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Goodbye, school! Hello, the graduate syndrome!

School years pass by quickly. It seems like just yesterday you were looking at the high school seniors, waited for the graduation date, and now you know that school time will end soon. Surprisingly, but the joy of the coming graduation is overshadowed by gloom, anxiety, sadness, and fear. Also, you start experiencing different doubts: how to keep school friendship? What college to enter? How not to fail the exams? Did I choose the right specialty? What is more important: love or friendship? If these questions concern you, you need to know that the graduate syndrome has seized you. However, do not worry! Almost everyone experiences suchlike anxiety. Our experts will tell what this problem is and how to cope with it. Benefit more with the professionals of our on-line agency:


What is the graduate syndrome?

The graduate syndrome is a widespread problem among the pupils. During the whole school years, the parents were responsible for you. Sometimes, it was irritating and you wanted to get rid of their annoying guardianship as soon as possible. However, when the prospect of independent living appeared, it turned out that it was not that easy to take responsibility for the choice of your own path. You worry about meeting the expectations of your family and teachers, not to become the laughingstock of the classmates, to defend your decision, and not to quarrel with relatives.

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Where to go?

Parents will help cope with the pre-graduation anxiety. Think together about the backup plans, in case if you do not manage to go to the wanted college. This is not a disaster but a life trouble that can be solved. Also, bear in mind that there are the possibilities to receive a scholarship.

1) Of course, there is the option to lower the bar and get education in another educational establishment, and then, go to the college you want and continue studying the selected specialty.

2) Another option is to go to an extramural department and be a part-time student. It allows you to find a job related to your future specialty. In this case, the theory will be supported by practical skills.

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3) Nowadays, there are many online and offline courses (especially in the IT field) that will help you get necessary knowledge and earn some money. The courses differ in price: there are really expensive ones but you can find something cheaper and affordable, or attend some courses even for free. For instance, on our site, there is cheap and quick personal statement proofreading for sale.

4) If you have no idea at all about what you want to do, it is advised to visit a guidance counselor or pas a specialized on-line test to learn your strengths better and decide on a possible prospective profession. A guidance counselor usually helps greatly in this case.

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How to keep school friendship?

Do not worry: your classmates will not disappear after graduation. Most likely, at college, you will continue studying with some of your friends. You may study at different colleges but in the same city so there will not be any problem to meet. Also, there will be vacations, holidays, reunion, etc. There are always phone calls and chatter in the social networks. However, do not repeat a typical mistake called “I will go to X college for the company”. Anyway, whatever choice you make, our professional assistants will be always there for you:

What is more important: studies or love?

However, what to do if your loved one and you are doomed to be separated for a long time because your educational establishments are located in different cities (or even countries)? Education is not the obstacle for love. Try to find an option that will suit both of you. For instance, you can choose a college that is suitable for both of you or two different colleges but in the same city. If it does work out, think about the options of places that have excellent transport links. Thus, it will be easier to arrange meetings.

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Also, do not rush to give in your interests for your loved one, in order to prove the strength of your feeling. This might lead to unpleasant consequences. If you sacrifice your dream for the sake of your lover, with time you risk starting to blame that person for your personal failure.

Worries about the future are completely natural. The most important is not to let them turn into let’s say the fear to go to college or the fear to fail. It will not happen because you know now how to solve the areas of concern.

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