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There is plenty of information on the Internet regarding the checking and correction of the written texts. The professionals and beginners make their input writing the articles, participating in discussions on the forums, consulting for free or at the minimal cost. Yet, this type of advice is not the one to be remembered for long if you do not need it at the moment. There is hardly a single student to be found who would study the basics of editing scrupulously before actually getting the assignment to prepare an essay or report.

At Essay-Editor’s, we work hard in order to help you just at the moment you need it. That is why; the whole blog on our website is dedicated to the editing and its kinds, pitfalls, useful tips, cost, related topics and so on. We aim to create an all-encompassing manual that would help you to get an answer to your question immediately – and correct your writing successfully.

We provide the editing services of any type of complexity and for any kind of the written work. We perform essay editing, dissertation revision, resume editing, article rewriting. Besides, we can help with restructuring your text and making it more animated and attractive. You will find the complete list of our services on the web page.

Meanwhile, here we offer the methods and utilities that will help you to determine whether or not your text needs thorough checking or maybe even specialist’s advice. Contact the accurate dissertation editor and get it now!

I know I’ve got to fix my writing

Today linguists mark the overall reduction of the correct writing – that is, the one that corresponds to the established language rules. Nevertheless, many people who are engaged in writing to some extent are knowledgeable in the grammar and spelling rules. Punctuation is left outside more often. Browse our blog on English writing to find out why. At the same time, most of the people who like to read separate the compound and complex sentences with commas.

Sometimes, a small problem can be solved only through changing the basics of the whole issue. In such cases, only an experienced top-rated specialist must be trusted. You can hire our professional proofreader to improve your thesis and check its inner structure, as well as stylistic and logical consistency. The perfect text may be created only through the thorough attention to each detail, at each level of the language.

So, most of the students can definitely say whether their essay needs correction or not. A bit smaller number will also indicate the sphere of the language science that must be applied for the correction – grammar, syntax, spelling or even discourse technologies. (Hope that the last two words didn’t scare anyone of our readers. If they did, we can recommend a good review on the nature of discourse and discourse analysis.) A smaller number will be able to spot the exact mistakes, and yet smaller one – to offer the methods of their correction. The last category eventually starts working as editors.

But even the last category might fail in spotting all the mistakes, especially when a productive and intensive day comes to an end and the attention and analytical skills are almost disabled. Find the ways to overcome the tiredness and enhance your paper

Believe that the quickness of the performance is the primary indicator of the editor’s skill? Test our editors for this parameter! Hire a fast proofreader in the UK from wherever you might happen to be! Provided there is a working Internet connection, you will receive your document back thoroughly and professionally proofread, within just a few hours! Any type of paper and any editing service – together with the moderate level of prices make our company a leader in the editing market in the UK!

Here, we shall list the ways you can check your essay and find more mistakes in it (hopefully, there will be none):

  • Just read the text aloud. If the letters do not seem the same and the lines do not start to jump up and down, that is, if you still can read – read your text using your voice. If there is no possibility – read it in your head, fixing each word and its pronunciation in your mind. Apart from diverting your attention and letting it change the focus, you can also spot the incongruous and repeated phrases. Fix them by means of the innovative assignment rewriter service – at any time convenient for you!

The essay you read is the one to be highly estimated.

This piece of writing Art deserves the highest grade.

Multiple research and inhuman effort have been applied to make it a masterpiece.

Thus, the main idea of my essay is the annual migration of the red salmon.

  • Start proofreading from the end. There are two ways to do that. First, you can actually read backwards. This would help to spot the tiny mistakes and typos that can be “swallowed” and passed over when you read the text in the usual order. Solve them immediately by following our advice for getting proof reading online for money. However, the method of backward reading works only with the relatively short texts (no more than two-three pages). For a long read, such reading would make you lose the tread soon and further proofreading would make no sense.

Do not differ Past Indefinite from Perfect Indefinite? We have outlined the basic rules of usage of the Past Indefinite Tense. Simply save the tab and consult it once you need it!

Second, you can read backwards, reading paragraph by paragraph. First, the last paragraph; then, the one before the last and so on. This method is highly effective, as it is noticed that the beginning of any action usually comes easier than the end. It is especially valid for a difficult and long-period work.

Experience difficulties with unusual reading mode? Apply to the proficient paragraph rewriting service! We shall edit your paragraph so they will be impeccable in any mode of reading!

Did you proofread your report?

Oh yes. I’ve read it backwards and introduced some changes.

Good for you!

Oh yes. But now, I need to write it back in the direct order.

The proper writing skills imply the knowledge of the Direct and Indirect Speech techniques. Study the Indirect Speech rules, as they are applicable in the academic writing.

  • Get the editor’s help. At some stage, the professional’s assistance might be invaluable. It might be crucial when a large and important work is being prepared However, we do not talk about applying to the human editors only. Certainly, an experienced linguist will adjust your essay to all the requirements your teacher or college might have, both technical and essential. However, if due to some reason there is no possibility to engage a live specialist, the specific linguistic online services might be the key to the problem.

Use the online checkers cautiously.

Remember that the program cannot read your thoughts (yet).

As a proof and for getting fun

Check the list of the typical mistakes the text programs do.

In order to access most of them, you just need to type in your browser search “Check my grammar” or “Check my text”. Then, you will be offered an assortment of the checking programs of different kinds. We shall cover this diversity and give a short account of each type of checkers in the following chapter. In the meantime, you can find some examples of our editor’s works on our official web page!

The three methods listed above are not exhaustive. There are many others, like letting the text rest for a while, asking someone to proofread it, reading line by line and so on. We have mentioned the ones that our team uses the most frequently. If you have a good method and wish to share it – welcome to the contact page on our website! We value your input!

Access the website through the active links below. They indicate the posts on the actual issues of the English texts’ editing and feature many useful tips for your writing:

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Which program to choose to check my essay?

The computational linguistics is steaming ahead, and many of the editing services that were exclusively human’s occupation have been relayed to the automatic programs. For the particulars, check the information about the goals and principles of the computational linguistics.

Today, the linguists work on introducing the existing grammar, syntax, punctuation rules by means of the programming algorithms, as well as on replenishing the database with these rules and the language’s vocabulary. Get on the academic essay editing site, for your guidance – there you will find a clear outline of this impressive task. Succeeding in this task would mean recreating a model of the language where all interactions are systematic and that can be equal to the live language – except the introduction of the new words and combinations. However, even the initial steps on the way of the development of such system mean a lot for the automated editing.

The expert’s assistance is an inseparable part of the success of any issue. Ask yourself, “Do I want an expert to reword my work?” If the answer is positive, we are always there for you!

Now, the automated programs contain a considerable amount of encoded rules of grammar, spelling, correct punctuation. Some stylistic aspects can be also taken into account. The computational systematization of a huge mass of the texts enables the new types of checking. Receive the modern college essay edit and estimate all advantages of working with the young and innovative and well-reputed company!

Let us list the main directions in which the automated checkers can help users today:

1. Grammar adjustment. This is the most popular search request regarding text editing on the modern Internet. The grammar checkers usually also perform a spell check, as these two spheres of the language are closely connected. The fresh overview of this issue can be found here  You can well rely on the program correcting your Tense usage or recommending the optimal Voice mode for your sentence. Learn about the tricky usage of the Passive Voice. You might be sure that it would fix the incorrect Nominal Verb (like investition – instead of investment) and underline the absence of the auxiliary Verb (i.e. has). The grammar checkers usually spot the majority of the mistakes in texts.

My essay about grammar was estimated by “A” for its contents and by “D” for its grammar…

For the rules regarding the usage of the complex Tenses in English, visit, enter the “blog” tab.

2. Spell checking programs. The work of these programs and their funny mistakes have long become a meme on the Internet. However, if you have a significant volume of the text to come through and if you are unsure about the typos, the spell checkers can make a solution for you. However, do not trust them in correcting long words and especially technical terms – the result might become the contents for the next funny meme.

Order the spell check for your dissertation and obtain an excellent proofreading rate for your PhD thesis in any field! Our experts always share your academic interest!

My report about my own designed

Dishwashing device was a success.

There were so may smiles…

Yet, I’m afraid; most of them were caused by the checker’s correction of the “purification of the dishes” to “terrific action of the fishes”

3. Punctuation fixing applications. Should there be a comma after the name if you address someone, like “Thank you Jake for coming”? What kind of a scary creature is a semi-colon? Is a phrase “My turn” a question or a statement? These and similar questions are the ones millions of English speakers think about when it’s time to proofread their texts. Order the rewriting of your essay with us and forget these questions – as you will get a clear reply to them. We shall make a rewriting of an essay in 24/7 mode! Indeed, there is next to nothing with regard to punctuation when you write informally. However, formal styles require the proper punctuation execution. The application to the automated program might be a good solution. It will spot of cases of the technical deficiency (like comma after the Adverbial Clause In the meantime …) but will not be able to put the sense accents. The latter will be the responsibility of the writer.

My punctuation is correct, not mistaken.

Why we need punctuation? Welcome to our website – and the reply! Do not miss the opportunity, even if you are non-native English speaker. We offer special conditions for our customers for whom English is not the first language. Call us and we shall prove it!

4. Style and logic adjustment. Though the two aspects mentioned are quite independent from each other, we have joined them in one section. That is due to the nature of the parameters the program must check and its ability to check them. Our authors have paid significant attention to these notions – search the correspondent articles in the part of our blog dedicated to the English language. These notions are abstract and based on the constantly changed interactions between the people – that is why the estimation of the program can be only the approximate one. It can spot some incorrect execution of the etiquette norms (like Valuable prof. James – instead of Dear prof. James) and the inconsistence of the text based on the structure of the phrase. For example, the phrase having Thus, as a beginning cannot be the first one in the text. In the formal styles of language (like a scientific style), the set expressions can be traced (and fixed) more easily, while in the informal and semi-formal styles (like a business style) it is much more difficult to do. The program does not deal with the content of the sentence but with its form. That is why; the invective phrase shaped in the mockingly respectful way will be passed unnoticed by the program.

Get the quick essays editing for cheap! There is no need to pay extra for better quality – get the qualified specialist ready to reshape your text at any time of the day!

Dear Mr. Nonsmart,

Let us express the deep respect for all your non-inventive and clumsy deeds.

Staying your devoted critics,

Mr. Mocker

Get a good academic proof reading, and your text will never lose its strict formal structure and style! Maintain a high-class level for all your articles – and get the publication offers from the most serious and respected editions! Needless to say, we can support any scientific article by the first-rate academic editing and proofreading!

5. Anti-plagiarism programs. This type of check has been enabled only recently, by the creation of the global online texts’ database. By means of this database, each text that has ever been introduced on the online platforms is encoded and saved. This, in turn, has enabled the comparative analysis of the new texts regarding their uniqueness. Though sometimes the correctness of the plagiarism checkers can be argued, they make an invaluable tool of the anti-plagiarism global fight. They allow spotting the direct copy pasting as well as helping in determining the real first source of the quoting. Find the way to secure your work from plagiarism by means of its proper proofreading by a specialist. However, the system also has its drawbacks. One of the principal ones is the “first come – first win” principle. If a student has copied teacher’s research and posted it first, the system will consider his or her text as the primary source, while in reality this would not be true. We shall dedicate a special post to the advantages and drawbacks of the plagiarism checkers. Do not miss the next comings!

Remember to put the reference for each idea that isn’t yours. In this way, you might not become a popular thinker, but you will not either become a plagiarism-adopter.

See the rules of the referencing the citations, applicable for your region.

Thus, the automated programs can be used for checking of the technical language parameters of your text – grammar, spelling, punctuation. At the same time, the abstract parameters like style and logic will be safer under the human editor’s responsibility. Want to reword an essay in order to change the super-textual parameters like the logical structure and style? We know how to do it – and do it fast! As to the anti-plagiarism programs, always use them for checking your finished texts. Even if they will wrongly estimate your text as a non-unique one, you will be able to fix it before your teacher advised you of this.

No plagiarism will be ever traced in your texts if our editors will occupy themselves with it! We’ve got a team of specialists who are knowledgeable in the different parts of science and can reflect your ideas in the most attractive way. Check what the editor can do with your text, and choose the service you need right now! Cannot find the information you need? Stop shuffling electronic pages, simply type a short message on our Live Chat panel! We guarantee a fast reply independent of the time zone and the actual time!

As to the rates, you can trace the actual ones in the table on the website. Remember that the table is represented as the information means. The actual price will depend on the complexity of the order, individual conditions and the time of performance. However, it will never be bigger than the average market price. Get more for your money!

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Have you succeeded in checking your text? Whether your reply is “Yes” or “No”, our top-notch editors are always ready to assist you further!