Pieces Of Advice Of Usage Present Simple Tense

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If you want to write correctly, you need to understand the usage of all the tenses in English. Today we, the team of professional proofreaders and editors, want to talk to our readers about Present Simple (Indefinite). Sure enough, any difficulties shouldn't arise neither with creation of this tense, nor with its usage. In some textbooks, it is possible to see the name "Present Indefinite". Not be frightened – it is absolute the same, as Present Simple. Indefinite – means, uncertain, Continue reading

We Render Proofreading Website Service

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            The essay-editor company renders services of editing and proofreading of the texts (content) of the website. Nowadays more and more companies want to have their own web-sites; also internet-stores develop promptly and of course they need to have qualitative content on their websites so people will want to buy their goods and to become their regular customers. The Internet occupies a huge part of our life, and we need hardly mention that every person Continue reading

How To Proofread My Essay Carefully?

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It became fashionable and prestigious recently to be the owner of degree of MBA. But fashion and advantage are very different things, and sometimes they are even incompatible. What is MBA, where and how can you receive it, how you should proofread essay or why you should use essay proofreading service instead, and even whether it is worth doing it in today's conditions. That is the task of our team of professional proofreaders - to give you information for reflection - the choice is yours. The Continue reading

Article Rewriting Service. Why Do We Need It?

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           All of us wrote at school compositions and essays. Somebody did not understand why it is necessary to write something, but some students liked writing much and do it well. Rewriting is practically the same. In other words it is required to rewrite news, articles, and any texts in a new way. The rewriter should state some piece of writing by his own words so that the unique product has turned out as a result. But unlike a composition, in rewriting there Continue reading

Editing Examples For Writing Are Provided For You!

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Many people need to see the sample of a work, and just then they can do their work in a proper manner. If you see a good example, it is easier to cope with the task. We offer you to read the essay, which was edited by one of our editors. Now it has no grammar, lexical and stylistic mistakes. After the editor’s work, one can use the essay as he wants. Every student knows how it is difficult to create a good paper. Yes, you have many original thoughts, many original ideas, but you do not Continue reading

Why Should I Write And Edit My Essay?

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Essays in the school and university program play very important role. During the whole our studying we learn to state the thoughts in writing, to compose, to think deeper, dream and fantasize, develop our writing skills. Written language is more difficult than oral. There are a lot of underlying potential problems. It is necessary to know rules of English: spelling, punctuation, morphology, concord of tenses etc. That is why every student is wondering “How to edit my essay?” Thus Continue reading

Useful Tips How To Improve Your Punctuation Skills

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Every pupil, every student should sometimes write some essays, some term papers, some thesis and many other important papers. You may cope with the task, but also you may spoil your work with terrible punctuation! That will be incredibly unpleasant experience when your mark will be “C” or even “E” because of superfluous comma, or apostrophe… That is why the team of professional editors presents to your attention the article, which will help you to improve your Continue reading

Frequent Grammar Mistakes Everyone Can Miss

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If you are on this page, so you think of your literacy and you understand how it is important. Bed grammar may even ruin your life! All the people begin to learn a foreign language with one main objective – to learn to speak. And our task is to teach you to speak correctly. In the course of learning all pupils make mistakes, and teachers, in their turn, correct pupils, explain rules and strengthen them in the speech to avoid repetition of mistakes. But does it always turn out "to avoid" Continue reading

Why Ignorance Of Grammar Rules Can Ruin Your Life

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Presently, when the second decade of the third millennium is going on, importance of studying of English is immensely actual. It is connected with general globalization and demand of English in daily, and business communication with foreign partners or just foreigners. An increasing number of people aim to learn English. Though at present, not all attach importance to studying of English. But it is in vain, because they will be deprived of those benefits which are opened by the learned Continue reading

English Editors Will Help Non-Native Speakers!

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English language is the world language. Today English became international language, it is the most widespread in the world.  It is native for more than 400 million people, it remains the second language for 300 million people, and about 500 million people know English to some extent. In this article we will try to answer the next questions: Why is English so widespread and important language? The sense of using English editing services. English language is language of trade and Continue reading