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Do you need to have your dissertation proofread competently and for cheap? Essay-editor on-line agency is the best solution. Our company is the best editor proofreader website. Our qualified and experienced proofreaders will detect and fix every mistake, including unnecessary commas and spaces. Pay for dissertation correction little money at and get the finest result! In order to be more helpful, we want to share a couple of life hacks related to dissertation, as well as other academic papers, creation.

Where to find material for your dissertation? Working life hacks

In order to create a dissertation, as well as thesis or another academic paper, at most departments and faculties, it is required to examine the contribution of other researchers who have studied your subject. Simply put, it is necessary to dig through the textbooks and scientific journals (though today most share of information can be got in electronic form, and this fact reduces a bit the height of the barricades of books and photocopies on your desk).

So how to look for materials for the dissertation? How to optimize this process to spend less time on search? An academic adviser will require to present a reference list along with the dissertation outline, on which a graduate student will be based. This is right because this list becomes a benchmark for a student putting in order the chaotic actions aimed at the search of materials.

Besides, having got acquainted with the reference list, your professor already at this stage can assist greatly: he (or she) can advise some other significant materials or remove something unnecessary. A draft reference list can be enlarged but, in general, as well as an outline, it becomes the basis for a mindful and scrupulous work on your paper. Find more helpful information about dissertation creation and correction in this post:

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How life hackers make up a reference list for a dissertation

Depending on a specialty, a reference list includes from several dozens to several hundreds of items. Traditional recommendations on the creation of this list amount to the strict command to work with the library catalogues and bibliography guides. However, we know a couple of life hacks that will help make the process of the search of literature for a dissertation a bit easier matter, and also, will allow finding materials that facilitate the process of dissertation creation.

1. As a pillar, take the reference lists from your previous papers (for instance, research and course papers related to the topic of your dissertation) if they have the same subject with your dissertation. If help with a course paper is needed, we are ready to assist:

2. Look at the lists of recommended literature on your topic in the encyclopedic volumes, reference works, and textbooks. Since the topic of a dissertation is usually pretty specific, there is no much chance you can have a big haul. However, some literature, especially of general nature, you will manage to find. You will get at least the center of bibliographical spiral that can be gradually complemented and developed.

3. An amazing tool is right in your hands – the Internet. With its help, look for the publications and editions on your topic. Are you thinking that this is the most obvious thing ever? No, it is not. Experience has shown that many students are not aware of the fact that it is better to use specialized search systems, for this purpose, such as Google Academia (, as well as specialized electronic libraries.

4. Here is a big secret: others’ theses and dissertations will provide you with the lists of appropriate literature (already selected from the ocean of seething information). This is probably that rare case when the banks of academic papers will come in handy. The advantage of this method is that you can find the titles of the suitable articles without digging through the archives of scientific journals. Pay more attention not to the reference lists (the reason is that most students and graduates add there literary everything more or less related to the topic, just to have as many items as possible) but to the references. You will even have the numbers of pages in the articles and monographs, from which you can get the necessary material.

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5. The same applies to the articles and monographs on your topic. Again, pay more attention to the references because the reference lists, especially in the textbooks, are very extensive. Here is the disadvantage – the bibliographies are multi-page, there are many books in them that can be not necessary at all. The obvious advantage is that the authors of scientific works do not cheat with the pages (as some graduate students do).

6. Look in the electronic dissertation room and look if there is something appropriate on your topic. The dissertations are not freely available so you have the chance to borrow not only a reference list but also some fragment of work.

7. Are the materials still not enough? Work with the library catalogues. Today almost all of them are electronic and even integrated with the Internet. Maybe this is not a life hack but there is a nuance: in almost any library, it is possible to order the selection of material on your topic. Of course, it is not for free. However, it will save you time, especially in the room of foreign literature, in case when you do not possess the languages well. There is a disadvantage: there is the risk that a librarian does not know your topic well enough and will miss a book or an article, which you would pick if searching on your own.

8. Especially avid nerds dig through the bibliography guides. Most students should not conduct such a heroic mission. Although there are such topics, for which a bibliography guide is required. For instance, if you need to find the diaries and memoir of statesmen of some epoch, it would be easier not to look in a catalogue but take a bibliography guide that maintains the list of all the memoir of the period.

9. Foreign Internet. It is not the simplest matter to look for materials in the foreign segment of the Internet. Nevertheless, you can find some suitable data that is not translated to your language yet and, consequently, the anti plagiarism systems will not recognize it. Can you see what we are hinting at? Using the points 5 and 9 from our list of life hacks, you can make your life and dissertation creation process, in particular, much easier. The process will be more than easy if you order dissertation editing & proofreading in the UK service on our site.

10. Do not hesitate to ask your adviser for help to facilitate the work on material search. Of course, do not come empty-handed. First, make up a list with the help of the point 2 (which means that you have been working), complain that you cannot find anything… Most likely, your academic adviser will provide you with a couple of good sources, the “flagships” of your paper, based on which you can write most of the paper. The life hacks 4 and 5 will help cope with the rest.

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There is another way to make up a good reference list. It is the easiest one and helps save time maximally. Delegate this task to the professionals of Essay-editor Company. Usually, the same specialist who will work on your paper searches for the materials as well, but if needed, you can order only the creation of a reference list. If you are interested, contact us anytime to specify the details.

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