this map and fixing its deficiencies. It might happen that the most obvious mistakes can be run over, even if you read the text over and over. That is why; for the proofreading or rewriting of the voluminous works, the editors often engage the assistants. That is also an acceptable practice in our company. Only the most talented assignment rewriter assistant is allowed to proofread your thesis!

Proofread an essay

In order to fix the grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes properly, dedicate a separate reading of the text to this issue. Get prepared, have all the manuals at hand. On, we have gathered the useful punctuation rules for you to improve your skills and become a perfect English writer! Read attentively; do not try to make a full picture of the text, but pay attention to the details. At the same time, keep the sense and the main idea in your mind. The spelling mistakes might be quite inconspicuous and only fixing in mind the general meaning of an essay makes it possible to trace them. Distancing yourself from the text for a while before starting the check is also helpful.

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Perform the check gradually. Do not try to fix the commas and spelling at the same time (still, if you have already spotted the mistake and are sure about the way to fix it, you can certainly do it at once). It is better to allot 15 minutes to grammar, 10 minutes to punctuation and 5 minutes to spelling, instead of trying to rectify all the aspects simultaneously within half an hour.

Allot more time to your English studies, especially to the grammar issues. Develop and enrich your knowledge, learn the typical idioms, the different Tense and Voice constructions, master the Subjunctive Mood.  Implementing this knowledge in your writing and oral communication will boost your English practice!

The professional step-by-step grammar check is the material of many articles and manuals on the Internet. Need to find the best one? Consult the relevant articles on our blog! All about editing and the way to perform it!

In order to get the optimal quotation for your editing request, consider various options offered by the different editing companies. In the smart article on our blog, we reveal the actual proofreading rates per page and word. Study the information and be ready to discount your offer!

In the current post, we shall outline briefly the basics of the checking process. Let’s separate it onto the following stages:

1. Spelling. Use the spelling check your computer text editor offers. There is also an option of doing the check at the well-known proof reading website. Use the professional’s advice, to apply only to the verified and trustful online services. When correcting the mistakes found, check not only the grammar and spelling rules but also the correspondence of the chosen forms to the general sense of the essay.

The petrol is a secondary part of a flower.

The spiral filament goes aloud the noodle.

We’ve got to use the thongs in order to reach the nail.

Being a teacher increases the risk of suffocating from laughter while reading students’ essays.

Considering the deficiencies of the automated checking system, it is advisable to perform the spelling check yourself. The above-mentioned funny mistakes are not spotted by the system, due to the identification patterns’ flaws.

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2. Grammar. That is where the automated checking might turn out a dangerous path to go. However, it will help you identify the incongruent Noun-Verb pairs and general indicators of the grammar properties (such as Number, Voice etc.) For the complex categories and individual cases of the Tense usage, it is better to use the grammar manuals and base your decision on the acting grammar rules.

Shall I use the Adverb correctly if I say,

“The boat hovered in the mist at the coast of Loangley”?

“Loangley” is not an Adverb.

Generally, the grammar is learned along with the development of the communication skills. However, some particular issues, like usage of the Complex Tense form in the English language, can be learned only through studying the grammar rules. Strengthen your English on all sides!

The English grammar might seem complicated for the non-native English speakers, and even for the people that have English as their first language. Find the native-speaking English writer to reword an essay or any other academic text. However, strict and gradual adherence to the rules in your first, second and third essay will allow you to use them freely, without thinking, for your fourth essay. Thus, you will acquire a precious skill that will never fail to increase the grade for your college assignments!

During the grammar check, pay particular attention to the sentences with Gerund phrases. Make sure you know well the cases where Gerund must be used and the ones where Infinitive is more appropriate.

Sometimes, the grammar mistakes amass and make the text almost unreadable. Such things often happen with the essays written by non-native English speakers. Consider applying for the specialist’s assistance and have your text perfectly outlined – and within a deadline!

3. Punctuation. Here you can rely on the automatic checker, for the main part. Still, don’t forget to proofread the results of the correction. Sometimes, the general rules can be invalid for the individual cases. For example, there is no need for the comma in the following sentence, “The water was still in place in the bottle number 35”. Meanwhile, the computer text editor checking system will most likely offer you to put a comma after still and place. If you doubt some punctuation issues in your essay, you might find out the rules and their comprehensive explanation in the different parts of our online blog. For the illustrations, browse the relevant chapter featuring the perfectly outlined academic essays.

Having your grammar, punctuation marks and spelling straight will make your essay a piece of a perfect writing. However, a considerable effort is required to perform this task properly. Use the organizational tips for grammar checking, developed by the specialists in editing:

  • Proofread line by line and word by word. Otherwise, leave the task to the professionals! Contact the prime company to get the dissertation proofreading services in the UK! If you are proofreading the printed text, use the ruler or blank paper sheet for accentuating a single line and covering the rest of the text. This method will allow concentrating on the details of the current line more closely. If you are reading from the screen, analyze each sentence separately. Otherwise, you can press “Enter’ for spacing the rest of the text. Don’t forget to use “Backspace” upon completion!
  • Ask for assistance. Ask you friend or relative to read the text for you and, if possible, to proofread it. Drop a message to your friend “Are you able to proofread my document?” If receiving a negative reply, simply forward the question to Even non-linguist can mark some mistakes you have omitted so many times. This happens because of the ability to have a fresh look at the text, after the author had got used to its outline and might not notice some obvious discrepancies. Have no one at hand to do this? Read the text backwards – this also helps a lot in representing it in the unusual way yet not missing anything substantial.

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See the newest introductions to our online editing journal. Our editors have plenty of work, yet they always strive to share their professional knowledge and reveal the most interesting issues of the editing and other linguistic activities. You will find advice not only on the way to rewrite your dissertation but also on posting the first article on your electronic blog, on having the fastest and efficient preparation to the IELTS exam, on the quick tips for usage of Gerund and Infinitive, and many more! Check for yourself:

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