How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Text


Here you are, typing excitedly the last words of your paper in your text editor. You put a full stop, check the text for typos and mistakes, correct them if there are any, and, finally, run your text through the plagiarism checker. You relax, being fully confident in your paper. Last checking is a pure formality, you know well that you have put all your soul into this text, having searched for evidence, working out the information, categorizing, classifying… You have assiduously placed ...Continue reading

Cheap Proofreading – Friend Or Foe


Cheap proof reading service – what to expect?The modern educational standards are quite demanding, obliging students who wish to earn high grades, to work tirelessly and diligently throughout the year. The volume and quantity of assignments continually increase; the topics and tasks become more elaborated and specific. It requires a certain resilience and motivation on the part of a student, and also takes considerable time for the preparation and fulfilling of all the tasks. Should ...Continue reading

Proof Read My Paper! Make It The High-Class One!


You’ve got your essay nice and ready however doubt its grammar values? Learn how to solve your problems in a wink!What it means to be a paper proofreaderThe history of the text editing dates back centuries as the ancient Greeks already used to introduce corrections and changes to their texts. Though the tools and techniques developed greatly until the present time (there certainly was not an online spellchecker or plagiarism detection program), the area of their use hadn’t been ...Continue reading

Essay Revision Service – Pros And Cons


You’ve probably heard a lot about the editing services, rewriting services, revision services. Any student, who at least once wasn’t satisfied with his or her essay even after several corrections, could have found himself typing on the browser “Revision service for my essay”. But then, such student usually gets stuck, not being accustomed with the subject and seeing numerous exciting offers. How to choose the best one? We hope you will choose among reliable editing ...Continue reading

Term Paper Proofreading Services – The Award Is Yours!


Writing a term paper is always a headache for students, unless they diligently studied throughout the year, were in time with all of their assignments and did not venture into any of the entertainments. Do you know such students? We don’t, and that is why we post the information on the term paper’s writing and editing.What is term paper editing service dealing with? If you check our website, you will see the numbers below reflecting a mass of the orders placed and fulfilled at ...Continue reading

How to Implement Polite Constructions in Your Speech


Politeness and the ways of its expressionPoliteness can be described in general as the way of pleasing someone without imposing any obligation to either party. It is the means of the social communication. “Would you…”, “Please…”, “Thank you!”, holding the door in order to let the lady with two kids behind you to walk in, stopping to let a car with the inexperienced driver to drive out the parkway, and so on. All these phrases and actions aim to ...Continue reading

Assignment Proofreading Service – Less Bother, More Result!


Studying at college or university is a great thing. You live with the cool friends, you talk and spend time with different interesting people, and you participate in thousands of events for the youth. But for those boring studies and yet duller assignments, that would be a perfect life! These are my grave thoughts when the beeping on my smart phone nails me again to my writing desk with my laptop open, with the flashing reminder “Three days to deadline for the home assignment!” ...Continue reading

How to Carry On Business Correspondence


The main principles of the Business CorrespondenceWhen we write something, we usually think of the person we address this writing to. Depending on the receiver, we use certain patterns and words, reveal or conceal some information. We also use a different style. There are four accustomed styles of writing in English, each serving the certain needs of the information sharing. Basis these four “ground” styles the other sub-styles are formed in reply to the demand of certain groups ...Continue reading

A Website That Fixes Grammar – Utopia Or Reality?


What a grammar check service should do?Say that you’d like to check your grammar. What comments would you receive? “Oh, that’s such a boring thing” or “Well, that’s pretty easy if you know it well”, something like that. But what underlies in this question? And whether we say exactly what we mean to?First of all, there are different approaches to grammar existing in the modern linguistics.  In the regular communication between non-linguists, ...Continue reading

Do We Need Punctuation Today?


What is punctuation? Its origin and function“Stop that!” cried the exclamation mark. “Why?” the question mark couldn’t help wondering. “Let’s try to separate these opposite, clashing things” comma suggested. “It’s over” period concluded.” This short story about the punctuation marks highlights their functions. However, though used correctly, the actual punctuation would not be crucial for getting the meaning of this ...Continue reading