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At all times, students have been the busiest social category. Participation in manifestations and riots, an organization of various practical jokes and a public theater, holding political disputes while sipping coffee (tea, soda etc.) in the cafes, making noisy fun parties… This is not even a tenth part of their occupations. Amazingly, among them, in a feeble handwriting, one could find studying sciences as well.

Such a busy agenda, though, could not permit much time to be assigned to the secondary tasks like written assignments. By the way, “Rewrite my assignments now!” tends to become a student-related meme at Essay-Editor’s. As a result, the written works have been usually performed in a hurry and were submitted without checking. That usually meant getting the grade that was substantially lower than it could be, should a student proofread his or her work. Besides, sometimes (actually, quite often) a student had been choosing the way of copying the work of his or her fellow student, or the works that have been submitted earlier. For a shrewd professor, tracing such tricks was a piece of cake. The result had usually been the lowest grade and the need for redoing the assignment. That is why; an invention of the paper editing services has become a significant benefit to the students.

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In this article, we shall talk about the modern ways of spotting and curing the plagiarism in the written works. We shall also touch philosophical and ethical aspects of the problem. Can’t wait to scroll down? Do!

How to conquer plagiarism using the efficient proofreading essays services from the UK 

The word “plagiarism” has a long history and has its origin in the Ancient Rome. Initially, it related to the illegal selling of a free man to the slavery, but later, has been used for depicting a person who pretends to be the author of the literary works that have been performed by other people. Upon the Ancient Rome decoy, the word and the notion haven’t been used widely for quite a long time. It is only in XVII century that a concept of the plagiarism has appeared again. (“Reword my essay in 6 hours” must have become the most popular student’s exclamation then.) That happened because of the fast development of the literary writing and appearance of the numerous works, as well as due to the changes in the status of literature. The literary works have become a subject of trade, a writer could have obtained a considerable honorary for a successful essay or novel, so, plagiarism has been also inspired commercially. More information about different linguistic notions is here.

Today, plagiarism concerns different spheres of the human’s life. We say “plagiarism” when someone copies a work performed by other people and pretends to be its initial author. It relates to the musical tracks, movies, art pictures, and even a style of dressing and behavior. See the UK legislation regarding plagiarism. The media stars often copy the elements of each other’s images; in this case, one can say it’s a plagiarism. At the same time, a plagiarism mainly concerns writing and its products – written texts. Find good unique examples here.

 So, plagiarism is like stealing. Someone steals a text written by another person and publishes it under his or her own name. Fight such cases by making your text unique – we know how At the same time, not all such cases are deliberate and can be marked as plagiarism. Usually, an argument arises over the way to define plagiarism in the actual text. It is an especially significant issue for the academic texts.

The reason is that the academic work always copies other scientific works, to some extent. Learn everything about writing and editing the academic works. It is a nature of the science. Performing our own research, we necessarily use the mass of works that have been conducted before. They make the background of the current research and its theoretical ground. Still, sometimes the authors copy the other works only and do not add anything. How to estimate such a work, with regard to the plagiarism?

Currently, there is no unified and official definition or percent indicator stating an allowed quantity of the plagiarism in the scientific work. It is not agreed, whether citing is a form of the plagiarism or not, and what quantity of citing is allowed in the academic text. See the attributes of the academic citing. The estimation of the level of the plagiarism can be also performed by different means:

  1. Estimation by the experienced person whose credibility in this issue is out of doubt. In other words, a professor reads an essay or a thesis and tests it using his or her memory. See the most popular memory fails that affect people. Has he or she already seen such a work? Are the practical part and conclusions unique? If doubts arise, a professor looks for the probable source of the text. This method is good as it allows to define a level of the performer’s own work and not to distract onto citing as a necessary part of the academic work. At the same time, it can be affected by the human factor – a professor might treat the text with prejudice or not be acquainted with the primary source (for example, when it is written in some rare language like Swahili).
  2. Estimation by the automatic anti-plagiarism program. This method is often used nowadays for the texts of the different types. It allows comparing the present text to the mass of all other texts submitted to the Web stores. In order to avoid its “accusations”, use the top paragraph rewriting service online. On many occasions, such a program might trace the coincidence of the written passages and indicate them. However, such method has a few drawbacks:
  • One language check only. A program can compare the texts written in the same language only. If the English academic text is just a full translated copy of the work of another author (written in, let us say, Vietnamese), a program would most probably mark it as unique. Most probably – because there is a possibility that such a translation has been performed earlier – by the author himself or some other person. How can you avoid plagiarism in your own work? Contact a good editor;
  • A space of checking base is limited by the Internet. A program can deal only with the database of the texts that have been uploaded to the Web. Thus, finding some old scientific journal that hadn’t been submitted on the Internet, one might use the texts freely. A program would not mark them as a considerable plagiarism (though some cross citing might be detected). If it happened, all the same, apply to us requesting, “Rewrite my essay for tomorrow!” We’ll gladly oblige;
  • An imperfect mechanism of the plagiarism definition. It also happens quite often that a student perform the assignment himself but the program detects a considerable level of the plagiarism in it. This happens not only because of the presence of quotation in the text but also due to the specificity of the program. It performs a “mechanical” check. Sometimes, it might consider the similar passages the same and mark as a source a work that does not relate even thematically to the text checked.

Thus, the current methods of estimation of the uniqueness of the text are imperfect and cannot be completely relayed upon. At the same time, many educational institutions use the uniqueness-checking programs for the verification of the works of their students. Thus, it is important to know the mechanism of the plagiarism check in order to avoid the unjust plagiarism charge.

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As we’ve seen from the above, there is no unambiguous ground in order to recognize the academic work as a copied one. Check essay like a pro and forget about plagiarism. The technical base of the automatic checking programs is insufficient as there are many issues that cannot be estimated correctly by the quantitative indicators. Besides, many hard science students and professors are not strong in relaying their research by means of the words and shaping their texts in an individual style. This might result in using clichés that would be detected as plagiarism as well. Thus, a unique research might be represented as a copied text. See the list of the popular academic clichés that are better to avoid in your writing.

The level of the plagiarism is also a doubtful notion. Even if there is some percentage of coincidence, should the publishing of the text be rejected? What if it is a technical text (an instruction to the vacuum cleaner, for example)? Or a literary poem? There is no single answer to that.

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Though our ideas are various and each person is unique, we use the same words and passages in order to communicate with them. That is a necessary condition of our mutual understanding. Thus, a certain part of each text would be similar to other written works and should not be marked as non-unique content. Here a question arises, which part? An introduction, a theoretical ground part, some quoting? And how much of it is allowed?

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In this clause, we shall talk about the proportion of the unique – non-unique content in the academic text with regard to the most popular plagiarism-checking programs. Let’s be strict and consider the cases when the scientific text is justly and unambiguously estimated as a non-unique one:

  • Plagiarism level is estimated at more than 90% of the text. Amazing as it could be, such happens quite frequently in the students’ and even postgraduates’ works. Avoid such a predicament – here is the algorithm For most of the cases, a person is just trying to republish a scientific article or its part written by someone else. Sometimes, the author might be trying to copy the course work or an essay that is present on the Web and present it as his or her own text. That is an appropriation of someone else’s work and it can be easily detected by any verification system. Never do such a thing, even if you have a limited time for performing your assignment. It is better to make your own text, at least by writing what you intended to copy in other words. Such a method does not guarantee 100% unique result but it will be definitely better than just copying the text. Even if a plagiarism would be detected, an experienced professor would see that you have worked out the text and understand that you have grasped its meaning. Besides, for some category of texts, a certain level of the plagiarism is allowed (e.g. descriptive essays without individual conclusions). Reword my paper within 12 hours – that is your secret code for Essay-Editor making your paper unique! 
  • Copying the legislative or some other official document. That is quite a natural part of any scientific article, especially if it concerns the Law studies. The students who study at the Law, Management, Economic faculties often are demanded to write the academic articles about different legislative acts and norms and similar official documents. Proofread my document at a low price – drop such message in our Live Chat box and solve this problem! However, often their articles are considered as the plagiarism due to the 90%-estimation of the uniqueness checker. That happens when the text contains nothing but actual citing of the documents. Technically, it isn’t so. Just copying the text of the document and writing three sentences as an introduction does not make your text ac academic article. The latter implies an analysis of the document, its comparison to other legislative / official acts and your own conclusions derived on basis of such an analysis.
  • 50% of unique text vs. 50% of the plagiarism. Another version of the plagiarism that is often met in the scientific texts. Usually, this happens when the author combines two already published academic texts. He or she takes a half of the text from one scientific source (e.g. an article from the scientific journal) and a half from another source (e.g. a published course paper). In order to connect the texts, the author adds the introductive sentences and represents the result as a separate text. Such texts are also considered a plagiarism. They need a deep revising. “Can you improve uniqueness, revising an essay for me?” is the frequent question at Essay-Editor. We say yes! In order to improve the uniqueness in these cases, add your analysis to both texts, indicate their advantages and drawbacks with regard to the problem discussed and draw your own conclusion. Do not forget to adjust the style. It might happen that the plagiarism checker would estimate the text as the unique one, while the different types of the speech passages and set expressions used would disclose your intention of copying the texts. Remember, your text must be performed in a single style and do not have any logical or stylistic breaks. Engage a reliable academic editor for the perfect style of your essay.
  • Plagiarism 30%+30%+30%. It is a more complicated and ambiguous version of the non-unique texts. In this case, the text is usually composed of abstracts of three different scientific sources. It is quite possible that a student has been writing an essay him- or herself, using the own knowledge, citing the sources, not trying to copy anything. Yet, as a result, a program marks the text as a multi-level plagiarism. In order to avoid it, rewrite the text in your own words. If you experience difficulties, just think what it means or how you would explain it to a child. Consult a specialist You would definitely find some other words in order to relate the idea. In this way, you will also maintain your own writing style and preserve your logic. Besides, the uniqueness of the text would be rated higher.
  • Self-plagiarism. Such a form of the plagiarism has appeared recently. It names the situation when an author republishes his or her own text or its part. Having multiple publications, the academic authors perforce repeat themselves. One call to Essay-Editor, “Reword my work quickly!” – and the problem is solved! Some elements of the text come from one article to another. The usage of the same patterns also “helps” the program to define the text as a copied one. Such cases are considered as the system fails in the academic society. However, if the level of the plagiarism exceeds 60%, such text might not be accepted by many scientific journals. There is no use publishing the same texts that do not represent any fresh ideas. Still, sometimes an author might need using a whole text written by him previously, in order to ground a new idea. In such situations, a credible scientific expert must estimate the text and its input to science – and define its uniqueness. Check editing examples for writing on and never copy yourself!

A useful tip. Do not abuse citing.  It should not exceed the volume of your own original text. Quote no more than three sentences, describe the rest with your own words. Remember to execute the citing properly, in accordance with the quoting requirements of your college. Use citing only for the animation, accentuation of the author’s idea, the illustration of your words.

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