Proofreading Service: Final Touch to a Perfect Paper


Proofreading Services for Perfect Paper

Professional academic proofreading: final touch to your papers

Academic success is not so easy to achieve. One of the biggest challenges is a huge pack of papers and documents to do. Who can help cope with it? Our experts will support you with everything related to academic writing, fix and improve your papers, as well as enhance your chances to publish your texts in a professional journal in your field. Also, our specialists will format the quotes and references used in your paper according to the preferred style. Thus, we save your time and energy.

The best proof readers of our agency will detect all the misprints, fix incorrect grammar, and remove other inaccuracies. Academic proofreading provided on our site guarantees that your text will be checked and improved, thus, the threat of paper rejection because of small errors is eliminated. When you think that your paper is completed, it is never fully completed until it is proofread.

Of course, sometimes you can ask someone to look through your text and notice the errors you have missed. However, you cannot do it every time. That is why we are always there for you. Our expert team has the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to polish any text.

Proofreading online company

What do we deliver?

  • A fixed text with no typos, grammar mistakes, and spelling faults.
  • Other kinds of necessary changes and pieces of advice on how to improve understandability, style, structure, and legibility.
  • Report on the performed changes that allows you checking out what has been done.
  • Suggestions on other issues that can help improve text quality.

What documents our academic proofreaders work with

  • All types of college papers
  • Written assignments
  • Articles
  • Research and study
  • Presentations
  • Website texts

It is important to mention that proof reading service suits the best final drafts, i.e. the texts that have been checked and fixed at least once. If you need editing help, our specialists are ready to support you as well. Get everything you need and even more at – the best among proofreading companies on-line.

We also want to assure that all your data, documents you upload or download are in safe and carefully protected. Your privacy is very important that is why we care a lot for safety and security.

Our agency is the best proofreader editor service on line. We always ready to assist you with any issue you have. All you need is to contact us and our support team will respond to your request immediately. Order now and a discount up to 20% is guaranteed!

Recommendations on text correction, editing academic papers and other documents

Correct and competent texts on a website are the visiting card of every serious web resource, beginning with the corporate websites and ending with personal blogs. High-quality text content, with no mistakes, typos, and inaccuracies reflects the appropriate competence of one's internet project. However, how to avoid silly errors in grammar and spelling? Why is it difficult to find misprints even reading a text dozens of times? How to arrange an effective check of a text to actually prove high quality of author's materials?

In order to solve these problems, there are special methods and techniques. One of them is to address a specialist and order the services of a professional editor who will do all the hard work on correction and improvement of author's texts. However, if your budget is limited, you have to rely on your own skills and knowledge. Spelling vocabularies, text editors, and specialized online services will help detect errors and make texts more literate and ideal.

In order to help the visitors of the website, our experts prepared recommendations that will be helpful to fix one's content.

1. Scrupulousness and attention focusing. In order to fix a text (or texts), it is necessary to have much time and especial attention to the tiniest details. However, many of us just lack time to work on original materials in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Rapid style of life, which requires to perform several tasks simultaneously, does not give opportunities to work on grammar and spelling. That is why the main rule of text correction is that nothing should disturb when checking texts for literacy.

2. Order instead of sense. One of the distinctive features of our brain prevents from finding typos. During ordinary (quick) reading, the brain scans the content of a text and, first of all, analyzes its meaning, trying to understand what is written. In order to see well the letters, it is necessary to get distracted from the sense and focus on the rules of spelling.

3. Do not rush. Text correction does not tolerate haste and carelessness. Professional editing of a text content is a scrupulous process when it is required to peer into every single letter, comma, and point. Email us “check my writing for punctuation”, and we will do it for you. Instead of ordinary quick reading of the whole sentences and paragraphs, it will be necessary to check all the words slowly to look at the content from the point of view of the future readers.

4. Big font and reverse reading. When checking the texts for errors, the change of the font size gives a good effect. Bigger symbols are perceived differently and it contributes to fast error detection. Another method is to read the words twice: first time in the order they are in a sentence, and second time to read the words, one by one from the end.

5. Check the next day. If a text is written today, put aside the final check for tomorrow. A fresh and sober view will help find the typos and mistakes that are carefully hidden between the author's lines.

In case if you lack time and need to present the material today, it is advised to rest from work for an hour or two and check the text later. It guarantees high quality of correction process in case when there is almost no time.

6. Another sight. Have you created another written masterpiece to fill or promote your personal website? Address a friend who can check the ready materials. When a person sees a text the first time, it is easy for him (or her) to notice misprints and give advice on problem resolution based on his (her) own view. The mind of a person not engaged in the field of your problem is especially valuable. It is better not to appeal to specialists in this very field because they read differently. They just scan the materials trying to catch their general sense and ignoring mistakes.

7. Fix at once and everywhere. If you detect an error or typos, fix it immediately. Use the search option and fix the words containing errors at once. Such a simple trick will help avoid appearing typical mistakes (typos) that many people make. Be attentive when using program means for automatic spelling check. There can be unnecessary punctuation points, improper word formats, and other kinds of inaccuracies. Our professionals will remove everything excessive from your text:

8. Name is above all. Respect proper nouns: the names of the cities, geographic objects, historical personalities, and ordinary people who live in the same time with you. If there are doubts about correct spelling, search on the internet – there you will definitely find the correct variant.

9. A single method. Inconsistency in the selection of symbols and signs, different writing of numeral and physical quantities, as well as other common flaws are well noticeable to someone else’s sight that will see not only errors but also other similar faults. It is important to have a single approach to writing and follow the rules of text correction. Pay attention to any detail: titles, references, picture writings, the form of tables and clarifications. Only in such a way, it is possible to fix and make your texts correct.

10. Editor’s style. Create your own style of text writing and follow it fully and strictly. It will allow excluding many corrections and will save much time to check author’s materials. Why is it working? Now it is not necessary to focus on what numbers are required, where to make gaps, and what dash to use between the words. A personal style is a great helper when it is necessary to create the texts of any kind and theme.

11. Friendly assistance. If you have noticed typos or errors in someone’s materials, you could be so kind and inform the author of a text about found errors in a friendly way. No one wants to be mistaken and that is why we all are very sensitive to our problems in the field of spelling and grammar. Of course, no one is safe from accident errors and misprints. If you help someone in a friendly way, that person will be much obliged for that.

12. Specialists’ services. If you lack time and attention to details is not your strength, then a professional editor is needed. A specialist will help solve the problem of editing, as well as give advice on what you need to pay attention to. Later you will make a habit of it and will be able to see the errors that you could not notice previously. Cooperate with qualified editors to get the best result:

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