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English language is the world language. Today English became international language, it is the most widespread in the world.  It is native for more than 400 million people, it remains the second language for 300 million people, and about 500 million people know English to some extent. In this article we will try to answer the next questions:

  1. Why is English so widespread and important language?
  2. The sense of using English editing services.

English language is language of trade and business. English takes very important place as language of diplomacy, trade and business in many countries. 90% of world bargains are made in English. World financial funds and exchanges work in English. Financial giants and large corporations use English irrespective of in what country they are. And if you sure that your text is written well, but you doubt in formatting, you may ask for help a professional proofreader.

English language is the education language. English is the most popular foreign language at schools. The most prestigious higher education institutions of the world are English-speaking. In the countries where English is the second state language, students prefer to study in English. The knowledge of English gives the chance to get a good education and to build a successful career.

Large-scale travelling of British people during two centuries produced results. In the 21st century English became language of travelling. Wherever you go, you will be understood in English everywhere. In hotel, at restaurant, on the bus-stop you will be able to have a talk with locals.

English language is language of science and technology. English became language of the 21st century - the century of technical progress and information technologies. Today all instructions and programs for new gadgets are written in English. Scientific essays, articles, reports are published in English. 90% of Internet resources is English-language. The vast majority of information in all spheres — science, sport, news, entertainments — is published in English.

English language is youth language.  English became language of youth culture. The American actors, actresses, musicians have been and remain idols not of one generation of people. Even today Hollywood is the indisputable leader of the film industry. Cult American thrillers and blockbusters have been watched in English around the world. Jazz, blues, rock'n'roll and a set of styles of music have come from America, and they are still popular.

English language is universal language. In addition to all aforesaid, English is beautiful, melodious and easy in studying. English possesses one of the richest lexicons in the world, but at the same time it has simple grammar. Words are attracted to each other, forming laconic and clear sentences. International language shall be simple and all clear. Perhaps, we were very lucky that such simple and beautiful language has united the world. You may read more about its historical development here.

What thorny road in several centuries the language can pass! Today we can tell with confidence that in the 21st century English is international language #1. How long he will remain international, it is difficult to tell. But, definitely, this status will remain not one more decade.

Well we have found out the importance and usefulness of English language. Now kindly ask yourself: why is it so important for me? And why should I use English editing services? Maybe you are a foreign student in England or USA or somewhere else and you need to have an English editor for checking your grammar, because you just want your paper to be marked for deep knowledge, not for grammar mistakes.

Maybe you are keeping an internet blog. Imagine how many visitors will be there if the articles are written in correct and beautiful English! Do not forget, every person desire to read well written text. Even if the blog-post is immensely interesting, but has several lexical or grammar mistakes, the reader’s good attitude will disappear in a moment. So think of your respectfulness on your own site, think of your readers’ attitude to you as an author. If you are interested in success, but you understand your problems with using English grammar rules and lexical features, you will use English language editing.

Maybe you are a businessman and it is necessary to carry on negotiations with your English-speaking business-partners. The success depends on mutual understanding. So if you are writing an important letter, do not neglect it! Let the team of professionals help you to edit your correspondence!

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