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Any moment in our life we make a choice. We always choose where to go, what to say, what to do and whether to do it, and how to do it if positive. The technologies of the choice making are described in the psychological works. These technologies aim at the comprehension of a mechanism of choice and decision-making, and mostly at the ways to influence it. However, they all ascertain that whatever powerful the influence might be, the final choice is made by a person itself.

When you finished your paper, be it a routine essay on a regular topic, or a thesis that is a result of a continuous hard work, you need to proofread it before submitting. It is your decision only, how to do it, when, where and whether to do it at all. Whatever the reasons you might have for outsourcing this task (be it the banal lack of time due to full-time employment or just a desire to take a break and have some rest) and whatever important they are, it is solely your choice whom to apply: your roommate who is first-year student of linguistics, or lodging an order at the professional editing website specializing in the paper and document editing.

Let us see what result you can get from the last alternative.

What we expect from the papers editing website?

When we apply to some service for support, we have some expectations as to the process of working and communication, as well as to the result we can get. Let us see what we usually expect from the editing websites and find out whether our expectations are true.

  • Fast result. When we use the online services, we always expect the faster reaction than for the offline orders. Many of the existing online programs, such as spellcheckers, punctuation checkers, plagiarism checkers act in the present time and provide the result within 3-20 minutes. However, if you suggest your paper needs more operations to be performed (e.g. rewriting, grammar check, structure revision) or order some more complicated editing task (for instance, aligning and unification of the reference list and citing system), you will have to deal with the human editor. This will certainly entail more time than with the automatic program.

The fast result is important; however a live communication can sometimes save you more time than the online checker can. Try our services by typing in our contact form “Please edit my essay” and we’ll immediately get back to you with clarifications, prices and the time of the order fulfilment. 

  • Formal efficiency. As we mentioned, the online programs are good for the separate tasks (like spellchecking), however it must be mentioned that these applications work solely with the form of the words and sentences. Though a formal approach proves to be highly efficient in some cases (e.g. identifying misspelled or misplaced endings, punctuation marks, detecting the absence of a Subject or Predicate, either a direct Object), it is unable to detect the deficiencies connected with the sense (clashing of arguments, irrelative adjectives or adverbs, unnecessary quotation marks). For example, the following sentence will not be spot by the online checker as a deficient one:

The girl flattered “her” flowers on a stone wind.

Meanwhile the sound in meaning, the following utterance may be marked as incorrect one:

Followed by the brothers with the baskets hanging on their shoulders, the Lucius continued his way on a hardly visible constantly escaping path reminding his favorite snake friends.

If you need an in-depth analysis and correction of your paper, check our essay revision service for students. We shall do our best to exceed your expectations!

  • Low cost. Most of the online checkers are free of charge. However, if you wish to use their additional options, you will have to pay a certain fee that can vary from a trifle to a considerable sum. It depends on the range of services you need and the frequency you are planning to use the checker. For example, if you check one or two texts per week, there is no need to buy an upgraded account at the checker’ website. However if you plan to work intensely and check several texts at a time or within a short period of time, or need other enhanced services (e.g. grammar analysis, plagiarism check, punctuation correction), it will cost you some pounds.

Check the prices and services on our website. See also our editing examples for writing outlining the samples of our services.

  • Generalization. The online programs aim at a wide auditory and thus are designed in order to apply general grammar, syntax, punctuation, orthography rules. However, if your individual style is marked by the words’ shape-playing (e.g. grammarious, placingly, fearize), the online program will most likely underline your passages as incorrect ones. It concerns also the jargon words and the neologisms. The following sentence will be also underlined:

Thus the groomies have unexpectedly become the antisocials.

Such things would scarcely happen if you apply to the live editing services. Any request, be it “Proofread my paper for me” or simple “What to do with my paper?” will be answered properly, and your style will be preserved in your paper.

  • Limited variety of formats. The checkers usually are set on detecting the deficiencies with regard to some format. Usually it is a general British or American English, the literature, academic and colloquial styles. However, even variations within these formats are considered irregular. For example, the Passive Voice in the following sentence is quite appropriate for an academic paper. Yet the checker will most likely offer you to change it to the Active Voice:

The research was performed in the post-modernistic paradigm.

Meanwhile the Active Voice in this case is wordier and looks cumbersome:

Our team of researchers, including the laboratory workers, performed the research adhering to the post-modernistic paradigm.

This is not the case, however, with the professional editing websites. For example, our company provides the whole range of the editing services. If you are interested in other tasks than proofreading, e.g. rewriting, the following link is just for you to get a notion about our services

  • Superficial structure analysis. While the online checkers may detect the font or size discrepancy between your headings, they would not always correct it appropriately. Besides, due to the absence of the sense analysis, clearly incorrect headings, such as “The problems mathematical” will not be spotted as incorrect ones.

Thus, we see that the online checker programs can be helpful for the initial analysis and proofreading of the text. However, if you need an in-depth complex analysis and correction, it won’t be reasonable to entrust such task to the automatic programs.

Let us see what alternatives we have and how we can benefit out of them.

Types of the editing websites

Now let’s talk of the offers we have to edit our text on the Web, and the distinctions between them. The website editing services can be divided into three big groups:

  1. Online checkers.
  2. Editing companies providing the online services.
  3. Editing companies providing the offline services.

These types of the editing websites differ by their range of services, mode of the editing, type of interaction with customers. They also can be unlike in their design and the mode of feedback. If you are in doubt which website to choose, however you do not have efficient English skills to estimate the results of their work, check the useful tips we gathered for you in one of our articles

Let us examine closer each of the categories.

1. The online checkers – we have learned about the principles of their work in the previous clause. Now let us talk what kinds of online checkers there are:

  • Plagiarism checkers – these programs are worked out to determine the uniqueness of the text and, if negative, to show the sources the text coincides with.
  • Grammar checkers – such programs, though already existing, have rather narrow range of efficiency. As we said before, the automatic checkers deal mostly with the form of the words and sentences, and do not grasp the meaning that leads to the poor identification of deficiencies, like in the following sentence: The coach yawn and sat on the toad. Such issues as the sequence of Tenses, usage of the indirect and direct speech and application of the different mood modes are not yet considered by these programs.
  • Punctuation checkers – though these programs are rather effective and spot most of the punctuation deficiencies, sometimes they can insist on putting the punctuation marks where they are not required by sense: Why do we need a punctuation checker. If you are interested in the modern solution of the punctuations problems, check the articles dedicated to this issue in our professional blog led by the experienced linguists.
  • Spellcheckers – such online services are rather well in spotting different typos and spelling mistakes. However they do not apply to the sense and thus, do not make a difference between the site and the sight, as well as pear and peer. Either you can learn the orthography rules and norms yourself and proofread your texts yourself.

2. Editing companies working online make the good alternative for the online checkers. Though their services are provided on the payment basis, the fee isn’t usually high. The range of services and the level of performance of such companies are much higher than that of the checker programs. The reason is the texts are finally worked out by human linguists who can spot and rectify the deficiencies in meaning and structure of the text, as well as properly adjust its format. However, the “online” adjective may be applied only to the fulfilment of the relatively simple tasks (short texts’ proofreading, adjusting references’ section, compiling a table). The complex or more demanding tasks, such as the entire text’s revision, require more time and interaction with the customer and are performed in the offline mode.

If you are still asking yourself “What is the best service to edit my essay online?” just try our efficient and friendly editors. You will be satisfied with both the service and the feedback quality!

3. Editing companies working offline. Such companies use their websites only as the means of attracting customers. Though the level of the services may be quite a high one, usually the feedback and preliminary discussions take more time than with the online mode.

Thus we see there are just few alternatives as to the way of operation and interaction of the editing companies. However, within these types, the companies differ by the level of their experience, professionalism, background, legal ground and so on. Let us see what we can do to make the best choice out of this variety.

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How to choose the best editing website

Modern students usually are on close terms with the Internet and the way of communication within the Web. Thus, there is no need to contemplate much on the way of browsing websites and gathering the information on dedicated forums. However, the specific of the editing field highlights the special requirements to this kind of services.

Below we have gathered some ways to check whether the editing service you’re applying to is worth dealing with or if it is better to look for another one.

1. When you have lodged your primary request or just asked a question, turn on your favorite playlist on your smartphone. If you got brought away by the cool music and weren’t disturbed by the reply message beeping until the fifth composition, it is better to apply to another website. This, however, is never the case with the best professional rewriting service. Our competent and reliable staff is always there to answer any of your requests.

2. IF you have a spare trial, use it. Give a deliberately complicated senseless but not lengthy text with many specific terms. For example, the one like that:

The radio resistors bust all the four release bearers in order to maintain the ultraviolet light transmission.

If you receive a formally proofread text, it is most likely that the editor hasn’t read it him- or herself. It is also possible that the editor does not have sufficient knowledge in the field. In any case, it is better to avoid wording with such a company.

It will never be the case, though, with our top-ranked editing services. We have our own professionals who specialize in different scientific fields, apart from linguistics, and are able to assist you in almost any issue. Check what we can do and how, in one of our articles

3. Be precise and look for the precise answers. If you lodge your order like “I kind of need to do something with my paper” the professional editor would either shower you with the multiple questions and offers regarding the nature of your request (What task do you need to be performed, What part of the text needs proofreading, We can offer you the rewriting and proofreading) or just ignore such a request. However if in reply to such request of yours you receive a simple OK, it is also a sign you should look for another editor.

If you’re not a native English speaker, and making an appropriate request is quite a task for you, check some easy ways to learn English quickly, offered in our blog, along with other useful tips.

  1. Look for alternatives. Do not stop at the first attractive proposal. Browse for some more offers; compare the prices, the conditions of the services’ provision, the editors’ background. Do not be shy asking questions and requesting proofs of the professionalism and experience. Contacting our editors, you will receive all the proofs you need as well as professional consulting in your linguistics. See the following article
  2. Ask for discounts. The demanded service with the plenty of customers and efficient staff is always ready to provide you with the special conditions of fulfilling of your order. Alternatively, at least promise you the discount for your next order.

Thus, the editing services vary in the range of their services, feedback and operational time, mode of interaction with the customers. The variety of the offers in the market is quite a considerable one that is why it is crucial to make the right choice of the editing company for the working out of your text. Use our advice, and you will always get the best out of your text!

Submit us your assignments, write “do my research”, specify what you mean, trying to be precise (whether writing, editing or proofreading required). Nobody will argue your paper quality ever again.

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