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Essay Writing Useful Tips

How to write a good English essay

What is an essay and how to handle it? Of course, it is better to handle it correctly. We offer you to figure everything out and to sort out the details right here and right now. Usually, a successfully written essay can offer many opportunities on the way of self-realization, as well as bringing to life our cherished dreams and goals.

What is an English essay?

An English essay is a type of work that has a free composition and discloses the author’s view on some problem of social, cultural or historical nature. This is not an article, an abstract, or any other work of creative genre. An essay occupies its own separated place in the world of writing. In order to understand better what an essay is, let’s compare it with an article and an abstract. You will see why an essay cannot be called either an article or an abstract.

In an essay, an author reflects on some topics, presents relevant issues, but does not make a final conclusion. An article is very similar to an essay because it also presents a current topic. However, an article is the work of journalism, unlike an essay. This factor makes an article unique in the field of writing. Speaking about an essay and an abstract, the biggest difference is in the size: an abstract is usually bigger, about 5 pages, meanwhile, an essay is usually about 1,5 – 2 pages. Also, in an essay, the narration is told from the perspective of its author, and an abstract is a report on a clearly defined topic.

How to write an academic paper and where an essay can be used

  • Taking an exam on English (at school, college, university)
  • Taking an English proficiency test
  • Applying to an educational establishment
  • For admission to employment

Of course, this is not the full list of cases where an essay can be required. There is no secret that essay creation increases creativity and helps develop the skills of analytical thinking. The point is as following: if you want to develop – build an essay. It is extremely essential at school, college, and even workplace. It is very important to understand how to build an essay correctly, and the earlier you do it the better.

Grammar basics

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When it is necessary to create an academic essay, the most required thing is to learn the ABC’s of this style. An academic paper presents a strong statement powered by several relevant arguments or proofs. The arguments can be got from different sources or from one’s own study. Usually, study is based on some particular standards and guidelines. If you learn and bear in mind academic essay creation principles, it will allow you to produce an outstanding paper even in cases when you extremely lack time. In case if there is no chance to cope with the task in time, we strongly recommend to appeal to our consultants and get the necessary assistance:

Experts advise how to write better essays

The first thing to begin with is to make a draft. It is very significant to decide on what an essay is going to be about before beginning. Of course, it is necessary to think about what exactly you wish to say. The best and the wisest way to present a chosen statement clearly and reinforce it with proper arguments is to start with a draft. Basically, an academic essay consists of three main parts: an introduction (in which a chosen statement is introduced), the essay body (or main part, in which the arguments that power the statement are presented), and a denouement (in which all the data presented previously is summarized and clarified). It is highly recommended to use at least 3 strong arguments that will power the statement directly.

Useful advice on how to improve English writing

Professional team

When it goes about essay creation, one of the most significant things is the clear understanding and knowledge of the essentials of grammar, as well as punctuation and style. These three elements are extremely essential if you want to make your writings clear and be treated seriously. That is why before one starts creating an essay, it is necessary to check basic grammar knowledge. Grammar essentials are:

  • Agreement of a verb and subject;
  • Appropriate articles;
  • Correct usage of pronouns;
  • Realization of the difference between adjectives and adverbs;
  • Clear well-structured sentences.

Additionally, check whether you know how to use the most widespread and frequently used punctuation marks. Make sure that the commas are put correctly and a period is used properly. Another essential thing of an academic paper is voice. It is recommended to avoid the passive voice and use the active voice more if possible. It will enhance the tone of an essay. One more tip: do not use such words that do not add something useful to the sentences. When you review your paper, remove them. Or send your paper to our on-line company (which is one of the most competent proof reading companies in the US, by the way), and our experts will do this for you.

The rules of essay creation in English

Adhere to the structure. Do not forget to use a draft. Make notes, create a draft, and have the list of the arguments that will be used before beginning to work. It is important to be fully prepared and ready for any topic. The best strategy is to get prepared for essay creation in advance and write essays the more the better. Thus, whatever topic you will get, you will manage to develop it based on knowledge and experience got during preparation.

An essay can be perfect in terms of its content, but if it contains grammar errors, you are done. That is why you must check your writings when you finish. It is preferable to do it twice. First, from the very beginning to the end, and then, in reverse order read your paper. It is recommended to read it in reverse order to detect the errors in words.

Writing an essay in English

There are different essay types and it is important to adhere to the style of a selected essay type. It is important to be specific but do not make it too short. In most cases, an essay contains about 180-320 words, depending on the goal of writing. Do not forget about linking words. They often reflect the author’s literacy. Also, use the quotes that will prove your opinions.

We can infer that an essay is not as scary as it may seem first time. The most important is preparation. When you finish reading this post, you will already have enough information to understand how to create an English essay. Training is all you need. Build as many essays as you can. Get inspired to create an essay on any topic (even if it is unfamiliar), whether it is related to the protection of animals or world art tendencies.

Essay writing tips: what to mind when writing an essay in English

1. No one wants to read a boring book-like text. If professors or your boss at work would want to get suchlike text, they would get a ready book of scientific nature. Usually, an essay is a kind of review.

2. All parts and elements should be logically connected. There should be a smooth transition from one part to another. For instance, first you speak about some ecological problem, then, you reflect on the issue of flooding, and in the end you present something about pets. Of course, such an essay will not do.

3. Remember about the sequence of tenses. If you begin to write using let’s say present tenses, try to adhere to them throughout the whole text. Thus, your essay will look much better and more coherent.

4. Check grammar and spelling with the help of special services. For instance, our professional writers and editors will gladly assist you with this. All the errors and typos will be detected, and our expert team will do its best to fix every inaccuracy.

5. Review your text paying more attention to its punctuation (unnecessary commas or lack of them). Also, check the text for tautology and repetitions.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult and, of course, there is nothing impossible. An English essay is not an easy thing but your imagination and our team of experts will become your loyal helpers that will guide you to success:

More tips on how to write a proper essay

1) Be sure that the vocabulary you use is right. It means that it is necessary to know the correct definition of the used words. The usage of the correct words is extremely essential, especially when it goes about academic writings. When you create a paper, the goal is to convince the readers that you are aware of the topic you are writing about. That is why it is not enough just to use the words that sound smart. It is necessary to be 100% sure that you understand what they determine and use them properly. First, incorrectly used words reduce the clarity of the text, and second, you risk damaging your reputation / getting a low grade / failing the task, etc. If you have doubts that you can handle this task on your own, our professionals are always there to assist you anytime. On our blog, we have a useful post on how to expand vocabulary, which you can check out right now.

2) Of course, it is very crucial to interpret correctly the arguments you use to reinforce the main statement of your paper. Always bear the topic in mind and try to do your best to stay on topic all the time. When you proceed to another argument, ask yourself: “Do I use the argument to power the statement directly?”. If you cannot answer “yes”, most likely, it means that you should not use this very argument, or transform it in such a way that it would be straight related to the topic. As you can see, it is necessary to have a critical approach to your own writing. Whatever you use should have a direct strong relation to the topic of your paper.

3) Create an appropriate conclusion that will finalize your paper perfectly. Experience shows that the final part is often ignored and does not get the required attention. The final part of your paper is the element that combines all other parts to turn them into a coherent whole. It should not just repeat information presented in the introduction or the essay body. A correctly written conclusion briefly emphasizes the key arguments (presented in the essay main part) that prove or disprove the main statement of your paper. It happens that an essay is perfectly written but a thoughtless conclusion can totally ruin it. So do what you can to avoid the same fate.

Naturally, Essay-editor professional team is ready to be your helper with any writing related issue. We perfectly know what and how to do to guarantee an outstanding paper. is among the best on-line writing & editing companies. Entrust your papers to our specialists and enjoy the result!

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