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Web Content Writing Secrets

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Content writing is difficult, isn’t it? It is necessary to consider a lot of details to get a high end text. Any text should be error-free, it goes without saying. Not sure you can cope with it by yourself? Why not turn to a pro? The wisest solution is to appeal to Essay-Editor writing & editing agency online. You can send us a ready document and our best online document editor will make it perfect for you, or order writing from scratch service. Think about what is needed more or get both: luckily, our writing company offers the cheapest prices possible. Our qualified writers and editors know all the secrets of qualitative content creation and are ready to share them with you.

Secrets that help your writings reach the top

You will not like it but probably your posts do not deserve to be in the first place in the search engine results. All modern search engines do their best and work really hard to put in the first place the best content for every request. Previously it was enough to write a SEO text and the search engine put it on the top. Now it can be even dangerous. The search algorithms are improved seriously and continue developing every day. That is why we want to tell how to make your text #1 using only 5 simple tactics. Are you interested? Read on then.

Top Tips to Create a Good Content

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1. In most cases, more text equals better text. When a person wants to learn about internet enterprise, economics, or any other subject, what would he (or she) choose: a 3-tip or 20-tip list? Naturally, a text with more tips will be much useful to you. The enlargement of a text is the simplest way to advance it. There are 2 methods to achieve it:

Method #1: increase the volume. The most obvious method to improve writing is just to add more text. The most usual is the situation with a tips-post: instead of 8 you write 20 tips. If you do not know what else to write about, use different thematic forums or other available services. They can offer the subjects that interest your audience, and it will help reveal the topic of your text. However, sometimes you cannot write more text because the size of a post is strictly limited. In this case, you can use professional assistance to save some number of symbols:

Method #2: add more details. Many posts lack depth to be useful. Imagine that a person is looking for information on email marketing. Which text to choose? Naturally, the one that is written in detail. Add helpful details to your text, as well as advice from your own experience and other personal things. Tell at length.

The best solution is to combine these two methods. Do not create just big meaningless posts. Present detailed and necessary information. The next time, write 30 tips instead of 10 and make them more detailed. In our posts, we also try to present maximally useful information on any subject we write about.

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2. Help the readers understand your writing. It is great that you share information with readers. However, it is no longer enough. Do not just throw at the audience a bunch of the facts but help it understand the subject. For this purpose:

Way #1: make the material easy to comprehend

  • Divide the text into parts;
  • Use simple words;
  • Do not try to cover a big matter at once;
  • Use examples, symbols, and figurative speech to make some complex points clear, idioms also work (our text on top idioms in English language can help with this issue);
  • Use personal information and the results of experiments.

Our experts do the same: use examples from personal experience, tell about expert advice. It helps build up a coherent picture and comprehend the topic better.

Way #2: fill in the gaps. Even a good post may contain some flaws. A topic can be not fully revealed, something important is missed, or a post does not answer some secondary questions of the readers. Your audience will help fix it. When a post is available to read, there will be comments, in which people will tell what your material lacks. It is strongly recommended to accept it. Even if a text seems perfect, there can always be something useful to supplement to it.

Way #3: correct the errors. On the web, information does not disappear until it is purposely removed. That is why so many facts and data are already outdated. As an example, SEO principles have changed much recently. A tip that used to be great previously is awful today. In order to not let it happen to your posts, update them regularly. Tell about the novelties, modern techniques, your present experience, etc. Thus, your post will remain on the top and not lose its relevance. By the way, if help with rewriting a text is wanted, let our specialists assist you:

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3. Look matters. You will agree that the way a website looks has a strong impact on your impression about information. The opinion of people who read a text also depends on the look of a resource. Even the same post being differently formatted can bring completely different results. Readers may love the first one and frankly ignore the second. So what should be done to produce a good impression? We know some working tips:

Tip #1: add pictures. Imagine that you visit a website and see only text. You will run away immediately. It is the instinct of almost every internet user. People perceive pictures 60 thousand times more quickly than writing. This is the reason to insert some pictures in your text. It is recommended to add a picture after every three hundred and fifty words. Anyway, this rule is not strict, just add images where it can be appropriate. You have probably noticed that we use pictures every time. They improve perception greatly.

Tip #2: use bulleted points where possible. People like looking through the material and skip about 28% of material. Any text must be comprehensible: without exception! When a text is clear, it has more chances to attract readers. That is why we recommend using bulleted points:

  • They are handier to read (it is more convenient to look them through);
  • They enliven the text;
  • Such points are much handier compared to long complex sentences.

Tip #3: structure your post. Have a text clearly structured. You need to have it logically organized. Use subtitles for this purpose. They need to be catchy and draw the readers’ attention to some particular text points. Bold text not always copes with this task. However, do not refuse this technique: bold text helps emphasize something in the text.

Tip #4: create inforgraphics. What else can bring your text to a new level? Present it as inforgraphics. Some special tools and services can be used for free. However, if your text has a great significance, it is better to turn to a specialist who will work on it professionally. This is your choice: decide on what to invest in your material.

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4. Give your readers credible data. Initially, a blog was something like an online diary. Later, it started to provide more information and entertainment. Today everyone has the opportunity to have a blog and call him(her)self a specialist. This fact led to the spread of incompetent tips. Now readers must ask themselves: “Is it true at all?”. It is essential to make your text credible. Only in such a way, it will become #1 in the search engine results.

How to achieve it?

Way #1: consult with or quote the experts. While almost no one knows anything about you, people will hardly listen to you. In order to prove your words, use the authority of the experts in your sphere. Even if hundreds or thousands of readers already trust you, use expert information. Such a material will get a positive feedback.

Way #2: support your statements with facts. It is not necessary to rely on the experts’ authority, you can base on accurate data. Use research, statistics, etc. The more facts from credible sources are used, the more convincing your post looks.

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5. Provide readers with options. Your readers are completely different people. Yes, your text interests them all. However, someone has more time, someone less, their experience, likings, etc. also differ. So along with a useful data, you should provide the readers with options of how they will consume your material. It will allow meeting the needs of your audience.

Tactics #1: offer a text in different formats. Someone perceives information visually, someone likes to read or listen. You have to consider it and provide people with what they like. Besides, if there are no doubts that your readers will appreciate the possibility to have your text saved or printed, make it available in PDF.

Tactics #2: add a list of titles. It has been mentioned that people like looking through the content. Usually, they check the titles. So the idea to give the titles at once is great, isn’t it? In such a way, they will definitely not miss anything because of fast scrolling. So a list of titles is a must have. It does not take long to create it, and the consequence is the increased interest in the text and a positive first impression.

Tactics #3: provide people with filters. It happens that there are many texts on various subjects and they start mixing. The readers do not want to look at a hundred of texts on a page. For this purpose, offer the filters to let the readers find what exactly interests them.


A perfect text creation is not a piece of cake, but there is no other way to attract and hold the readers’ attention. Treat every text as an asset. When you spend many hours and means on its creation, it will bring you more in the result. The most important tip: do not stick to a specific way or technique presented in this post. Combine them. An excellent content is created in such a way.

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Now you know the secrets that will help make a good text and let the readers enjoy your writings. Nevertheless, the assistance of a competent writer and editor is obligatory if the qualitative writings actually concern you. Essay-Editor is one of the best writing companies so we guarantee to bring you the most competent services from our qualified professionals. The prices are affordable and a discount with freebies is available. Cooperation with our company is a smart investment that will bear fruit. Do you have 5 minutes more? Invest your time into development and read now:

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