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How to make an essay paper good?

An essay paper is a special type of academic papers, which every student has to write for who knows how many times. The experts of our website will help understand its distinguishing features and will give several pieces of advice on how to make the text meaningful.

What is the difference between an essay and other written works?

In fact, an essay is a small research paper that has open composition and expresses personal impressions and thoughts of an author on some issue. A text can concern philosophic, public, historical, literary, educational, and so on topics.

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What is the point?

Professors at college, organizers of various language contests and Olympiads love essays because it is an excellent way to develop creative thinking and train the skill of the written expression of thoughts. Based on one’s paper, it becomes possible to judge whether a person is able to distinguish causal relationship, structure information, and ground the conclusions. If needed, you can get reliable personal statement editing services, on our website.

How to write?

A topic must be specific. In an essay, your task is to answer a single question. There is no strict structure but the thoughts are better to present in the form of the brief theses and support them with the arguments (facts, social events, phenomena, your personal experience, scientific grounding, references to the opinions of authority figures, etc.). In order to make the proofs that support your theses more convincing, it is recommended to present two arguments to every thesis. If you make more arguments, you risk overloading the text.

In the introduction and conclusion, focus on the problem of your paper: define the problem in the first paragraph and sum up in the final. In order to make an essay holistic, try to combine its fragments logically.

Use the advantages of a journalistic writing style in full. Do not be afraid of being emotional, expressive, and demonstrate your sense of humor. In such a way, you will show your individuality. If it goes about personal qualities or abilities, for instance, you can answer the question: “What differs me from others?” When you refer to some authority figures or cite them, explain why you choose them.

Try to impress your teacher with the vivid comments, sayings, and aphorisms. Do not be afraid to argue with yourself, pit the contrary statements against each other, and so on. Thus, a text will seem interesting and memorable.

What should not be done?

1. To neglect the language norms. A text should be well-written and correctly spelled. “Clean” it from not only spelling and punctuation mistakes but also ambiguous expressions, unnecessary repetitions, tautology, weird figures of speech, etc. Try not to use slang, clichés, shortenings so that the readers treat your writing seriously.

2. To not support your statements with examples. An essay looks failing if it contains only the plain facts. Illustrate the statements with the events from your personal experience. Otherwise, reading your paper will turn into a tiring and boring thing.

3. To blow smoke. No one will like an excessive Panglossian view of the real situation. Be honest but simultaneously positive in your essay.

4. To not check the facts. Incorrect interpretation of data, errors in the dates and names will influence the grading of an essay negatively. Do not be lazy to recheck everything once again.

5. To overdo with the size. Avoid complex syntactic constructions. Long phrases are not the indicator of expertness. Do not make the paragraphs cumbersome. Having finished an essay, mark every text fragment with the letters S (short: less than 10 words), M (medium: less than 20 words), and L (long: more than 20 words). The most optimal algorithm is as following MSMLMS.

Also, having finished your essay, ask yourself several questions: “Have I revealed the topic well?” and “Will the reader understand my thoughts?”. If everything is okay, you have done your work well!

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Learn to memorize the language rules

A truly literate person knows the language rules and can use them, instead of just relying on intuition. This skill is mastered with the help of focused grammar learning. That is why the experts of our site want to share the guidance on how to memorize and use the language rules. In addition to the presented tips, read this post:

How to learn a rule and be able to use it?

1) Read carefully. The things will not move forward if you study listening to music or watching TV. Find a comfortable place and focus on a textbook. Read a rule thoughtfully, paying attention to the highlighted words, examples, and tables. If you do not get the meaning the first time, read the text again.

2) Conceptualize. Do not cram but try to get to the bottom of things. Say to yourself every point of a rule. If there are unclear words or phrases, look for them in the dictionary. It is also worth retelling the rule with your own words. Study the examples carefully. They show how to use the rule in practice.

3) Remember. Conceptualizing the rule, you start the process of memorizing. Now it is necessary to keep information in your head. Retelling aloud will help do it. Memorizing is not easy so train your memory. Train to retell the rule at home and you will easily repeat it in the class or to yourself when you face a problem related to this rule (spelling or punctuation) in a text.

4) Consolidate. Only training can make the skill to write correctly automatic. After thoughtfully done exercises, you will no longer need to recollect the rule every time. In order to preserve the rule, turn to the theory and exercises on this topic from time to time.

What else can help memorize the rules better?

  • Mnemonics. When it is necessary to memorize many words-exceptions, it is easier to do it with the help of mnemonic phrases (i.e. the way to remember information with the help of associations).
  • Schemes and tables. If you have a big rule with many elements, use the schemes or tables to collect them all together. Also, look for infographics. It is often very helpful. Another great helper is video. There are many educational videos so it will not be difficult to find what you need.
  • Understanding the word structure. In order to use some rule correctly, it is necessary to see the structure of a word. The easiest way to check the spelling of a word is to pick words with the same root.
  • Determining the part of speech. Spelling often depends on the part of speech, to which a word belongs. Learn to distinguish an adverb from adjective, noun from pronoun, etc. Read more about verbs and the complex tenses on our blog.
  • Syntax skills. In order to put punctuation marks correctly, learn to understand the structure of a sentence and divide it into parts. Such a skill will save you from punctuation mistakes. The issue of punctuation and its importance is discussed here: Also, pay attention to the presence of interjections, introductory words, etc.
  • Book reading. If you read a lot, it influences your literacy directly. The more times you have seen a word the more chances there are that you will write it correctly. Even commas will be put in the right places intuitively if you have seen similar constructions for many times.

Following these tips every time, it will become easier to memorize the rules. The effort is worth it. Instead, you will get the best grades, save time (you will not need to fix many mistakes), get others’ respect and your dignity.

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