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Do you need a reliable and highly professional thesis editing service? Get the best one at Thesis importance cannot be overemphasized. That is why you cannot trust someone who does not specialize in academic writing. On our website, the best academic writers provide high-quality thesis creation and correction services. Do not hesitate to order: the prices are affordable and a discount up to 20% is available. If you really need a competent assistance, Essay-Editor online company is the best option. By the way, if you deal with thesis at the moment, most likely it means that your studying ends soon. It also means that you will need to look for a job (if you do not have it yet). That is why we would like to discuss the issue of student employment, in particular, job search, side job, and self-employment.

What can job search teach a student?

A side job (even if it is not related to one’s specialty) has a great benefit for a student. However, the job search process, even unsuccessful, teaches many things. We want to draw your attention to these points.

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  • Resume creation

A competent resume is the reason for an employer to notice you. It is not difficult to create a usual biography but it is better to spend more time and create a remarkable resume that will make others remember you. Already at this stage, your creativity, sociability, and serious approach to business can be assessed. Create a resume, for instance, as a presentation. Also, do not ignore the websites where you can place your resume or portfolio. If a resume is poorly written, the employers will not consider your candidacy at all.

  • Being interviewed

It is very difficult to pass an interview without the skills to present yourself. Learn to demonstrate your best qualities. An employer will not recognize you as a specialist and personality until you tell about it yourself.

  • Research of job market

The search of a suitable workplace requires time and effort. That is why it is necessary to start it now. Study the job market of your specialty, terms of work, learn to define the advantages and disadvantages of a company, which you consider as a possible place for work. After that, think whether you feel comfortable to cooperate with it. If no, such a job will bring more negative than profit.

  • Contacts

Visiting different places when you look for a job, you meet new people, the relationships with whom can be useful for your future career. Strive to create positive impression.

  • Stress resistance

Job search is often accompanied by failures and disappointments. Nevertheless, this is a good practice for your nerves as well. Learn to not give up when the first failure is encountered.

The most important is experience. Student years are the best time to get it. So do not stand still and remember: “You need to get experience to avoid mistakes, but you need to make mistakes to get experience” (Laurence Johnston Peter)

Is it worth getting a side job not related to your specialty?

Many students look for a side job. Since any occupation related to one’s professional field requires knowledge and experience, one has to choose among the vacancies that do not demand some particular skills. “Was it worth to enter a law school to work as a waiter now?” – this is a pretty logical question that a student asks looking for a job. The experts of our site have been thinking about it for a while and now are ready to present pros and cons of a side job not related to one’s specialty.

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What does a side job give except money?

  • Acquisition of skills

Do you know what else (except for your future education) you can do to earn money? Student years are the most favorable time to get knowledge and experience. A side job not related to your specialty can help learn a new sphere of activity. We also want to let you know that you can save money if you cooperate with our professional writers:

  • You will understand what definitely you will not do

Sometimes it seems that a particular job is very easy and absolutely everyone can cope with it. However, it turns out that it does not fit you. Such a situation is not failure but a valuable asset. At least now you know what job you would better not to do. If a future profession is connected with a social sphere (lawyer, sociologist, psychologist, teacher), get a side job, for which communication with people is the main activity. A competency assessment test drive is guaranteed.

  • Acquaintances and contacts

If it is easy for you to deal with people, a side job is a great chance to get the contacts that you can use in the future. Do not be afraid to talk to the colleagues and boss about your hobbies, dreams, and plans. When you present yourself, you can make new friends and find like-minded people.

As an example, let’s say you are the student of a foreign languages department. If you get a job in a hotel where many foreign tourists stay, you have the opportunity to talk to native speakers and practice the foreign language you study.

  • You will find your calling

Education does not determine your destiny. Study at college gives many useful skills. However, it does not mean that you have to practice your profession. The most important is the feeling of self-realization. Sometimes a side job turns into a favorite occupation.

Unfortunately, you cannot have the sweet without the sour. A side job has some disadvantages as well.

  • Your specialty does not match your job

Thus, your job does not let you get experience in your professional sphere and you cannot learn its basics. If a side job is just the source of money, it is okay to have it during the first years of study. However, when you become a senior, it is better to find a job related to your future profession. It will allow you to get the necessary and precious experience.

  • Additional stress

It is hard to study and work simultaneously, but everything depends on one’s organization skills and hard-working feature. When you cannot cope with the college classes, a side job can only make the situation worse. Additional stress and worrying cannot make you happy. Think about everything well and make decision based on your abilities and preferences. If you have troubles with college assignments, our expert team can assist you:

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How to work for yourself?

Do you want to get to the top in your professional field? If you are talented, have creative or business ideas, do not wait for the grass to grow. Take responsibility, become financially literate, and start fulfilling your ideas. The experts of our website will advise you how to earn money doing something you like and not being dependent on someone else. We want to suggest you two possible options.

1. Craftsman

If you are an expert in the creation of unique, beautiful and practical things or art works, think about becoming a craftsman. Handcraft activities imply independent production of goods, work performance, services providing that require manual labor and tools. Of course, it is necessary to be a creative person, however, do not forget about a business approach. Otherwise, even producing the most brilliant and genius works of art, you risk failing and going bankrupt.

2. Sole proprietor

If you get a rather good business idea, can provide high-quality services (building, repair, hairdressing, ceremonies organizing, etc.), or sell goods but do not want to work for someone, try to become a sole proprietor. The procedure is complicated but you will do something you love and earn money at the same time. Before starting your own business, take care of such things as seed money and business plan. Not everyone can do it, so study management and economics a bit, first of all. An entrepreneurial mindset and hard work turn a little enterprise into a big company.

Go for it! Whatever you do, the most important is how you do it and whether it brings happiness to you and benefit to other people.

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