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Do you need to fix your writings? Let our professional editors do it for you. At, you can order the most affordable editing services of the highest quality. Our custom writing agency online provides a wide range of professional academic writing services at the cheapest prices. When you place an order, you get a personal assistant, whom you can contact directly to specify your requirements and control the process of work. Our writers can deal with any written assignment of any difficulty level. They can cope with the most urgent orders. The papers are always delivered on time. Of course, the help and support of a competent writer or editor is very valuable. However, in order to study well, you also need to make some effort. Sometimes it can be useful to attend learning course or have individual classes with a tutor. Which option is better? Let’s see.

Professional learning courses or personal tutor?

When a student lacks diligence and attachment to study on his (or her) own, specialists come to the rescue. However, what is better to study with a tutor or attend some learning course? Let’s discuss both options and weigh the pros and cons.

1) Classes with a tutor

During individual classes, a tutor pays all the attention to a student. If there is a question, it will be discussed at once. Classes with a tutor help immerse in the learning of a subject fully because there is no chance to get distracted and start doing something different. Responsibility to a person, private face-to-face communication, and systematic check of home assignments discipline greatly. However, if a student does not have good knowledge of a subject, the tutor’s attention can make him (or her) feel awkward. If you have difficulties with home assignments, do not hesitate to turn to our online service for help:

The services of an individual tutor are usually more expensive compared to courses. Of course, you can turn not to a first-class specialist but a beginner. However, in this case, it is necessary to correlate the price of classes with the quality of preparation: do they match each other?

Educational courses and individual classes

Experienced tutors are often loaded with work and have a very tight schedule that is why they do not take new students or do it very seldom. Of course, they can agree to teach one more person but, most likely, the price will be higher. In such a way, less motivated students will not want to pay for individual classes. Only beginning tutors are ready to teach anytime since they do not have many clients yet.

Also, there are tutors who conduct lessons at their clients’ homes, saving their time. It is more comfortable to study in your territory, but some students feel too relaxed in home environment.

2) Educational courses

One of the biggest advantages of the courses is that a student studies the materials together with the peers. Many people believe that it is more interesting and fun to study something in a group with others who have the same goal. Also, a group of students is an additional motivation because no one wants to be worse than others. The students can make friends and discuss their tests, exams, and other studying issues in their free time. It helps relieve stress and understand that you are not the only one who faces difficulties.

If a student is calm and private, the courses are the chance to overcome the fear of communication with strangers. It is necessary to start developing communication skills as soon as possible because they will be useful in many life situations.

The educational centers that hold such courses are often located in the city center or close to subway line, so there will not be needed to go somewhere far to attend them. Besides, the teaching staff at such centers is very carefully selected.

So what: courses or tutor?

Find out what fits you better: to have individual classes or study in a group with the peers. Maybe, it is worth trying both options. For instance, a student cannot focus on learning when he (she) attends the courses. He (she) feels bored when others answer and does not like to talk to other group members. However, during the individual classes, he (she) is fully immersed in learning. Another student has an opposite situation: an excessive attention of a tutor does not let him (her) focus. When this student starts attending the courses, the situation gets better because the desire to compete with other students makes him (her) study better. As you can see, it is necessary to understand what form of learning fits you better.

How to make sure you will not waste money

There is a condition that secures that any additional classes will be useful: a teacher should be professional and a student motivated. When a teacher knows the subject well, can present the material in an interesting and clear manner, gives the necessary volume of knowledge, controls the assignment fulfillment, motivates the students to study, does not distract, and use every minute with the maximum benefit, the results will be great. Study the reviews about the teachers and courses to choose the best ones.

Nevertheless, if the classes are not powered by individual work of a student, they will not give much effect. There is a good Chinese saying: “The teachers only open the doors, further you go on your own”.

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Combining foreign language study with rest

If you follow the standard strategy of foreign language learning, you risk sticking to the books for good. Why stop at the level “can read and translate with a dictionary” if a foreign language can bring you the whole world? The experts of our website offer to balance study with rest. Additionally to the presented tips, use professional writing services provided by the best custom writing company online:

  • Study 24/7

Interact with a foreign language every day of every week. In order to find a productive option, take your hobby into consideration. Do you like movies and series? Start watching them without dubbing. If you do not know a language well, select English movies with English subtitles, Italian movies with Italian subtitles, French with French, and so on. If such an approach does not fit you as well, start watching with the subtitles in your native language. Get a notebook to record your favorite phrases, and also do not forget to deal with the words and phrases you do not know and do not understand.

Watching original films is the opportunity to enjoy the true voices of the characters. It is better to begin with the movies and cartoons you have already seen not to be distracted by thinking about the plot.

  • Listen, learn, understand

Another way of playful foreign language study is to listen to the foreign radio stations. There are many websites where you can listen to the radio stations, is one of them. The channels where radio hosts more talk rather than broadcast music can give better results, however, music channels are also good. By the way, website has an application of the same name for iOS and Android that allows listening to your favorite radio station everywhere.

Music is the strongest motivation to learn a foreign language. There are many cases that prove that the love to a music band has helped people to learn the language of their idol. We assure you that you will feel great when starting to understand the lyrics. You can sing karaoke at home and ask your friends and family to join you to make the process fun.

  • Watch video

You can learn a foreign language with the help of It is enough to find an interesting channel, watching which you will feel glad.

  • Read in a foreign language

There is no better advice to the reading lovers but reading books. At the very beginning, do not read serious works with many complex words but try to cope with a couple of children’s fairy tales. News websites and blogs are also suitable for this purpose. They are usually written in a simple everyday language and filled with the pictures that make the process much easier and fun. In addition, read the post on our blog about the ways to expand your vocabulary.

  • Talk to foreigners

A difficult but exciting option is to communicate with the native speakers. The most sociable people will get used to the foreign social networks quickly. One of such networks is Here you can find people who not only are willing to talk but also will tell about their country with pleasure. You will also need to think what interesting you can tell about your country to a foreign interlocutor.

Such conversations can be transferred to Skype that will open new opportunities and bring some challenges: there will be less time to think over the answers and you will need to react faster. Are you learning a foreign language? Meet the native speakers who speak it fluently!

As you can see, in order to learn a foreign language effectively, it is not necessary to go to another country or paying much money for some expensive language courses. Remember that everything the best you can get for free.

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