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It is very important to be able to distinguish a good writing company from bad one. It is also very important to filter information that you receive. Sometimes it is just necessary to turn everything off and have a rest. So today we want to discuss an urgent issue called digital detox.

Digital detox: remove unnecessary information from your brain

Surfing the internet for hours is not the best way to spend free time. The constant scrolling of news feeds in social networks, never-ending surfing, and sticking to online games stimulate dopamine release, this is the hormone of pleasure. All this leads to real addiction. Brain gets overloaded with empty information, memory gets worse, live communication becomes harder, and depression appears. No one needs such a list of diseases, right? That is why the experts of our website advise to learn the best way of how to cure the brain intoxication.

Is it worth trusting online writing services?

Digital detox is the time when a person consciously refuses to use the smartphones, computers, tablets, and other devices. It is done to relieve stress, immerse in the true communication, creativity, or work. If you search for the statistics of the use of gadgets, you will be terrified: on the average a modern person checks a phone for 150 times. 65% of young people use the gadgets during live communication with their interlocutors, 24% of them miss the important events because they try to capture them in photos and videos to share in social networks.

The excessive use of technical means leads to the appearance of various specific deviations:

  • Nomophobia – the fear of being without a mobile phone;
  • Phubbing – the habit to be distracted by gadgets during a conversation;
  • Screen voyeurism – peeping over the screens of other people's smartphones.
  • The fear of missing out (FOMO) becomes a usual phenomenon. This is the fear to miss the events in the life of people you know and do not know. Is it the same in your life? Then, you should probably think about establishing healthy relationships with technology.

It takes time

It would be hard to take such a step immediately. That is why make yourself refuse from the use of the gadgets gradually. For instance, put your phone aside in 30-60 minutes before sleep. Also, do not put it under your pillow but have an ordinary alarm clock. Count the time you spend on the internet and start reducing it. Review your list of publics and groups in social networks and delete the ones you do not need. Reject the thoughtless news feed reading. Analyze what attracts you on the internet the most and try to find an alternative in real life. The alternative to Instagram photos is the visit to an art gallery, sports publics can be replaced with the jogging or other exercises. Replace your digital organizer with paper, and change communication online with its offline alternative.

There is a cool lifehack to stop using the smartphones when you gather with your friends. You put all the phones in a basket or put them on the table, or whatever else. The first person who does not manage to resist the temptation and takes his (her) phone to answer a call or just to check it, pays the bill. It is a good idea. Why not start using it with your friends?

However, there are some types of communication that are not possible offline. There is more, they have their own laws and demands. Business correspondence is one of them. You can read about it more here:

Local detox

It is useful to have local detox from time to time. Just spend some time without your smartphone and scan what you do during this time. It is also necessary to keep the “cleanness” of your gadgets: do not litter the desktop with the icons and do not create the endless number of folders. Sort and order everything. Of course, do not forget about taking breaks when you work with the computer. Work out a bit, do some household chores, dance listening to your favorite song, etc.

Turn off the internet for a while and live a full life!

It may look weird but a great means in the fight with the gadgets is the gadgets. Or it would be better to say especial applications. For instance:

  • “Offswitch” (for Android) can block the access to social networks.
  • “Concentrate” (for MAC) adjusts the computer so that you can do something else based on the chosen type of activity.
  • “Checky” (for Android and IOs) reveals the truth about how many times a day you use your mobile.
  • “Rescue Time” (PC) analyzes what you do on the internet during the day.
  • “Freedom” (Android) limits some phone functions.
  • “Digital Detox” (Android) totally blocks the device for a set time. The application allows setting the particular time period.

The internet addiction problem is used in marketing as well. Gradually digital detox is coming closer to the trends and becomes more widely used. There are already organized special events and camps directed at the providing harmony to the digital era. You also have the chance to unload your brain. Disconnect to connect again!

Harm of multitasking

The era of technology has brought us not only an enormous amount of information, but also the multitasking ability. Is it good? Is it actually helpful? Or maybe it can be harmful? Let’s see.

Do you want to feel like an octopus-man and grab several things at once? It is time to stop it. Scientists from Stanford University have discovered that due to the brain overload we become less productive, slow, and unable to focus. Our experts will tell why you should give up multitasking.

What kills the brain?

The researchers noticed a curious thing: people who were sure that doing everything at the same time was their special talent demonstrated a low efficiency during the experiment. They could not put their thoughts in order and filter information well.

Our brain is not designed to perform many tasks simultaneously and present high-quality results unlike computer. There is more, multitasking lowers IQ. During the tests, the adults who were trying to solve several tasks simultaneously demonstrated IQ level of an eight-year-old child.

At the University of Sussex in the UK, the scientists have discovered that multitasking people also experience the irreversible changes in the brain area responsible for compassion, as well as cognitive and emotional control. The result is the constant stress.

Why is it necessary to be consistent?

Performing the tasks one by one, you can get the better result from studying or work. If you do your homework, focus only on it. You will memorize better and keep the ability to quickly switch between activities. Even in your free time, it is necessary to give up simultaneous activities. You should not watch movie and surf the internet at the same time. When you eat, put your mobile aside. Such simple measures will help keep the brain fresh during the whole day.

Do not act as if you have a spare head or another processor. Distribute the amount of work you have in such a way that does not make you feel like you carry the bags of bricks on your shoulders. Good health is one of the most important things in your life. So take care of it! We also care for your health and suggest that you read a post on how to avoid a headache when learning English:

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Since we live in the era of technology, it influences all the spheres of our life. We have told how the harmful influence can be reduced, and we hope this information will help you. Nevertheless, our digital world has many advantages, and online services are among them. When you study or work and you have a lot of other things to do, the best option is to use online services that are provided professionally and almost immediately. Essay-Editor is the quickest and most competent among the companies that provide writing services online. Our specialists work day-and-night to deliver every order on time. There is another strong reason to cooperate with us: we offer the most affordable prices and provide a discount up to 20%. Think carefully and make the right choice.

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