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A perfectly written text, without grammar and spelling mistakes, plagiarism free, and correctly structured seems unachievable to many people. In fact, it is really difficult to create a well-written text on one’s own. Academic writing requires special knowledge, which only specialists in this field possess. Fortunately, you do not need to become a specialist because Essay Editor experts are ready to help you. Our site is the best online paper editor. Let’s say you have a text (it can be an essay, article, paragraph, course work, research or term paper, thesis or dissertation, or whatever else). Send it to our professional proofreaders and they will make it perfect in terms of grammar, spelling, punctuation, stylistics, and formatting. Your text will be improved at all levels. You will be proud of it. The best news for you is that our services, including proof reading and editing, writing from scratch and rewriting, as well as text revision, have attractive price affordable to all. We really want to be useful for you and that is why right now we shall share a couple of our professional secrets.

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The secret tricks of writing excellent texts

1. A paper plan (its essential nuances)

1) Introduction. In this part, one of the text problems is formulated with the help of a question in 2-3 sentences. For instance: “What is memory? Why is it important for a person? This problem is raised (this problem is discussed) by many authors (here you can write a couple of names) in their works”.

2) Text commentary. You need to demonstrate how a problem set in the introductory part is presented and revealed in a text and give examples. Bear in mind that a commentary is not retelling or narration. You present the author’s theses, which help approach the position formulation logically.

3) Author’s position. This is a kind of mini conclusion on the text commentary and, at the same time, this is the answer to the question, which has been asked in the introduction (they should be interrelated). All this should be expressed in 1-3 sentences approximately. The phrases that can be used are the following: “the author’s position is…”, “the author thinks / believes that… and thus manifests his (her) position”, and so on.

4) Personal opinion can be introduced with the following introductory phrase “I agree / disagree / agree but not completely with the author’s mind (position)”. After that, you present at least two arguments for or against the author’s opinion. Bear in mind that the arguments are not equal to examples. It is better to present every argument in a new paragraph.

5) Conclusion. The conclusion should concern the whole text, not only your personal mind. Also, there should not be new thoughts. This part repeats everything said previously in more general manner. The size is about several sentences, as a rule. For instance: “In such a way, memory is an essential part of one’s life, and many various examples prove this fact”.

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2. Text problem (what it is and how to determine it). A problem is something arguable in a text that is why you will see different opinions on a problem in the texts you study. It is important to pay attention to the beginning and ending of a text because they always present strong positions. In a publicistic text, a problem can be directly formulated in the form of a question. In an artistic text, it is necessary to use your brain and be able to read between the lines. That is why pay a special attention to the ending, even if it seems that a text is not finished.

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3. Arguments (they are especially helpful in the texts on literature and history topics). An argument is equal to thesis plus example. The arguments based on reading experience are your knowledge of literature, history, social science, ecology and sometimes philosophy. For instance: “I agree with the author’s mind. First of all, memory is important because it unites the past, present, and future. For example, we should remember about the wars not to let this sad experience repeat in the future. Second of all, memory is important from the point of view of genetics. For example, such a notion as genetic memory helped a human evolve from primitive to homo sapiens, according to the theory of Charles Darwin, and only thanks to this fact, we can speak about the evolution of mankind”.

The arguments should always be interrelated with the author’s position. It means that, in order to define whether a thesis is selected correctly, it is necessary to read the author’s position, add after it “because”, and then, insert your thesis. If the sentence you get sounds logic, you are on the right way. However, if logic is absent, start working from scratch. Do not be afraid of it. In case you face difficulties, we are ready to help. Besides, we offer the lowest proofreading prices for students.

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4. Composition (the feature of a coherent text). The most important in any text is the means of coherence. In the introduction, it can be a phrase “This is the problem that the author reveals in the text”. The commentary part important phrases are the following: “the author notices…”, “the author claims…”, “the author mentions…”, “according to the author…”, “the author supposes that…”, and others. In the author’s position presentation part, you can write: “In this relation, the author’s position is…”, “The author believes that… And it represents his (her) position”. The arguments are inserted with the help of the following words and phrases: “first of all”, “second of all”, “on the one hand…”, “on the other hand…”, “besides”, etc. The conclusion begins with the words “so”, “in such a way”, “concluding / summing up / summarizing”, and so on. If you doubt whether you use all these phrases correctly, send us your paper to edit your college essay.

5. Text types (learn to distinguish the main genres). It is important to be able to recognize the text type because text commentary depends on it. Usually, most texts (especially when it goes about essays) are written in two basic types: publicistic and artistic. The main feature of the publicistic texts is that a problem lies on the surface, i.e. it is very clear and obvious. There are different opinions on the problem presented, and they form the commentary.

Artistic texts hide the problem. The text has a storyline. The commentary includes a critical description of a situation, and it means that you also should have a critical approach to writing not to turn your text into retelling. The difference between a publicistic an artistic text is that the first one is focused on a socially important problem.

In addition, we have a very curios post on language styles. We believe it would be useful for you to read: http://essay-editor.net/blog/guide-to-language-styles.

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6. Assessment criteria. The most dangerous criteria are the following points: arguments, composition, and grammar mistakes. A very careful attention should be paid to the criterion, which includes accuracy, richness, and expressiveness of language. If you allow inaccuracies in language, violate logic, use word combinations and sentence constructions of the same type, you language can hardly be called accurate and rich. In order to avoid rough grammar mistakes, read this post: http://essay-editor.net/blog/fundamental-grammar-rules-you-should-never-forget.

7. Handwriting. Although today many texts have not written but typed form, but still the issue of handwriting remains relevant. If your teacher cannot understand the way you right, this can damage the whole work you have done. Also, if some of your letters look alike (let’s say a-o), you teacher may see a wrong one and, consequently, treat it as a mistake. So pay attention to your handwriting not to lower your good grade.

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As you can see now, there are a lot of points you need to consider to create a really good text. Anyway, you do not have to deal with all this yourself when you have an amazing opportunity to delegate text processing to our experts. There is nothing easier than using our professional proofreading and writing services online. All you need is to visit the site, select the services you need, and place your order. Our support team will contact you immediately to specify the details. Also, you will get a personal writer, who will work on your order, and you can email your specialist directly anytime if needed. Low-cost professional services from certified writers, proofreaders, and editors: this is your key to success.

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